How to Buy a Reliable Steak Knife Set


A great cut of meat deserves to be properly sliced, and a sharp steak knife is designed to do just that. Sharper than standard dining utensils, these knives are a necessity if you truly want to enjoy a steak or a pork chop. As stated in the best steak knife set reviews there are more aspects to consider than just the sharpness of the blade, which is why we have created this informative buying guide. With the helpful tips included you can easily find the best steak knife set in 2019.


While your budget will help determine which knife set you purchase, you also want to consider the type. The best steak knife set reviews recommend choosing blades manufactured from a high carbon content stainless steel to ensure durability and prevent damaging corrosion. There are also two types of blade edges, and each has its own advantages. The most common steak knife features a serrated edge which is ideal for cutting tougher or thicker pieces of meat. Blades with smooth or straight edges are designed to glide easily through thinner slices.



The best steak knife set reviews also recommend deciding on the number of guests you normally serve. While your budget will also help you decide on the size of the knife set, you do want to make sure you at least have enough for family members. These convenient knife sets can vary in size from 6 up to 24 and larger, and the number included will also be reflected in the price. Some consumers choose a smaller inexpensive steak knife set, and add extra pieces when it is necessary.



Along with having the right number of steak knives, you also want to consider the design. The best steak knife set reviews suggest ensuring that the handle is comfortable, and matches your existing utensils. Some sets feature elaborate carvings and elegant designs on wood, bone, or stainless steel, while others are plainer in style. There are also steak knives with sleek black plastic handles that are durable and great for use outdoors.


Top Rated Steak Knife Sets in 2019


There are several knife sets to choose from and only you know which one fits your needs, and budget. While we can’t choose one for you, we can show you the top rated steak knife sets of 2019. Each of these sets is priced affordably, and is designed to make eating steak, pork chops, and even filets completely enjoyable.


Wusthof WU9468 Steak Knife Set


Often considered the best steak knife set of 2019, the presentation box makes a statement on its own. The mahogany stained box looks elegant, and will store the 8 piece knife set when it is not being used. You have the advantage of the elegant and durable construction that is designed to last through a lifetime of meals, and the gleaming stainless steel looks beautiful with any place setting.

The stainless steel blades are resistant to rust and corrosion, and you’ll appreciate how easy the knives are to clean after a big meal. The stainless steel has high carbon content, and you also have the benefit of the serrated edge. Perfect for cutting thick steaks and juicy pork chops, you will also love how comfortable the handle feels in your hand.

The blades are forged for added strength, and you’ll appreciate how long it can hold a sharp edge. Since these steak knives don’t need to be sharpened as often, you can enjoy more meals with great cuts of meat. Perfect for family meals and dinners with company, these knives will keep you from having to saw through a perfectly cooked steak or pork chop.

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Victorinox 48792 Steak Knife Set


With six serrated edge steak knives you and your family are ready to enjoy dinner. This steak knife set features an ergonomically designed handle that fits comfortably in almost any size hand, and the black polypropylene material has been rated safe for use around food items. Designed to be sharp and durable, the casual elegance of this steak knife set makes it perfect for enjoying steaks right off the grill.

You will appreciate the durable stainless steel blades that are stamped during manufacturing, and helps to ensure a long lasting sharp edge. You have the advantage of the serrated teeth that are designed to cut through tougher pieces of meat, and also feature unique tips that are pointed to make dining easier. This knife set will cut through thick steaks and tougher meats, without bending or breaking the stamped blade.

The steak knife set is easy to clean, and you also have the advantage of the included lifetime warranty. With this 6 piece steak knife set you are ready to entertain friends and family, and you also have the advantage of the versatile design that makes it ideal for casual dining outdoors or inside for a more formal occasion.

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Henckels 39322-800 International Steak Knife Set


With eight sharp steak knives you have plenty of silverware to host a small dinner for family or friends. The traditional black and silver design blends in beautifully with almost any casual place setting, and its durable construction makes this steak knife set ideal for in or outdoor use. The handles on these steak knives fit comfortably in your hand, and make it easy to hold while you are slicing through thicker cuts of meat.

You have the advantage of the durable construction that includes that stamped stainless steel blade. Not only is durable and long lasting the serrated blade almost never needs to be sharpened. The one piece blade features smaller serrated teeth than other steak knives, which makes it easier for you to smoothly slice through all cuts of meat. The comfortable handle is also riveted in three places to improve strength and durability.

The stainless steel steak knives are also rated dish washer safe, which makes clean up after a big meal a breeze. The included warranty ensures peace of mind, and you will also love the affordable price. Designed for almost any cut of meat, this reliable steak knife set is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

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