If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best table tennis paddle money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best table tennis paddle on the market by looking at owner feedback, sales figures, expert reviews and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at STIGA Pro is the best because it is rated for performance and approved for tournament play. The extra light design allows for plenty of speed, and with 7 layers you also get the power you need. This table tennis paddle is also comfortable to grasp so you can play for hours. If the STIGA Pro is not available in your area you could also consider the Stiga Supreme as a second best option.



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There are a lot of factors to consider before you choose any table tennis equipment, especially if it will be used in competition matches. The type, size and materials used in construction all need to be considered, along with the basic design of the paddle. Whether you are just starting out or simple need a new professional table tennis paddle, the following tips can help you make the best decision for your style of play.

1.DHS Hurricane-I


The blade is the part of the paddle that connects with the ball, and there are two styles to choose from. Penhold blades are typically used by professional players since it can be difficult to master the grip. Blades designed in the Western style are easier to grasp, and can provide the control beginners need when they are still mastering the different swings.

Along with style it is also important to consider the type of blade, and how you play table tennis will help determine the right one for you. If you like to go after the ball as soon as it clears the net or are just starting out, an “all around” blade is probably the best choice for you. Designed for medium speed swings it will give you the control you need when you “attack” the ball. If you are an offensive player or more familiar with the game, a butterfly blade will give you plenty of power behind the shots. Defensive players can also benefit from a butterfly blade, or even use one designed for a more “all around” style of play.

When it comes to deciding on the materials used to construct the blade, competition rules state that it must be comprised mainly from wood. Since this dramatically narrows down the possible choices, it is pretty easy to find a lightweight wood table tennis paddle.



Table tennis paddles can come with a flared, straight or anatomic style handle, and there really isn’t one that is better than the other. In most cases the best handle style will be what feels comfortable to you, and is the easiest to hold in your hands. Most beginners prefer a handle with an anatomic or flared design. Both are comfortable to hold and won’t slip easily out of your hands. Straight handles are generally found in inexpensive paddles, along with ones designed for powerful, offensive players.



If you are only planning on playing for fun you don’t have to worry about the color of the paddle, but this is an important consideration if you need it for competition play. You can find amateur paddles in a variety of colors that can range from white up to hot pink. If you are planning on playing in a competition or tournament the paddle must be red on one side and black on the other.

2.DHS Hurricane-II


The rubber on the blade will affect your play, and there are a few factors to consider depending on where the table tennis paddle will be used. If you are going to play in tournaments it is important to make sure that the rubbers are approved and certified by The International Table Tennis Federation. If the paddle is stamped with the ITTF seal of approval you will be allowed to use it in competition play.

When you are trying to decide what type of rubbers are right for you it is important to consider your style of play. The rubbers will not only affect the spin that is put on the ball, it will also influence speed and power. If you often play offensively or are still working on your game you will probably want a paddle with a thicker rubber, while thinner ones will put power and speed behind defensive players’ shots.

The pimples on the rubber will also affect game play and can face in or out. Outward facing pimples can be short or long, and each one will affect the ball differently. If you have fast blocking abilities and are often hitting the ball back across the net, shorter pimples will probably work best for you. Defensive players often see improvement in their game when they use a table tennis paddle with longer pimples on the rubbers.

Reverse or inward facing pimples are the most common on table tennis paddles, especially for beginners. This type of rubber and pimple design will give you maximum control over a range of swing styles. It is also recommend for players who are trying to improve a certain swing or just work on their overall game.



Top rated table tennis paddles in 2019


While we can’t choose the right one for you we can help you make a smart buying decision, which is why you will find the best table tennis paddle showcased below.


Our recommendations




1.STIGA Pro Carbon

It is easy to see why this is often considered the best table tennis set, especially when you see that it is certified for play by the ITTF. The STIGA Pro has been rigorously tested for speed, power and performance, and can help you improve your game play. It comes with a 7 ply blade that is sturdy, lightweight and able to provide you with maximum control, and a medium thick rubber that is great for all styles of play. Whether you are just starting out or need a new paddle for an upcoming competition, the Pro from STIGA might be just what you are looking for.


