If you’re here just to find the best storage shed and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have obtained a lot of information about different backyard storage shed ideas by consulting expert review sites for serious gardeners and professional landscape artists and comparing the data in them with what actual owner feedback has to say. Fortunately, after that exhaustive research and evaluation, we have been able to find what we believe is genuinely the best product in this category, the Lifetime 6405. The revolutionary high-density polyethylene floor in this storage shed is designed not to chip, peel or crack while ensuring your safety with its slip-resistant surface and beveled edge that withstands staining and oils. The innovative A-frame trusses of this impressive item provide high-pitched roof support that in turn provides a tall headroom for you to move around inside at 6 feet 8 inches high while having enough steepness to just make rain and snow quickly drain away. The lockable steel-reinforced doors are high-arched to allow easy in and out along with the 4-foot by 6-foot wide opening while ensuring security for your tools. Should the Lifetime 6405 be unavailable, we don’t hesitate to recommend the second best option for sale in this category, the Lifetime 6402.



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You know it’s time to invest in an outdoor storage shed when your garage has gotten so packed with stuff that you’ve simply resorted to parking your car in the driveway. That setup is crazy as the garage is not supposed to hold gear but only your car in the first place. So how do you make sure that you will truly be reclaiming lost garage space by investing in a premium quality outdoor storage shed instead of actually building a storage shed?

1.Lifetime 6405

A good outdoor storage shed is constructed to go well with the rest of your property

Outdoor storage sheds do not just serve utilitarian purposes. They also influence the general appearance of your property. Therefore, storage sheds should complement your home. If you own a country-style home, go for a storage shed with a rustic design using board and batten components. If you own a formal style home, the storage shed should be designed to match that element. Storage sheds can be fitted with plants to help them blend easily into the landscape. Planting perennial or annual beds around the structure or installing trellises and vines against its walls can make a storage shed truly a part of your property.

Metal storage sheds, whether of aluminum or galvanized steel, are typically coated with a hardy baked-enamel finish that helps protect from rust and scratches. Metal sheds are available in various colors and can deliver years of maintenance-free service. Regular steel storage sheds are susceptible to rust. Visual appeal is lacking in metal storage sheds.

Double-wall vinyl panels that resist dents are found in a vinyl shed. Constructed to exact standards, vinyl sheds ensure solidity and a snug fit. Plenty of vinyl sheds are built with steel doors that can be painted to ensure not only long service life but extra security as well. The entire structure of a vinyl shed can withstand exposure to the elements aside from being maintenance-free. Vinyl as a siding is deficient in visual appeal compared to wood.

The most familiar option for backyard use is a wooden barn, which comes in various styles to suit any setting. Wooden barns are constructed with lumber framing and different designs plus stylish siding options that make them resemble small houses instead of simple storage structures. Just make sure the wood used contains natural resins to make them relatively resistant to rot. This includes cedar, which is a widely-used siding in storage sheds. Plywood and particle board are popular storage shed siding materials. Made from pieces of wood products pressed and glued together, particleboard and plywood are not suitable in areas with high precipitation. Once moisture works its way through the materials, the storage shed becomes worthless.


The perfect storage shed comes in the right size for your needs.

You should determine what size storage shed best works for your needs. A shed measuring less than 80 square feet is considered small. A small storage shed accommodates tools that can be hung, aside from handling garden and lawn supplies such as pots, a push mower, gas cans and bags of fertilizer. Measuring around 90 to 120 square feet, medium size sheds can accommodate larger pieces of equipment compared to a small model. Medium size storage sheds can take in bulky and heavier equipment such as snow blowers and riding mowers.

Ranging between 144 to 288 square feet, large storage sheds can accommodate plenty of items and large pieces of lawn gear, offering storage capacity for a lawn mower as well as recreational vehicles. Property owners can even turn storage sheds into their own hobby or workshop space in which they can explore their creative sides. The mistress of the house can even turn a storage shed into her very own private space that can serve as her sanctuary from the outside world and the cares of the home. A storage shed can be turned into a mini-greenhouse or a safe playhouse for the kids.

