In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best tent for camping? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. Since choosing a tent is basically similar to making an investment on a home, we decided to help avid campers out there make the most of what they purchase by gathering as much information as we can from owner feedback and social media activity focused on camping products. We augmented this with overall brand quality and came up with more than enough data to help consumers make a wise buy. This has led us to conclude that the Coleman Evanston deserves all its positive reviews and ratings as the best camping tent on the market. The Coleman Evanston is made of polyester, which is quite resistant to rips and mildew so it is a low maintenance material that is both lightweight and cheap. Quick to dry out because of the polyester material, this tent boasts a weathered system designed to keep occupants dry so you can use it in the rain, with porch that is fully screened to ensure that bugs are kept out. There are four large windows that ensure maximum ventilation. The tent is geared to set up easily to allow up to 8 sleepers to occupy its 15-by-12-foot footprint.In the event that the Coleman Evanston is short on supply, we recommend getting the second best product on the market, the Coleman Sundome.



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Buying Guide


Tents are available in a variety of sizes, designs, styles and features, so any first-time buyer will most likely have a challenging time shopping for the perfect tent for sale on the market. To simplify the buying task, we suggest looking at these essential aspects in this kind of equipment to ensure a great purchase.

1.Coleman Evanston

Type or Seasonality

Three-season tents are the most popular choice among buyers, as they offer a lightweightweight shelter intended for use during the relatively temperate conditions presented by spring, summer and fall. Equipped with sufficient mesh panels to enable optimal airflow, they are perfect shelters on the beach. This kind of tent features a rain fly to withstand a downpour but will not be able to endure prolonged exposure to heavy snow, violent winds and harsh storms. A premium three-season tent comes with a strong skeletal system, the ability to protect occupants from bugs, and to keep users dry in the rain and light snow, for a good balance of protection and ventilation.

Three-to-four season tents or convertible ones are geared for extended usage. They are designed for summer use as well as early spring camping journeys and late fall, during which moderate snow may be present. Offering a balance of warmth retention, strength and ventilation, this type of tent is perfect for campers who take trips in all types of conditions. The hybrid design comes with one, two or more poles, with screen room and rainfly options so you can fortify it for more stormy settings while stripping it down during summer trips. Although not as fully fortified as four-season tents, the convertible tent is definitely warmer and sturdier compared to a three-season tent.

Designed for use in cold weather, the four-season or mountaineering/winter tent boasts a tough fabric, an abundance of guy-out points, sturdy pole construction and a rounded dome design that will not enable snow to collect thanks to how it eliminates flat roof spaces. Made for the harshest conditions, this kind of tent is characterized by a low, boulder-like shape that helps buffer it against the wind, while a large vestibule is intended for gear storage. Standing firm against inclement weather, this type of tent can be used in any season especially in inhospitable ones.


Shape and Headroom

If you want to make the most of overall peak height that you can stand up in, a cabin-style tent with near-vertical walls and maximum livable space may just be your best choice. Some models even come with an awning plus room dividers to provide privacy, or even a vestibule door. An A-frame tent, on the other hand, has sloping walls that can limit elbow or head room. The broad sidewalls do not offer protection against high winds, making the A-frame tent usable only during benign conditions. A modified A-frame tent has a center hoop hole, a ridgeline pole or curved sidewalls for more floor space and structural strength compared to a standard A-frame tent.

A dome-style tent delivers superb strength and exceptional wind-shedding capability for stormy weather. Standing tall in the center with its arched ceiling, a dome-style tent has walls with greater slope that reduces floor space. A tube, hoop or tunnel tent features a good combination of weather resistance and weight but will need sufficient staking to achieve its shape as it is not freestanding.

Consisting of a rain fly with support from a vertical center pole, a pyramid/ teepee tent is staked out to achieve its shape. You can expect exceptional space-to-weight ratio from this kind of tent, but there’s not much in the way of performance in wet weather because of its floorless design. A wedge tent is made lower towards the foot and higher at the head, giving it an aerodynamic and lightweight design. The reduced interior space is a compromise, especially in terms of the headroom.