Buy from Amazon for ($67.97)




Stiga Supreme


 Table tennis enthusiasts are searching for the best possible racket so they can have an edge over their adversaries. One of the top rated table tennis paddles in 2019 is the Stiga Supreme which ensures that from an equipment point of view you are way above average. This is a professional level racket used by the masters of this sport in international tournaments. The surface is made from Stiga`s `Future` rubber, a special mix for a special racket. Designed for maximum comfort and dexterity there is no wonder why it is regarded so highly.


Buy from Amazon for ($38.99)




DHS Hurricane-I


best table tennis paddleMost of the current top rated table tennis paddle reviews speak very highly of the DHS Hurricane-I tournament racket set which once used makes the player able to performer better. The set includes short and penhold handles, 6+ Star Hurricane, pips in two sides and Hurricane No. 2 rubber which allows the user to perform a lot better against other players. This ping pong paddle becomes an extension of the hand, putting the player in a place where control and precision are heightened.


Buy from Amazon for ($116.34)




DHS Hurricane-II


DHS HURRICANE-IIPing pong is a difficult sport and without the proper gear people will not learn to play better or simply learn more about it. The DHS Hurricane-II tournament table tennis racket represents the most efficient tool to play the sport, offering a subtle advantage to the user. Double Hurricane is one of the most respected and well-known table tennis manufacturers ever since 1959. Furthermore, these tennis table rackets were present in the hands of the China national ping pong players in 2000 at Sydney and in 2004 at Athens, making this model one of the best table tennis paddles in 2019.


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Killerspin 110-06 Jet 600


These days one of the best table tennis paddles in 2019 is the Killerspin 110-06 Jet 600 table tennis racket engineered especially for true competitors of this game. With a solid structure, this high-end, 5-ply blade is perfect for athletes that want to win, no matter what. You should also know that the Killerspin model has ITTF-approved rubbers that can add extra power and spin to the game by providing perfect balance. The Killerspin 110-06 Jet 600 table tennis racket is perfect tool for people who want to win every time the game starts.


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Stiga Performance


STIGA PerformanceTable tennis is a challenging sport to play with your friends in the spare time that you have. The Sigma Table Tennis set provides you with four reliable rackets which can help you win your duels. You also get six balls, so if you have a table and netting you can start playing even a doubles match. Every racket has a 1 mm sponge, 5-ply blade and the handle has a conclave shape. With this gear you can play for hours and hours with your friends, sigles or doubles, having a great time.


Buy from Amazon for ($26.98)




Stiga Apex


 One way to have some exercise and to have fun at the same time with friends is table tennis. For this sport you need a good racket and you are ready to play. The Stiga Apex is such a racket that can help you play a good game and of course win. It is covered in a 2 mm sponge surface and over this it has a Drive rubber surface. The handle is a concave Italian composite. This racket has very good features and ensures that you have a small advantage over your friends, combine this with a solid game from your part and you will never leave the playing table.


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Stiga Spica


It can pretty hard to find a useful ping pong playing tool taking into consideration the high number of products currently available on the market, but once you get a hold of the Stiga Spica table tennis paddle you will understand why so many people use it year after year with so much confidence. These offensive paddles come with the Stiga Premium rubber with solid 2.0 mm sponge which offers the user an impressive edge once he/she begins playing. Furthermore, the racket comes with the highly advanced Nano technology that enhances your speed and mobility during the game, making the model receive high marks from the present top rated table tennis paddle reviews.


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Products which are no longer available



Joola Classic


Everyone knows that Joola produces reliable and efficient products designed to help the user expand his skill while playing. To this extent the classic recreational table tennis racket makes no exception combining both efficiency and professionalism in smart and quite innovative manner. The racket was designed for advanced players that have mastered all the basic strokes and in-game strategy patterns coming with a smooth 4 You rubber, flared handle, five-ply veneer, offering greater mobility and control to the user. This is the reason it is not a surprise to see the Joola Classic racket among the best table tennis paddles.