2. Lifetime 6402

A good storage shed offers easy installation and useful accessories.

Plenty of commercial storage sheds ship with clear and concise instructions that are easy to follow for avid DIYers who prefer to assemble the structure on their own. Other storage sheds require professional installation.

Storage sheds can come with a variety of accessories that enhance their functionality. These include ramps that prove to be useful for moving large, wheeled equipment, including lawn mowers, into and out of the shed. For easy organizing of the different items in the storage shed, custom designed shelves by the manufacturer are pretty helpful.

Skylights and windows maximize natural light to enable visibility and easy locating of the various tools and equipment stored inside while preventing accidents. Larger size storage sheds feature a very large shelf or loft to maximize space. A riding mower can be parked underneath the loft while still giving you a solid storage platform overhead. A good workbench enables use of the storage shed as a hobby or gardening shop.



Top rated storage sheds in 2019


There are plenty of storage sheds on the market, so even the seasoned landscaper or gardener will find it challenging to find the perfect one for their needs. We have designed the above buying guide to help you become a more educated shopper. In addition, we have also showcased the best products below for even more help.


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Lifetime 6405


Best storage shed reviews

The latest top rated storage shed reviews written by woodcrafters and thousands of satisfied buyers underline the solid structure of Lifetime 6405 outdoor storage shed, accompanied with windows, skylights and also shelves. Lifetime 6405 storage shed includes 4 large skylights that permit natural light to enter, 2 screened vents for air to become a constant presence in the location and also 1 shatter proof window designed to last a long period of time. Furthermore this storage shed from Lifetime has steel reinforced doors that deliver a comfortable entrance.



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Lifetime 6402


With a superb and modern design, Lifetime 6402 storage shed represents a great addition to any home, helping the user to have a protected space to place various things with ease. Lifetime 6402 storage shed comes with a double wall high density polyethylene material that provides significant protection to all things inside. The model has large and solid double doors and also two screened vents that help the user be obtain a realistic feel in the shed, making it one of the best storage shed in 2019.


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Lifetime 6446


Most of the current top rated storage shed reviews recommend people to use Lifetime 6446 model, a product very popular in the US and Australia. This storage shed from Lifetime comes with two shatter proof windows that permit enhanced ventilation while the shutters framing of the windows creates a realistic home feeling to anyone entering the space.

Furthermore Lifetime 6446 storage shed comes equipped with steel-reinforced doors that can lock with precision and enjoy added security due to the internal latching mechanism. The storage shed can be installed on any type of terrain.


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1.Merax Wood Shed

The Merax Wood Shed measures 55.1″L X 19.7″W X 63.8″H, making it ideal for storing different small and medium-size tools, gardening equipment and other items for yard maintenance including spades, pots and watering cans. This storage shed is designed with double doors and double handles to enable easy in and out while ensuring security of the items stored inside thanks to double locks. The green asphalt felt roof not only enhances the great looks of this outdoor storage structure but also provides enough durability for years of maintenance-free service. Assembly and installation are easy as you only need an electric drill to put everything together.


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Lifetime 60005


Lifetime 60005 storage shed was designed with attention in order to deliver a protected and safe space to place with confidence the items. This model also has two new shatter proof side windows, located on the front and one normal window in the back that offers without any problems the opportunity for light to come inside the shed. Lifetime 60005 storage shed has high arched and steel-reinforced doors that can be locked and secured through the internal latching mechanism. This is the reason so many Americans today consider Lifetime 60005 model as the best storage shed in 2019.



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Arrow Shed BW54-A


A growing number of people consider Arrow Shed BW54-A model as the best storage shed in 2019, appreciated for its high quality design and solid structure. This storage shed is very easy to assemble due to its pre-cut and also pre-drilled parts that can be connected with ease and no problems at all. Arrow Shed BW54-A storage shed delivers significant space, of around 93 cubic feet, for the user to place his or hers belongings without worrying about harming the items.


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