If you’re here just to find the best tennis racquet and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. Whether you’re upgrading from your current tool to get more comfort, control and power, or making your very first purchase, getting the best tennis racquet on the market can be difficult. This is why we went through plenty of expert review sites, checked out owner feedback and even studied social media activity to compare tennis racquets made not just for beginners but also for players with more advanced skills as well. The amount of information we have gathered has been enough to enable us to conclude that the Wilson Tour Slam Adult is the best there is. Perfect for novice and intermediate players, this tennis racquet has a 110 square inch head boasting a lightweight yet tough aluminum construction and the perfect tennis racquet dimensions. It utilizes the state-of-the-art Volcanic Frame Technology that delivers power plus stability. The power strings bolster this unit’s performance even more while its Stop Shock Pads ensure reduced vibration to deliver better control at play. Should the Wilson Tour Slam Adult be unavailable or out of stock, give the second best option a try and you won’t regret it. Get the Head Liquid Metal 8 for your next game.



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Buying Guide


With the sheer amount of tennis racquets available, it is hard for anyone who has no clue what to get to ensure a great buy. This buying guide is designed to help you make a sensible and easy purchase so you won’t have to do the hard work like we did.

1.Wilson Tour Slam

Racquet Frame

 A Game Improvement or Power Racquet is engineered to be exactly that: a power-oriented weapon on the court made for players who have short and compact swings or who want extra depth on groundstrokes and easy power during serves plus a forgiving frame. Built for players with physical limitations, this kind of frame has a head ranging from oversize to super-oversize or 107 to 135 square inches. Longer at 27 to 29 inches and lightweight between 8 and 9.5 ounces, it is stiffer and is head-heavy balanced so there’s sufficient weight on the hitting zone.

Effectively combining a range of features from game improvement to control or player’s racquets, a tweener racquet is the high side of midsized at heads measuring 95 to 102 square inches. It has an extended length of 27.5 to 28 inches and a weight of 9.5 to 11 ounces. Providing an excellent compromise between a larger sweet spot and strung surface, this type has a maneuverable frame that allows you to output good speed during the swing. It is popular among intermediate to advanced players who need power and control and greater spin, as well as junior players switching to an adult racquet.

A Player’s or Control Racquet is popular among college team players, high-level club players and professional players. Significantly heavier at 11.5 to over 13 ounces, this kind of racquet is thinner and characterized by a smaller head of 85 to 98 square inches. The beam is more flexible and is headlight balanced for maneuverability. Built for advanced and physically imposing players confident of providing their own power, it is designed for those who have loopy, long and fast swings and who have considerable pace but looking for increased control.


String Pattern

The pattern of string density has a somewhat direct effect on the overall feel and performance of the tennis racquet. The open pattern may be less durable but delivers more spin and power. It can deflect more on impact compared to a dense pattern because the ball gets greater rebound. At the same string tension and in similar racquets, this type doesn’t feel as tight as the dense pattern. The wider spacing between strings can cause the ball to get embedded into them. This is best for players seeking greater spin potential, with the strings getting freer movement. Abrasion is also increased and can cause breakage of the strings.

With a dense string pattern, there is not much deflection of the ball during impact so there is lower rebound energy. Lower potential is to be expected because of the close spacing between strings but this type can be more longer lasting compared to a similar racquet with an open string pattern. It is preferred by those who want enhanced control and who don’t hit with a lot of spin, as well as those who hit the ball really hard with much spin and want tough strings.


Grip or Handle System

To handle the demand for tennis racquets made for kids, manufacturers are bent on making their products lighter than ever while ensuring improved comfort. Without considerably increasing weight, manufacturers offer customized tennis racquet grip size while incorporating shock and vibration dampening systems in the handle. These handle systems provide a range of levels of effectiveness in lowering the degree of shock and vibration on the frame.

You can choose from racquet grip diameters between 4 inches and 4 ⅝ inches around. Although no clear-cut criteria is in place for grip size selection, which means there really is no grip size for women, the old rule of thumb in tennis remains: you must be able to comfortably and not tightly grip the racquet with the tip of your thumb touching the outermost or top knuckle of your middle finger. When choosing between two similar grip diameters, choose the smaller one since you can always bolster the grip using grip tape.

2.Head Liquid Metal 8


Most tennis racquets nowadays use relatively lightweight and exceptionally strong graphite as a base material. Boron and Kevlar are very much like graphite and are even lighter and stiffer than it. Aluminum is in less expensive models and provides good enough power and superb feel. Titanium racquets are a recent addition. Titanium is an extremely light and strong material resembling aluminum. Fiberglass or wood racquets of yesteryears are no longer as exciting as before.




Top rated tennis rackets in 2019


There are literally hundreds of tennis racquets to choose from out there. We know how buying just one can prove to be a huge challenge, so we hope to make things easier for you by presenting these best tennis racquets on the market.


