If you want to know only the essential information about the best survival kit, this paragraph will help you pick an excellent product. We have read numerous customer reviews and expert opinions, and we have researched sale figures and brand quality. Among the various products on the market, one model seems to stand out from the crowd. This is the Vigilant Trails Trekker-513, a survival kit that has already impressed many users with its outstanding characteristics. Everything you need for surviving in the wild is included in this pack that contains no fewer than 87 different items. You can use this kit for trips to the great outdoors as well as in dangerous situations, where it can mean the difference between life and death. The kit is assembled in the US and contains only components that were field-tested. In case you cannot find the Vigilant Trails Trekker-513, search for the Campsnail Kit Grenade, as it comes as a second best.



Buying guide


A survival kit may prove handy for a wide variety of situations. Whether you remain stranded somewhere away from all signs of civilization or you want to embark on a more exciting trip to the great outdoors but still offer yourself the protection you need, such a kit may prove mandatory.

There are many companies making survival kits, so finding the best survival kit on the market must look a bit overwhelming. There are so many things to keep in mind, and the final selection may still prove flowed. Here are the most important aspects to consider when you are shopping for a survival kit.

What survival tasks are covered?

It is essential to know what kind of areas of survival your kit covers before making a purchasing decision. Normally, a comprehensive kit should be able to provide high chances of going through everything unscathed, or at least alive in the case of really dangerous situations.

The areas to cover are fire emergencies, medical issues, water, food, shelter, signaling, and navigation. You may be surprised, but not all the kits sold on the market excel in this area. That is why it is recommended to get the right kit for your needs.


Types of survival kits

Along the lines that you should be well aware what you are buying, keep in mind that there are different types available for this category of products. For instance, if you want an emergency survival kit you will keep somewhere at home in case of fire or natural disasters, your kit should include flashlights with batteries, a source of fire, such as matches, plenty of canned food, plastic containers that are waterproof, water bottles, spare clothes, and plenty of batteries.

If you are planning a trip to the wild, and you want to be able to return home as happy and whole as when you left, there are more items you should include in your survival kit. There are models that include fishing and hunting gear, so you can catch your own food, in case you run out of the packed supplies you have taken with you.

Don’t forget that a source of communication, such as a walkie-talkie, or a radio, should be included, especially for hearing the latest news and recommendations from authorities. There are many more items that should be included in your survival kit, such as blankets, gloves and extra batteries. In brief, the best survival kit for sale is the one that can help you in really difficult situations.


Easy to carry

A survival kit must not be heavy or difficult to use. After all, you need to be able to pack it with the rest of your belongings, in case you are going on a trip, or you should be able to store it away if you are just using a home emergency kit for extreme situations.



Top Rated Survival Kits in 2019


The best survival kits on the market are showed below. Based on consumer satisfaction and the comprehensive nature of these kits, it is safe to assume that they will help you, should you come across situations when your survival depends on having the best survival first aid kit at your disposal. Just as good for more adventurous trips, these products are held in high regard by buyers.


Our recommendations


Vigilant Trails Trekker-513 


There is hardly a more comprehensive survival kit on the market than the Vigilant Trails Trekker-513. Containing 87 difference pieces that all count towards offering you the best chances of surviving in case there is a catastrophe taking place in your neighborhood, or you find yourself away from any civilized place.

This model is a new version of an already popular item, and it has new and improved components for fire emergency and fishing, should you start searching for a source of food in the wild. You do not have to worry that you might lose the components, as they are all packed in a metal container that resists to crushes.

Two well-placed compression straps keep everything in place, so you will have quick access to any item you may need at a certain point. The best emergency survival kit reviews often mention this particular model, because of its attention to detail. In case of fire, medical emergency, need for shelter, signaling, and food and water shortages, this kit will help you at the best of its abilities. The manufacturer vouches that all the included components have been tested on the field so that you truly get the best chances of survival.

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Campsnail Kit Grenade


You may be surprised to learn how many survival tools are at your disposal if you decide to purchase this particular model. Offering 25 different tools needed for survival, the kit packs everything in a small package.

Just to mention a few of the tools included, you will get a firebar, a compass, foil, a LED light, a fishing hook and line, needle and thread, and a knife. There are even more you will find in this kit, if you go for it instead of others. A nice touch is that the components are wrapped in a special type of cord that resists to high tensions.

If you are shopping for a survival kit to take with you on trips, you will not go wrong with this one. The braided fishing line has superior break strength so that you can fish for larger fish without a problem.

Setting up a tent or making fire is possible due to all the tools provided in this kit. You can even use camouflage while in the wild, due to the various color options offered to the buyer. An interesting fact about this survival kit is that it comes with lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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Ready America 70385 


This model of survival kit is approved by the US Coast Guard in regards to the needed supplies of food and water for four people. A natural disaster cannot always be foreseen, and you may find yourself in a dangerous situation along with your loved ones. Having enough food and water, as well as other supplies to cover for everyone’s needs is paramount.

According to the manufacturer, the kit contains supplies that will ensure the survival of four people for three days. Besides the essentials like water and food, the kit includes other useful items.

For instance, it comes with four blankets that will keep the stranded warm. It is well known that hypothermia can be a formidable enemy in case of natural disaster. Four ponchos are also supplied.

Medical emergencies can be addressed with the help of the first aid kit available. Work gloves made from leather are included in the kit, and you will also get goggles and dust masks. The people using the kit will have to possibility to signal their position with emergency lights and one whistle. A clear plan for communication in case of a catastrophic event is provided with the kit.

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