How to Select the Best Spinning Bike


Helping you burn excess calories and get back in shape, spinning bikes offer maximum workout efficiency regardless of outside weather conditions or season. Unfortunately, with so many brands and models available on the market, it is quite difficult to find the right spinning bike for your needs. Focusing on the most important aspects, this article will help you get the most out of your next purchase. Read this article and you will surely get the best spinning bike for you and your family.



Start by measuring your weight and height. Depending on your own body size, a larger or smaller frame may give you more stability and comfort during the ride, helping you exercise for a longer period of time, allowing you to lose more weight and burn more calories. Check the bike’s maximum weight and make sure that it can comfortably sustain your own weight. Keep in mind that regardless of the frame size, having good stability during your workouts is extremely important, so choose the models that feature a wide and solid base.


Flywheel weight

Choosing the right flywheel size and weight is an important step whenever you want to buy a new spinning bike. Usually larger flywheels are heavier than smaller ones, offering a smoother ride and a better, more efficient workout. On the other side, smaller, compact spinning bikes may come with smaller and lighter flywheels. Before buying, it is best to remember that all the best spinning bike reviews rank higher the models that come equipped with flywheels heavier than 40lbs. Avoid purchasing any models that come with a flywheel lighter than 34lbs.Without enough flywheel weight, the ride will feel wobbly and uncomfortable.


Adjustable seat

One of the most important aspects to look for is the adjustable seat option. All good exercise bikes allow their users to adjust the seat height in order to get and optimal ride position. Better models come equipped with more seat adjustments, offering an additional front-back alignment option. Choose models that offer maximum freedom and you will surely have the most comfortable ride possible.


Top Rated Spinning Bikes in 2019


While reading all the best spinning bike reviews, we found three models that rank higher than all the others. With excellent ratings and great customer reviews, these spinning bikes are the best buy of the moment. Great for losing weight and maintaining yourself in shape, each of these spinning bikes offer maximum comfort and workout efficiency.


Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Cycling Bike


1.Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Cycling BikeFocusing on versatility and efficiency, this spinning bike is one of the most praised models available on the market today. With a weight limit of 275 pounds, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro spinning bike is the perfect choice for all those who want to lose a lot of weight fast and comfortable.

Simple and efficient, using a heavy 40lbs flywheel, this model offers a perfectly smooth ride. The easy to adjust flywheel resistance will offer an optimal workout, giving its user a good workout. Perfect for both weight control and cardio, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is an excellent purchase for any health conscious person.

With a sturdy and solid frame and a large wide base, this spinning bike offers excellent stability during workouts, allowing users to maintain a good speed for maximum efficiency. With its dual seat adjustment, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro gives plenty of flexibility to anyone. As with the seat, the handlebar height can be adjusted with ease, offering maximum support and a perfect riding position.

Named by many the best spinning bike 2019, this model is praised by all its users for its superb versatility, ride comfort and workout efficiency.

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Schwinn IC2 Cycling Bike


2.Schwinn IC2 Cycling BikeSmaller and lighter than others, this model is an excellent choice for all those who require a small, compact and easy to store spinning bike. Modern and smart, the Schwinn IC2 comes with a direct drive system that will allow it to use a lighter flywheel without sacrificing the ride comfort. Comfortable and efficient, this spinning bike is one of top rated spinning bikes 2019.

Where other larger models use heavy flywheels for better stability, this model uses a technologically advanced drive system on a lighter and smaller 31lbs flywheel. Best at simulating real outdoor cycling, the Schwinn IC2 offers maximum efficiency by adjusting its resistance in continuous increments, helping its user burn as many calories as possible in a single exercise.

Equipped with a smart LCD console, this model will keep you informed on how much distance you traveled and how many calories you have burned. Excellent for measuring your progress during your routine, this console will greatly enhance your workout efficiency.

Modern and smart, this spinning bike is the perfect choice for all those who value efficiency above all. Used with excellent results by all regardless of age, the Schwinn IC2 is truly an excellent choice for anyone in search of a compact, smart and comfortable workout bike.

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Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution Cycle Trainer


3.Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution Cycle TrainerWith a clear focus on endurance and efficiency, this superb spinning bike offers a complete workout routine, helping anyone burn calories in no time. Perfect for all those who want to get in shape as fast as possible, the Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution will offer a good and efficient riding experience. Used by athletes and gymnasts, this model is one of the best and most efficient weight loss equipment money can buy today.

Using a large and heavy 40lbs flywheel, this spinning bike delivers an excellent performance, allowing all its users to engage in long endurance workouts, perfect for cardio and fat burning. An excellent adjustable resistance system gives the Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution maximum flexibility, allowing it to perfectly adapt to any type of workout routine.

Perfect for any body type, its durable high quality frame offers plenty of adjustment options. Both the seat and the handlebars can be raised and lowered with ease, making it one of the most adaptable models available for purchase right now.

Solid and comfortable, the Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution is the best choice for all those looking for an efficient workout. Offering maximum flexibility, this model is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to stay healthy and in perfect shape.

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