Our recommendations


Wilson Tour Slam


best tennis racketA great choice for any player, the Wilson Tour Slam oversized recreational racket boasts a lightweight aluminum construction that ensures easy handling due to its light weight. The Wilson Tour Slam racket is constructed with a cutting-edge Volcanic Frame Technology that ensures power and stability, so you can comfortably and confidently execute great volley shots transmitted with awesome stamina through and through. The exclusive Power Strings deliver increased power, making the ball soar easily high above the net to the opposite side. The revolutionary Stop Shock Pads reduce racquet vibration, giving you superior control.


Buy from Amazon for ($29.49)




Head LiquidMetal 8


The Head liquid metal tennis racquet is the ideal solution for passionate players that push themselves to the limit, filling existing gaps in their skill set. This Head tennis racquet comes with a total sweetspot construction that expands the spot for added control and precision. Furthermore, the Head 8 strung tennis racket includes the No Shox damping system that diminishes vibration by an impressive 27%. It is a carefully structured tennis instrument with a head size of 112 square inches, a beam of 28x26mm and a 16×19 string pattern, making the model receive good marks from any of the top rated tennis racket reviews.


Buy from Amazon for ($84.95)




Head TiS6


If you want only the top class tennis equipment so you can truly enjoy yourself everytime you hit the tennis court, we recommend one of the
top rated tennis rackets in 2019
, the Head TiS6 Strung. For being quite large it is surprisingly lightweight, having just 8 oz. This is achieved because of the titanium and graphite frame that gives it strength, durability and mobility, all these great features in just one racquet. There is no doubt that is one of the best raquets money can buy and which can help you make a great set and match.


Buy from Amazon for ($79.95)




Wilson Energy


Wilson Energy Extra LargeIf you like to hit the tennis courts as often as you can, than the Wilson Energy Tennis Racquet is good choice so you have the right equipment. Even though the racquet is a pretty large one it is lightweight, weighing just 10.1 oz. For grater power it features Power String and an enlarged head. These materials give the it strength and make it last for a longer time than normal. With the Wilson Energy you have an edge over your adversaries and if you have a good day, a win is on the horizon.


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Babolat AeroPro Drive GT 4


One of the best tennis rackets 2019 is the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT 4 3/8”, designed with attention for a wide variety of players. The racket weighs 10.6 ounces and has 100% head size, with a solid sweetspot and an aerodynamic shape that ensures optimal spin potential during the game. The AeroPro Drive cortex was upgraded with the GT technology that strengthens the frame in order to reduce torque, thus giving the user greater precision. Rafael Nadal used this racquet with confidence in three major grand slam tournaments which says a lot about its design and efficiency.


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Wilson Roger Federer Junior


The Wilson Roger Federer Junior Recreational Racket is a junior take down of Roger Federer’s racket of choice with greater and improved graphics, power, performance and stability. With a headsize of 95 inches, string weight of 7.9 oz / 225 g and a length of 25 inches, the Wilson Roger Federer Junior Recreational Racket is certainly built for easy maneuverability and higher durability. Other specifications include a balance of 1 pt., a string pattern of 16×17, and a cross section of 20 mm RG. In fact, many happy customers claimed  in their reviews that this tennis racket is truly satisfying and is a wise buy. It is even mentioned that it’s lightweight and an ideal fit for younger players.


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Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95


Today’s top rated tennis racket reviews underline the efficiency and solid build of the Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95 model. The particularities of the racket make it ideal for advanced players who love to win games after games. The Wilson K Factor has a heavier side that offers a solid feel and more control to the user during different moments of the game. This tennis racket was designed with a Karophite black material, providing enhanced stability and more feel while hitting the ball.


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Products which are no longer available



Prince 03 White


top rated tennis racket reviews If you are looking for an efficient and reliable tennis racket then take a closer look at the Prince 03 white model. With a compact structure, 100 sq. in weight, 10.60z/300g unstrung balance 12.bin/32.5cm; the Prince 03 white tennis racket helps the user achieve powerful strikes without sacrificing control. In addition, the Prince 03 is reinforced in some places with tungsten, titanium, copper, carbon, thus offering the user accurate control. Tennis is a demanding sport and through the Prince 03 racquet you will be able to improve your game and fill in certain gaps in your skills. This is the reason why this model can be found among the current best tennis rackets 2019.



Head Ti.S5 CZ Comfortzone


A good racquet can help you play tennis at your best. One such model is the Head Tis5 racquet. It is specially made for players with a medium to long swing style so they have an even better control. It has a revolutionary titaniumgraphite construction so it is extremely light and strong at the same time. The lightweight means it is very maneuverable and can cope perfectly with every aspect of the game. Having this many qualities means that it is a very good investment if you are into tennis  and want top equipment.



Dunlop Sports MP Aerogel 4D 550


If you want to become the next Maria Sharapova of tennis is very important to have a solid and efficient racquet, designed with attention. the Dunlop Sports MP Aerogel 4D 550 tennis racquet is the answer to your on the court problems; a reliable instrument which can be used with confidence during any game. The structure of the model is compact and light: 100 square inch headsize, a strung weight of 290g / 10.22oz and a solid 16×18 string pattern that delivers greater control and an impressive spin force. the Dunlop Sports MP Aerogel 550 is certainly among the best tennis rackets in 2019.