Top rated steam presses in 2019


Every family needs to have a professional set of tools capable of keeping the clothes ironed and kept cleaned. This is the reason it comes as no surprise to see so many people search for a high quality and efficient steam press, designed to offer significant aid during any process. Thousands of households in the United States of America and Canada use the steam press in order to obtain a fast, easy and accurately efficient in removing wrinkles from troublesome clothing and other fabrics. A cloth steam press is a great way to save significant amount of money but also to cast aside countless hours of ironing over the course of a year. To this extent searching for the best steam press in 2019 comes as no surprise to the thousands of technicians and specialists working in the field today.

There are many models of steam presses currently available on the market all designed to offer accurate help during action. Still, identifying the one best suited to your needs can be pretty difficult. This is the reason it is very important to read some of the current top rated steam press reviews, all designed by thousands of satisfied users and technicians in order to help the user obtain straight clothes.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Wattage Price Dimensions (inches) Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

SteamFast SF-680

1350 $$$ 26 x 22 x 10 1 year A+ AMAZON

SteamFast SP-660

1300 $$ 24 x 22 x 9 1 year B+ AMAZON

Corby 7700

N/A $$$$ 18 x 13 x 43 1 year B AMAZON

Sienna Elite

1350 $$ 27 x 22 x 10 1 year A AMAZON


1540 $$ 26 x 21 x 8 1 year C+ AMAZON



SteamFast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press


Considered by thousands of satisfied families as the best steam press in 2019 due to its quality and functionality, SteamFast SF-680 digital fabric steam press helps the user fully straighten his clothes without dealing with problems of any kind. This model from SteamFast has a powerful 1350-watt press that automatically shuts off and alerts if you leave it unattended. You will notice that at the push of a button steam bursts on both sides with ease. The tank of SF-680 steam press can hold 10 ounces of water and comes equipped with a dual vaporizing method to reduce moisture while you steam.

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SteamFast SP-660 Table Top Steam Press


Best steam press reviewsThe majority of the latest top rated steam press reviews coming from technicians, laundry room establishment representatives and cleaners underline the efficiency of the SteamFast SP-660 table top steam press, a model known for its positive functionality and precise action pattern. This tabletop steam press is ideal for quick pressing from the Steam Fast system and a precise adjustable temperature setting for different fabrics. The model has a die-cast aluminum base that provides 7 times surface area of conventional iron. You should also know that SteamFast SP-660 steam press comes with a powerful 1300-watt that automatically shuts off and alerts if left idle.

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Corby 7700 Pants Press


 To look presentable at all times you have to take great care of your clothes, but it can take some time and effort. To simplify your situation the Corby 7700 Pants Press can always gain some valuable time. Your wrinkles will be flattened and your creases will look perfect. After completiong a cycle it will automatically shut down. The cycles can be either for 15, 30 or 45 minutes depending on the fabric of your clothes. This machine is great to have if you care about how your clothes look and feel.

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Sienna Elite Steam Press


 Whether you have a respectable job that dictates  your suit and shirt to be in perfect condition or just like to look sharp everytime, the Sienna Elite Steam Press is a wonderful investment which can take perfect care of your clothes. It it high tech coming with a digital display that shows the temperature on any type of material. Amazingly it is safe for nylon, silk, rayon wool, cotton and linen. A shut off automatical function sets in when the machine finishes its job. These quality features prove why the Sienna Elite is consideret to be one of the top rated steam presses in 2019.

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SINGER ESP-2 Magic Steam Press


Singer is a company known for its sturdy design and high quality features that help the user to obtain positive results. To this extent ESP-2 Magic Steam Press model from Singer makes no exception. This electronic steam press has a stabile 24-by-9-inch pressing area where you can put the clothes and straighten them with without any problems. Due to the fingertip force you can lower the handle for 100 pounds of pressure thus straightening better the clothes. Singer ESP-2 Magic press allows you to choose between no steam and electronically pumped variable steam for better results, making one of the best steam presses in 2019.

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FEIYUE YAMATA Family Press FP202L 1600 Watt 32″ x 10″ Fabric Steam Press


A growing number of the latest top rated steam press reviews coming from thousands of satisfied users and technicians underline the efficiency of FEIYUE YAMATA Family press FP202L, a model very appreciated for its fluid functionality and beneficial features. This advanced electronic steam press has a precise and heavy pressing power that removes all the wrinkles from the clothes. This steam press is ideal for all types of clothing, delivering great results within a short period of time and more importantly without dealing with problems.



Kalorik STP-20179 1350-Watt 22-inch Digital Fabric Steam Press


Measuring 25-3/5 by 21-2/7 by 8-2/3 inches, Kalorik STP-20179 steam press is one of the best steam press in 2019, regarding quality and functionality. STP-20179 steam press from Kalorik comes equipped with a powerful 1350-watt system that removes with precision from all types of fabric. Furthermore Kalorik STP-20179 has a digital control panel with LED display and a high quality automatic safety shut-off system. This steam press has an accurate adjustable temperature and multiple dry and steam settings with burst of steam option.