If you’re here just to find the best tennis racket for beginners and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best tennis rackets for beginners on the market by looking at owner feedback, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Wilson Tour Slam seems to be the absolute best. Power meets balance in this aluminum based racket, built for performance. The best control is ensured by the special Stop Shock Pads that greatly reduce vibration. Its superior power is due to the Power Strings technology employed on this model. If the Wilson Tour Slam is unavailable, you could also consider the Wilson Federer as the second best option.



Buying guide


Whether you are just taking up tennis or you are more than a novice, you will need to have a dependable tennis racket. There are plenty of models available for sale, so getting a racket should be simple, at least, in theory. However, there are certain things you need to learn about tennis rackets if you want to purchase the right one, especially if you are a beginner. In the next buying guide, we will show you the most important aspects to keep in mind when you are shopping for this kind of equipment.


Standard length rackets are for you

One technical spec of tennis rackets is represented by length. Professional tennis players may go for a longer model, because it ensures more power for each hit, but for a beginner such as you, a standard length racket is the best choice. Why should you go for a racket with less power than professional models? Mostly, because rackets that are longer than 27 inches tend to be less maneuverable and you will have a hard time trying to control them.


Large head rackets are great for beginners, too

The construction and design of all tennis rackets may tend to look the same for you, but, if you take a closer look, you will notice that there are some important differences to consider. Larger head rackets are designed for beginners, because they offer you a larger hitting spot, and they diminish the risk of over swinging. For instance, the best tennis racquet for beginner women should have a head as large as 106 – 110 square inches, as these models are particularly designed for those with little to no experience in hitting the tennis ball. Also, a racket for beginners should be heavier towards the head, so that less control is required of you.



A few materials are used for tennis rackets. Aluminum is very common, because it is heavy and sturdy, and a good choice for beginners. You will feel better a heavier racket, and less skill will be required to hit the ball straight. Another great advantage of aluminum is that it is cheaper than the materials used in professional tennis rackets, therefore making such models much more affordable.



Top Rated Best Tennis Rackets for Beginners in 2019


Now that you know more about this type of tennis equipment, it is the right moment to learn about the best tennis rackets for beginners on the market, as they are showcased below.


Our recommendations


Wilson Tour Slam 


1-wilson-tour-slam-adult-strung-tennis-racketThe Wilson Tour Slam is an excellent choice for those who want to take up tennis as their favorite sport, and there are many who name it the best tennis racket for beginner adults. Its aluminum construction makes it both durable and lightweight, so you will not feel like you are straining yourself to hit the ball over and over again. The special Volcanic Frame technology employed on this model brings a perfect balance between power and stability, which is why it is so greatly appreciated by beginners. One of the issues experienced by beginners who choose a less than ideal racket is vibration. If you go for the Wilson Tour Slam, you will encounter no such troubles, since its Stop Shock pads are specially designed to reduce vibration and increase control. Overall, this is a great choice for a novice, offering all the needed features for perfect balance, power and control.


Buy from Amazon for ($29.49)




Wilson Federer 


2-wilson-federer-adult-strung-tennis-racketThere are many things to look for in a tennis racket designed for a beginner. There are few companies that manage to check every single point, but Wilson is, without a doubt, one of the sports equipment manufacturers around, that manages to get everything right. The Wilson Federer offers both performance and comfort, so it will be a delight to learn how to hit the ball, if you decide to acquire this specific model. Power is no issue for this racket from Wilson; the power strings are designed to increase the amount of power with which you hit the ball, so you can feel like one of your favorite tennis players on the court. Its 3 point balance system is ideal for someone who is working towards developing skill, and it offers the perfect tool for getting better at this elegant sport. Control and reduced vibration and two other traits this racket for beginners comes with, for your best performance and comfort.


Buy from Amazon for ($23.47)




HEAD MicroGel 


3-head-microgel-radical-head-tennis-racquetsLightweight and dependable, the HEAD MicroGel is the type of tennis racket you should take to the tennis court with you. You just need to hit the ball once, to experience the superior performance of this racket. The special material it is made of distributes the force of impact with each hit all over the frame, so you will feel the racket as being an extension of your own arm. Its standard length recommends it for beginners, and, while the head size is smaller compared to the models reviewed above, it is still a great choice for a beginner, due to its array of features specially designed for novices. The racket is very lightweight so even younger tennis players will find it easy to manage and a real delight to use. The rock solid feeling you will get when using the racket will make you feel in charge, ready to train hard.


Buy from Amazon for ($89.95)