The wall slope dictates the total headroom. You may want to consider consistent headroom from end to end when camping in foul weather. An ultralight design with sloped foot or low ceiling is made more for sleeping instead of sitting.

2.Coleman 6-Person

Capacity and Floor Space

Choose a tent based on the number of people in your camping group. Consider too that you may need more space to accommodate gear, friend or pets. It is recommended that you assume a close fit, so when you think a 4 person tent is enough for four people, remember that there is no industry standard that defines tent dimensions per person. Thus, you should definitely consider an upsize to tent capacity specifically if your companions have large builds, hate tight spaces, have a tendency to toss and turn during sleep, or will be bringing along a child or a pet.

A tent for 10 people can easily fill up if two or more conditions among the ones mentioned are fulfilled. You should also consider that some people sleep better with greater than average elbow room. Floor space is not just about square footage but dimensions.



Top rated tents for camping in 2019


It always pays to know your options on camping tents. In our quest to help you get the best camping tent on the market, we present the following products that offer value for money.


Our recommendations


Coleman Evanston 8


best tent for campingWith a footprint of 15 by 12 feet and a height of 72 inches, this tent can accommodate 8 people. Furthermore, the Coleman Evanston 8 Screened Tent provides a fully screened front porch that is sure to protect the occupants from bugs and a weather system feature to ensure you are protected from water in case it rains.  According to the best tents for camping reviews, this also has 4 large windows so you can feel the fresh air and enjoy satisfactory ventilation. In setting this tent up, you won’t have any hassles because it is designed to go up in no time at all. The Coleman Company is well known for delivering remarkable and quality products for many years already.


Buy from Amazon for ($127.27)




Coleman Sundome


top rated tents for camping reviewsTo properly enjoy the great outdoors you need a reliable tent that keeps you dry even when you encounter bad weather. The Coleman Sundome fits perfectly in this category, letting you enjoy your camping in any circumstances. The campers are kept dry thanks to the Weathertec System, which doesn`t allow moisture inside the tent. The Variflo ventilation and a vented cool-Air port keep fresh air flow constant. With these qualities there is no wonder why the Sundome is regarded as one of the best tents around.


Buy from Amazon for ($53)




Coleman WeatherMaster


Conveniently accommodating up to 10 individuals, this camping tent surely has enough room for each member of your family or group of friends. This durably-built camping tent is also highly waterproof. This is thanks to its WeatherTec system feature. The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Tent has measures 17L x 9W x 6.66H feet. I am glad to have finally found a tent that isn’t hard to set up. Unlike other conventional tents, the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Tent is easier to set up because it has a color-d poles. Another wonderful thing about this tent is that it is portable and it has a special mesh roof through which you can have a panoramic view of the stars and the sky.


Buy from Amazon for ($199.19)




Coleman 2000007831


 Coleman 6-Person Instant TentOne of the best top rated tents in 2019 is the Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent. The designers of the Coleman brand have taken into account the features that are required from a tent to ensure that you can enjoy going camping with it. The innovative one-piece construction means that you can set it up under ten minutes. For a tent of this size it is an extraordinary achievement. The famous WeatherTec System keeps moisture out and the campers inside dry. Quality and comfort is what this tent offers and just because of this it deserves one of the top spots without a doubt.


Buy from Amazon for ($129)




Eureka! Alpenlite 2XT


Eureka! The Alpenlite 2XT tent combines efficiency and protection, offering to the users a solid shelter against bad weather. The model features the A-frame design with steep walls, making it optimal even in snowy conditions while also providing an advanced ventilation system through the door vent, two roof vents and the four side vents. The tent covers 31 square feet and is equipped with the Eureka patented high/low door vents from top and bottom which allows for a moderated air flow. It comes as no surprise to see the Alpenlite 2XT model as one of the best tents for camping in 2019.


