Top rated table saws for the money


A professional and efficient table saw is very essential to any woodwork shop and for all handymen out there. Table saws are used to rip, square, groove, mitre, shape and join pieces of wood together. A powerful motor is the most important part of a table saw. Here is a short list of the best table saws for the money you earned through hard work that is sure to give you that satisfaction that you deserve.


Dewalt DW744XRS 10-inch job site table saw with rolling stand


Best table saws for the money

This table saw is very portable, it has a rolling stand that makes easy to move around. It has a motor of 15 amps which is very powerful. It has a maximum rip of 24-1/2 inches. A solid Site-Pro Modular guardian system including a miter gauge, a push stick and a compact rolling stand are the features that you can expect to find in this awesome machine. This model is regarded as one of the best table saws for the money you worked hard for by many technicians because of  the great motor and saw’s 10-inc blade that spins at 3650 rpm making it ideal for a cleaner and sharper cuts.


Dewalt DW745 10-inch Compact job-site table saw with 16-inch max rip


With this model you are assured that every time you turn it on it will keep precise and reliable cuts with its Site-Pro modular guardian system. It has great features like a solid 15 amp motor and a solid 16-inch rip capacity, blade guards, push stick and a 10-inch, 24-tooth carbide blade, with all these great features this model is sure to finish its task efficiently. It perfectly cuts through its blade that is spinning at 3.850 rpm speed.



Bosch 4100-09 10-inch worksite table saw with gravity-rise stand


This model has one of a kind feature that makes it stand out from other table saws in the market. It is highly portable even in the coarsest environment because of its detailed mobile construction that is sure to fit in any environment. It is made with an innovative Gravity-Rise Stand that makes transporting it easy. This model runs with a powerful 15 amp motor. This model is highly durable because it is made from aluminum which makes it one of the best table saws for the money you have.



Bosch 4100DG-09 10-inch worksite table saw with gravity-rise stand and digital rip fence


This model is made with Gravity-Rise stand. The one using this machine is sure to control it with ease and precision because of its Digital Rip fence. It runs with a powerful 15 amp motor with the maximum of four horsepower and 3650 RPM. It is sure to deliver a clean and precise cut in every wood you want to work on it. Plus, this model has a soft-start and constant response which makes it easy to control.


Bosch 4100 10-inch worksite table saw


This model offers the unique Modular Smart Guard System, SquareLock Rip Fence with auxiliary fence slots with a professional blade guard, riving knife as well as a reliable anti-kickback pawl. With all the features aforementioned, this table saw is sure to give the user the delight in using it.