How to Purchase a Top Stud Finder:


Planning to undertake a DIY home project? If you need to hang some overhead storage shelves in the garage, or are hanging cabinets onto a wall, you will need one of the products featured in the best stud finder reviews to locate rafters or ceiling studs to screw mounts with ample support from solid wood.


Basic Stud Finder Types

Offering the easiest and most accurate way of finding a stud in the wall, an electronic stud finder does its job by measuring the relative density of an area on the wall. Once a portion of high density is identified, the stud finder lights up to indicate a stud. Electronic models comprise a majority of the top rated stud finders 2019.

A magnetic model is inexpensive compared to electronic types. It utilizes magnetism to identify embedded screws or nails in studs. A magnetic model can serve to supplement an electronic model.


Reading Accuracy

Magnetic stud finders may work fairly well in basic applications, but serious DIY individuals only utilize them to supplement electronic models. Magnetic types detect metal conduits and pipes, necessitating that you diligently mark the location of actual studs. Although the best stud finder reviews may sing praises for magnetic models, it is the reading accuracy of electronic types that make them indispensable.


Stud Finder Features

You may find a stud finder with a dedicated metal detector or metal scan capabilities to be quite helpful. A beep or a set of flashing lights is helpful for indicating changes in density from sheetrock to stud. Protective pads on the back of the device prevent it from scraping your walls. A unit with a laser light or pencil notch for marking edges is a nifty feature.

A two-part hinged design for angling the wrist with the sensor lying flat on the wall would make a product a favorite in the best stud finder reviews. Center finders alert you to the center of a stud and not the edges.


Safety and Ease-of-Use

You may be attracted to the best stud finder 2019 that uses a fancy mini-radar type technology to locate studs. The important thing is, the device should be simple to use and should get the job done. Scan should be deep enough to prevent you from driving into electrical wires, so a model that detects AC current should prove useful. LCD screens can give visual information on location of studs. Models that find aluminum, copper and concrete rebar are top-of-the-line types.


Top Rated Stud Finders in 2019


It can be overwhelming to make a choice from among the highlighted products in the best stud finder reviews. Below, we have described three different products to make your search easier. These units have received rave reviews and are widely popular based on their ratings, so they’re definitely worth checking out.



ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensors Precision Stud Finder


Easily the best stud finder 2019, the ProSensor 710 utilizes Advanced Multi-Sense Technology to detect the location or position of studs simultaneously and in as accurate a manner as possible. This built-in revolutionary stud sensing technology instantly finds hidden studs. Multiple sensors are outfitted into a more substantial pad area that can be positioned on the wall. The device not only finds the center of a stud but also the location of multiple studs precisely and at the same time.

The unit’s bright LED lights illuminate to denote the position of hidden objects. This makes it relatively easy to view the position of studs in the wall. The state-of-the-art device identifies the width of hidden objects to alert you not only of their position but also of their size. The stud finder also has dynamic Deep Scanning up to 1.5-inch depth, so it doesn’t easily miss anything underneath. The product doesn’t need sliding, as it is built with a patent-pending detector that senses deep within the wall in thirteen locations at just a single time. The device then instantly lights up the display elements in front of a stud. It is a faster unit that is less prone to erroneous readings.

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Zircon MultiScanner i520 Center-Finding Stud Finder


Zircon has dominated the stud finder industry since it introduced the first units in this product category nearly three decades ago. Now, the company brings to the market yet another innovative product: its top-of-the-line multifunction scanner called the i520. Packed with both original and patented features, the handy device finds studs, metal and electrical objects hidden beneath the walls.

The revolutionaryi520 stud finder is the most advanced wall scanner from Zircon. Engineered with four scanning modes, it does what no other device in the same product category is able to do. The built-in Auto Correcting Technology (ACT) corrects common user errors automatically, including scanning that begins over a stud. The stud finder even recalibrates itself when needed.

With Stud Scan, the i520 alerts you to the center and edges of metal and wood studs in regular walls up to 0.75-inch deep.The Deep Scan Mode doubles the scanning depth up to 1.5 inches, and allows scanning for joists in thicker floors, ceilings and walls. The Metal Scan mode senses non-ferrous metal including copper pipes up to 1.5 inches deep, and ferrous metal, such as rebar, up to 3 inches deep. The AC Scan mode detects live, unshielded electrical wiring up to 2 inches deep.

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CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder


Small and compact, the CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder carries none of the fancy attributes that electronic and battery-powered devices boast of. However, it gets the job done in a most basic and practical way. It easily fits into your pocket, so you can continue working, scanning and marking till you find a premium spot to hang that painting or mirror, design an overhead shelf in the garage or just put up a hanging cabinet somewhere in the house.

This magnetic stud finder has been proven by handymen to be much larger compared to the low power pointer types, despite the sleek profile. It can scan or cover an area faster due to its build. Once a stud nail is found, the built-in powerful magnet sticks to the wall to provide an absolute positive ID. Because it really sticks to the wall once a stud nail is located, the device is its own marker as well. This allows you to prepare whatever it is you have to use or hang on the wall while leaving the surface free of markings. This may look to be a boring yellow magnet but it’s really strong and won’t stop working in the event of electrical failure.

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