Expert Buying Advice for Steam Generators


The successful operation of a steam shower, sauna or spa room depends on the kind of machine used to generate steam, and the best steam generator reviews are a good place to start when you’re not entirely sure which machine to get. Shopping for steam generators is not something that can be likened to shopping for a pair of trousers, as there are much more essential elements than fit and style to be considered in the purchase.

Best Steam Generator

Output Capacity

Just as there are a variety of sizes of steam showers, there are also different sizes of machines featured in the best steam generator reviews. The manufacturer offers information on what size of shower the machine is designed to work with. Determine how many cubic feet the room is where the steam generator is to be installed. Simply match the room size with the proper steam generator size to ensure you’re getting the best product for your specific application.

Buying a machine that’s too small may result in insufficient steam generating capability, but a machine that’s too large may be too powerful and wasteful to saturate the room with just enough steam.


Effortless Installation

The best steam generator 2019 offers easy setup and installation. It can be installed within just a few feet of the sauna or steam room, such as in a bathroom cupboard. For people who do not consider that installation style too convenient, there are machines that allow installation up to 20 feet away or even 50 feet away from the sauna room or steam shower.

Some models have telephone-type connectors for easy installation of controls. Decide how you want the machine to be installed to ensure a suitable purchase.


Consistent and Quiet Performance

The top rated steam generators 2019 are built to do their job quietly and consistently. Installing the unit near the steam shower makes quiet and consistent operation a must. Steam should be pumped out in a steady stream so there is never too much or too little steam in the spa or sauna room. Quiet operation is essential so you can enjoy a truly relaxing steam shower experience.


Top Rated Steam Generators in 2019


Enjoying a steam bath is perfect for relaxation or just to melt away the stress of an entire day. You can’t just pluck out a steam generator from a shelf just like you would do when buying other items. If you can’t really spare those extra minutes of reading and research, we recommend getting one of these three machines that offer exceptional performance suitable for your needs.


Amerec AK7 AK 7 Steam Generator


1. Amerec AK7 AK 7The Amerec AK7 Steam Generator is superbly equipped with Soft Steam function that ensures a relaxing and comfortable experience every time. It delivers minimal temperature variations so generated steam temperature remains constant. The machine generates an even stream of steam, creating the perfect steam bath zone. This steam generator utilizes full power to heat up the steam room to a comfortable preset temperature then reduces power use by half to deliver a more consistent flow of steam at a stable temperature. The Amerec AK7 Steam Generator is also equipped with a Warm Start instant steam option that keeps the water in the tank preheated to ensure that steam generation starts in less than 60 seconds.

Disabling the Warm Start feature enables the machine to have normal heat up times. You can mount the steam generator controls in the bath or outside near the machine. The standard manual drain valve can come with an optional automatic flush system for easy use. Your steam bath experience is always safe and enjoyable thanks to the Amerec Cool Touch steam heads. The steam generator is engineered for reliability and consistent performance. It helps melt away the stress of a busy workday or just provides you a means to relax.

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Steamist SM-7 Steam Generator


2.Steamist SM-7Outfitted with a 29 max amp, single-phase, 240-volt motor with a 7 kilowatt rating, the Steamist steam generator is a fixed kilowatt unit that can be used when sizing criteria is specific to a given steam bath area. Covering up to a maximum of 220 cubic feet, the Steamist SM-7 Steam Generator is compactly designed at only 15 inches by 6 inches by 15.5 inches, so it can easily be installed in a bathroom cupboard or under a bathroom counter. To enhance performance, the device can be equipped with an optional auto drain feature. The steam generator is built with a stainless steel construction, ensuring resistance to chipping and corrosion.

The solid state circuitry of this machine ensures years of use and maintenance-free operation. The steam generator saves on water and electricity. It is UL/cUL listed to ensure you of reliable quality and manufacture. The limited lifetime warranty is your assurance of superior craftsmanship and performance. Installing the steam generator is easy thanks to the telephone style connectors that enable effortless plumbing hookup along with easy electrical setup. The machine can be installed up to 25 feet away or more from the bath area. It adds value to your home while increasing your feeling of well-being.

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Steam Spa D-900 Steam Bath Generator


3.Steam Spa D-900Equipped with an exclusive dual tank construction, the Steam Spa D-900 Steam Bath Generator offers the perfect steam sauna experience. This machine is easy to install so you can enjoy an authentic spa experience in the comfort of your own home. It is also easy to operate. The Steam Spa D-900 Steam Bath Generator produces a steady stream of soft and billowing steam to soothe your body. The dual tank technology is an ingenious feature that minimizes annoying noise during operation. The steam generator is made small and compact for easy integration into any modern setup. It offers lots of accessory options to ensure hassle-free installation.

The Auto Drain system ensures problem-free maintenance by purging the unit of excess minerals and water to prevent issues like calcification and rusting even after several years of use. Enjoy a quiet, reliable, safe and luxurious steam bath experience with this awesome steam generator that provides a higher sense of well-being every time. The 240 volt, 38 amp motor generates soothing steam at temperatures ranging between 32 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit for a comfortable spa experience. The steam generator has a large 300 cubic foot capacity to cover a large room effortlessly. The US-made machine ensures superior manufacture and quality materials.

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