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More and more people are searching for the best soundbar 2019, capable of streaming amazing sounds with unmatched clarity. A high quality soundbar, once connected to TVs, can enhance the overall sound clarity during movies, TV shows or games. Now, selecting a great model from the many available on the market requires access to professional and detailed information. We decided to carefully study 30 of the best soundbar models for one week straight. When the data came through we were able to identify five products that can be installed in any home. A high quality soundbar can significantly improve daily audio experiences!


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Output wattage Price Subwoofer Length Our Rating Where to buy

Yamaha YAS-103

120 watts $$$ Built-in 35 inches A+ AMAZON

VIZIO S4251w-B3

60 watts $$$ Wireless 42 inches A AMAZON

Samsung HW-F450

280 watts $$$ Wireless 38 inches B+ AMAZON


25 watts $$ No 33 inches B AMAZON

Sony HTCT260H

130 watts $$$$ Wireless 40 inches C+ AMAZON



Yamaha YAS-103 Soundbar


Best soundbar 2019Out of the best soundbar models available in 2019, the YAS-103 from Yamaha is without a doubt a product worth investing in. This audio device delivers clear and rich sounds! It comes with built-in subwoofers that maintain powerful bass and tremble during action movies or games. Easy to connect to TVs through the single-cable connection, this soundbar uses advanced Bluetooth wireless technology in order stream popular songs from smartphones and tablets. The product features Air Surround Xtreme technology that delivers immersive surround sounds. In addition to the stylish design, the soundbar includes on and off feature for daily energy-savings.

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VIZIO S4251w-B3 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer


Most of the current soundbar reviews 2016 underline the efficiency of the S4251w-B3 from VIZIO. Very popular in the U.S. this award winning home theater offers an amazing 5.1 audio experience! Furthermore, the model is winner of CNET Best of CES 2019 award! It combines innovative audio features, which enhance the TVs HD settings. This amazing 5.1 home theater includes 3 advanced channels and a powerful wireless subwoofer which delivers amazing bass and clear audio response. The 5.1 home theater offers 102dB high volume without the presence of harmonic distortion. It features Dolby Digital and a DTS Digital Surround system with DTS Tru Volume for better sound management.

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Samsung HW-F450 Soundbar


Thousands of Americans have installed in their homes the HW-F450 soundbar from Samsung. This powerful audio device enhances daily audio experiences, with rich and vibrant sounds! The audio system includes an impressive 280-watt audio force, completed with full 3D Sound Plus technology. The soundbarcan be installedeither on the wall or on a simple stand. It adds a touch of elegance to any room! Users can stream quality music from tablets and smartphones. The sound bar offers high definition sounds during movies, TV shows, talk shows or concerts. Due to its unique audio technology the HW-F450soundbar offers a sublime amazing acoustic experience!

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RCA RTS735E Home Theater Sound Bar


How can you find the best soundbar 2019? Well, for outstanding audio we recommend the RTS735E Home Theater from RCA! This sleek 30-inch home theater sound bar is perfect for delivering amazing sounds. The soundbar from RCAcan be mounted on walls for added commodity or under the television set for a touch of elegance. Due to the sleek design, the RTS735E sound bar completes any room theme. The soundbar delivers amazing surround sound during every movie, song or game. This amazing audio device offers smooth sounds worth enjoying on a daily basis. Affordable and built to last, the sound bar is more than enough to offer great audio experiences.

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Sony HTCT260H Sound Bar with Wireless subwoofer


The latest soundbar reviews 2019 emphasize on the smooth functionality of the HTCT260H from Sony. This sound bar comes equipped with an advanced wireless subwoofer which brings amazing sound clarity to any room. The audio device once connected to the TV will deliver rich and realistic sounds, with outstanding clarity during each song or movie. It has a compact hexagon design which helps people install the soundbar anywhere in the house. The HTCT260H soundbar features Virtual Surround Sound technology with great powerful sound effects. Furthermore, due to the Bluetooth system, people can stream music from PC, tablets, MP3 players and smartphones.

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