Tips for Buying One of the Best Spotting Scope Tripods


A spotting scope tripod is the perfect way to support your heavy optical gear, and can also help eliminate any blurry images you might capture with your camera. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will make it easier to choose the best spotting scope tripod.



One of the first aspects to consider is your budget, and this will also help narrow down your choices. While you want the tripod to be able to support your gear, you also don’t want to waste your money on a model that is not appropriate for your needs. Inexpensive, lightweight tripods are ideal for spotting scopes, binoculars, and cameras, and generally include a single plastic head and legs. Heavier telescopes will generally require a more expensive tripod that includes interchangeable metal heads and legs.



The size of the tripod is also important, and will be determined by where you are going to use it. Tabletop models are designed to be used on a bench or a table, while slightly larger compact tripods are generally preferred by hikers and campers who need slightly more support for their gear. Full size spotting scope tripods are perfect for use at home, though it should be noted that this does not necessarily mean that it is able to support more weight.



There are also some features to consider, though your budget will help you decide which ones are absolutely necessary. Tripods for the best spotting scopes generally include the ability to pan in different directions, and are convenient to use. Adjustable height positions are always convenient, along with the ability to collapse the legs for easy storage.


What Are the Most RealiableĀ Spotting Scope Tripod?


While we can’t choose the right model for your optical gear, we can show you some of the best spotting scope tripods. Designed for convenience and to support your gear, maybe one of these tripods is exactly what you need to capture the perfect still or live action shot.


AmazonBasics WT3540 Lightweight Tripod


Best Spotting Scope TripodOne of the first aspects you’ll notice is its lightweight and sturdy design. This tripod is capable of supporting spotting scopes, cameras, and video equipment up to 6.6 pounds, and you will appreciate how quick and easy it is to set up when you are trying to get that perfect shot. The legs on the tripod are simple to release, and with an adjustable height up to 60 inches it is easy to find a comfortable position.

This tripod is designed to be lightweight and convenient to carry, which is always an advantage when you have to hike to your location. The included carrying case makes it easy to carry, and you will appreciate its lightweight 3 pound construction. The tripod will also indicate when it is sitting on stable ground, and with the ability to pan in three directions you can easily capture gorgeous nature shots.

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Bushnell 784030 Advanced Tripod


2. Bushnell Advanced TripodThis full size tripod is designed to be comfortable and easy to use, and you will also appreciate its durable construction. The aluminum legs are designed to provide plenty of support, and can also be adjusted for maximum comfort. The angle of the legs can also be adjusted to give you a better vantage point for certain shots. Capable of supporting spotting scopes, video and still cameras, along with binoculars, you will love how convenient and easy this tripod is to use.

The universal mount is designed to be compatible with most types of optical gear, and the larger platform makes it easier to mount your equipment. The head can also tilt and pan in three directions so you can also capture your intended shot. This full size tripod also includes foam cushions for the legs which prevent the aluminum from becoming too hot or cold in extreme weather conditions.

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RetiCAM MT01 Tripod


3. RetiCAM MT01 TripodThis lightweight tabletop tripod is convenient and easy to use. Perfect for use with spotting scopes, digital and DSLR cameras, you also have the advantage of the convenient mount for your smart phone or tablet. It features a durable aluminum construction that is designed to last for years of use, and the sturdy 20mm legs will provide you with plenty of stability to eliminate blurry images.

Its lightweight 1.5 pound construction makes it easy to carry, and it also includes a convenient storage bag. This spotting scope telescope can support optical gear up to 6.0 pounds, and you will also appreciate the included features. The legs include a quick locking design, and the rubber feet provide extra stability on tabletops. With the ability to pan in the three directions you can easily capture scenic nature shots, and you will also love its affordable price.

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