Professional Buying Advice for Standby Generators


Buying one of the top rated standby generators of 2019 is a hard thing to do. The manufacturers aren’t making it easy for customers, as they launch new and improved units every year. With such a wide variety of products, any buyer can end up feeling baffled. To make your purchasing journey easier, we have put together a short yet informative buying guide, which can help you correlate your needs and preferences to the features of the machine. Check it out below.

Best standby generators

Safety considerations

More than 80 individuals die every year because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Choosing a gas-powered generator is economical, but users need to keep in mind that they should run the units outdoors or as far away from the house as possible. Basements and garages are the worst places to install a generator in, as leaving a garage door open can still pose a threat to the health of the people in the house.

Safety also refers to how you’ll be using the unit. Some appliances such as refrigerators or freezers have to stay plugged in, but if you have the possibility, try not to overdo it. Look for the generator’s rated wattage and never go over it.


Desirable features

Generators can generally be split into two main categories: stationary and portable. A nice set of wheels can turn your stationary generator into a portable one, but considering that units are quite heavy, they still require at least two individuals to lift it.

Oil guards protect the engine in case the level fails under the minimum. Fuel gauges allow users to check on the fuel level on the spot. The more outlets, the better, as the generator will be capable of spreading the load through multiple outlets.

Inverter technology is a detail to look for if you want your generator to be quiet. Models featuring this spec are capable of making wattage output more consistent and smooth.



One of the most important things to take into account when buying a standby generator is wattage. The higher it is, the more appliances you’ll be able to run at the same time. High wattage is also related to how well the machine works.


Top Rated Standby Generators in 2019


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most acclaimed models on the market today. All of the following have gathered some of the best standby generator reviews, on the part of American and worldwide customers. They are both convenient and affordable, and will not give you any nasty surprise when it comes to reliability.


Kohler 20RESAL-200SELS Air-Cooled Standby Generator


1.Kohler 20RESAL-200SELS Air-CooledThe Kohler 20RESAL is probably the best standby generator in 2019. Kohler is one of the most well-known manufacturing brands when it comes to producing reliable generators, and this unit sure is up to par. The unit can help users protect the members of their family from the negative effects of any power outage.

The model is one of the fastest of its line. It features a 10-second response time, and even comes with a corrosion-proof enclosure. This way, the generator can withstand harsh weather conditions and thus speaks to owners of beach houses.

This is a 20,000-watt air-cooled generator, so there’s plenty of juice to choose from. There’s a built-in 2.5 amp battery charger in this unit.

The product includes an automatic transfer switch.

The generator requires natural gas or propane. Depending on the chosen model, it may include an ATS.

Buyers can benefit from owning and utilizing this machine, as it has a multitude of controller features, which can be customized using a laptop and the Kohler SiteTech software.

The manufacturers are offering a 5-year warranty on this item.

Customers are raving about the Kohler generator, as it can be noticed from the provided reviews.

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Guardian 6551 Generac Home Standby Generator


2.Guardian 6551 Generac HomeThis is a pretty basic standby generator that does what it is supposed to do. One of the main differences between the model we have showcased above and this Guardian 6551 is the price. This second one is a tad less expensive compared to the Kohler 20RESAL, but a lower price does not mean a lower quality.

For example, this is a 22,000-watt generator, which basically means it’s slightly more powerful than its Kohler counterpart. It includes a 200-Amp service entrance rated transfer switch as well as a fascia kit.

If you’ve ever wondered about how easy it is to install a standby generator, wonder no more. This one’s probably a no-brainer, what with its re-engineered connection points and composite mounting pad, as the second automatically eliminates the need for a poured concrete base.

Operating this unit is quiet and hassle-free and can even be performed based on a customized user schedule.

The model has been certified by a large number of authorities and is UL, CUL and EPA compliant for safety. A mobile link connection can be purchased separately and allows buyers to control the device via any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Some of the best standby generator reviews can be found on the retailer web pages of this product.

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Briggs & Stratton 40445 Home Standby Generator System


3.Briggs & Stratton 40445 HomeWe’ve saved this Briggs & Stratton model for the last, as it speaks to the needs of people who aren’t willing to spend their entire budget on a generator. It’s considerably cheaper than the two aforementioned models, but a low price does come at a cost in this case. This is an 8,000-watt unit, so reliability might be a tiny issue with this one.

It is capable to keep basic appliances and lights in the house running, but it might not be a great fit for people looking to continue using more than three air conditioning systems at a time. Nevertheless, buyers who aren’t picky about the power and reliability of a generator can undoubtedly benefit from utilizing this one, as it combines performance and durability into a single product.

The model features a 50-amp, 10 circuit automatic transfer switch.

This generator runs on propane and natural gas, and its engine is a branded 500cc Briggs & Stratton Intek one.

The manufacturers are offering a 4-year warranty on this machine.

To sum up, the Briggs and Stratton 40445 is affordable, convenient and considerably more lightweight than other units in the line. If you’re searching for a generator to help you cope with the occasional power outage, it wouldn’t hurt to have a look at this one.

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