Buy from Amazon for ($399.95)




Coleman Red Canyon


 Best tents for camping 2019Camping with a good and sturdy tent is a pleasure. One of the best camping tents in 2019 is the Coleman Red Canyon Dome Tent. The great thing about it is its space, being able to accommodate 8 campers, practically your whole family and some friends too. If privacy is what you want, you can modify the interior of the Red Canyon so it has three rooms. Bad weather poses no threat, because the Weathertec System keeps you and the rest of the campers dry. Experiencing the natural environment is more than pleasant when you know you have a great tent to sleep in.


Buy from Amazon for ($109.99)




Coleman Montana 8


 Coleman Montana 8 TentTents make a big difference when it comes to camping or other incursions in nature`s wilderness. If you are thinking of taking a large group with you, then the Coleman Montana 8 person tent is a great choice. You won`t have any problems setting it up, wasting no time with unnecessary complications that might ruin your trip from its very beginning. And if you are near a power source you can get light inside through the electrical access port. Camping is a wonderful pass time and the Coleman Montana tent makes you appreciate it even more through the comfort and features that it offers.


Buy from Amazon for ($116.99)




Wenzel Kodiak


 Wenzel Kodiak Family Cabin Dome TentCamping is a wonderful way to spend time with your family, bringing you loads of beautiful moments to remember over the years. With the Wenzel Kodiak Family Cabin Dome Tent space isn`t an issue and you can bring a large number of relatives along for your family`s camping trip. It has a capacity of 9 people so you have an idea of what the Kodiak has to offer. Bad weather doesn`t represent a problem because of the fly that covers the whole tent and the welded polyethylene floor. The Kodiak impresses through size and comfort and can ensure that you and your family will absolutely love your excursion into nature.


Buy from Amazon for ($149.99)




Eureka K-2 XT


Currently one of the best tents for camping in 2019 is the Eureka! High camp model. The tent was designed to resist four season weather conditions, and is endorsed by the renowned expeditionist Eric Simonson from International Mountain Guides. It is ideal for high-altitude use, with a 43.17 square foot area where two people can sleep comfortably and through the Eureka tough StormShield technology it can also sustain a breathable environment. This Eureka! model can be installed fast without any fuss or confusing problems whatsoever.


Buy from Amazon for ($549.95)





Products which are no longer available



Mountain Hardwear Space Station


Considered by many people as one of the best tents for camping in 2019, the Mountain Hardwear space station can accommodate with ease by up to 15 people. The Space station model has 10 lower adjustable vents that, in a progressive manner, keep the air flowing even after a rough day in the mountains. Furthermore ,with one large zippered top thru-vent, the Space Station maintains the air circulation within the tent while also controlling temperature. It is the perfect for camping, combining functionality with efficiency in solid and clean manner.



Sierra designs Polar tunnel 4 expedition


With a solid design bent on providing comfort, the Sierra Polar tent is solid enough to house a team of up to four people. The Polar tunnel model is made out of 70D nylon, a strong 70D nylon floor and a 40D HT nylon fly which comes in handy during extreme snowstorms or other harsh weather conditions. The tent includes a four-pole design, snow flaps, reflective door and also several, carefully placed vents for a progressive cross-ventilation system. Considering the current top rated tents for camping reviews, it seems that the Sierra designs model stands out with its professionalism and comfort.



Alps Mountaineering Vertex


Searching for a professional and efficient tent capable of providing a comfortable and safe stay can be difficult but once you come across the Alps mountaineering Vertex aluminum pole tent, you will look no further. The Alps Vertex model has a standing pole system equipped with the 7000 series aluminum pole and it is very easy to assemble. Furthermore, you should be aware that the Alps mountaineering Vertex pole has a 75D 185T polyester fly which is resistant to UV damage and also the factory sealed fly & floor offers the best weather protection currently available on the market.