Every time you want to get rid of the daily hassle and find your own retreat in nature, you’ll need proper gear if you want to benefit from some sort of comfort. If you want to get the best tent under 100 and you lack time to do it, let us give you a helping hand. We’ve consulted several customers and expert reports along with social media activity, and came to the conclusion that the best possible choice is the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 5024617. What we liked about this model are the two vents located on the narrow side, which are secured by Velcro tabs and feature bars that allow being open for ventilation. Furthermore, the upper body of the unit is a special mesh made of a waterproof fabric with sealed seams. Inside you’ll find pockets and clips above the canopy where you can attach things. If the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 5024617 is out of stock, go with the SEMOO Large Door 3-person.




Buying Guide


Searching for the best tent on a budget might seem like a challenge especially with so many options available on the market. Our team of experts has done a little research and created a useful buying guide that showcases the most important features tents should have, no matter their cost. Check it out and see if you can learn something useful that you can use in your shopping decision.

Wall construction

When in the market for a good tent under 100, you need to be aware of the wall construction because each type has its own pros and cons.

If you choose tents that come with a double wall construction, you’ll basically have the tent body and the rainfly. So you’ll benefit from a mesh inner tent that acts as a barrier against condensation and moisture inside the rainfly.

However, single wall tents have the advantage of being less heavy so you can take them with you in your backpack, without putting too much effort. This type of units combine two layers that increase the airflow in order to keep the condensation at a lower level. Nevertheless, this system is a tad faulty, and it can’t completely eliminate moisture.

If you seek something light, you should be satisfied with a single wall tent. Also, if you plan on hiking in warm and dry areas, you don’t need an item that deals with the condensation. Double-walled products are ideal if you camp in forests and mountains.

As a piece of advice, try to avoid low-lying areas near water if you’re using a single wall construction because that increases the level of humidity inside the tent.


Features that matter

You’ll notice that most tents for sale come in different shapes and sizes and have several features that might work for you or not.

Depending on your camping style, you need to opt for a unit that has a certain weight. For instance, if you’re camping with your car or have a base camp, this aspect is not very significant.

If you’re a hiking enthusiast that likes to take their backpack and board on a new adventure at the end of the weekend, you can’t carry with you a heavy tent. So make sure to get a product that doesn’t add too much space because you need to take water and supplies, as well.

The whole point of purchasing a tent is to have a shelter where you can feel safe and relaxed. If the tent doesn’t offer protection, then it doesn’t worth getting it. Even if you’re on a limited budget, you can’t sacrifice this feature. You should find a balanced trade-off and establish the things that you need most. The bottom line is that the unit should keep up your safe, dry, and warm.

Another important characteristic is the capacity of the tent. In addition to the number of persons that will use it, you need to think of the dimensions of the interior space or the vestibule.

You should carefully read the product description and check how much room the tent offers because many manufacturers tend to exaggerate with the number of individuals that fit inside. If you need more room for your supplies, you should check for tents with larger vestibules.

If you’re backpacking, you’ll need to keep your comfort-related expectations low because the weight is more important. It all comes down to your personal needs and preferences.

As far as the design goes, the tent you’re looking for should have simple elements that come in handy when camping outdoors. Any unit that has multiple doors, lots of headroom, air vents to reduce the condensation as well as storage pockets where you can put your flashlights, maps, or snacks, will do a great job.


Take the  weather into consideration

According to most budget tent reviews, the season you’re planning to use the tent for is quite mandatory in making your final purchase. The tent must be compatible with the weather otherwise you won’t have a comfortable camping experience.



Top Rated Tents under $100 in 2019


We’ve made a short presentation of products that you can read below. All three items boast the features we’ve showcased in the buying guide. Have a look and see if one of them matches your camping style and needs.


Our Recommendations


ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 5024617


This free standing tent is an excellent choice if you plan on going on a hike and need something to carry with you in your backpack.

The unit boasts a 2-pole design that ensures plenty of space for one single person. Moreover, the upper body of the unit is made of a durable mesh while the lower body and the bottom are completely waterproof and feature sealed seams that prevent the water from coming in.

One aspect worth mentioning is the D-shaped side door that is quite large and rolls out so you can affix it on on the left side using clips and loops.

The best part is that you can put some supplies and gear inside. Plus, the vestibule comes with a zipper that goes smoothly and is equipped with Velcro tabs.

Due to its free-standing design, the setup process is more than easy. Basically, the tent has two poles that create a stable structure in the form of X and you affix the body of the tent to the structure using hooks. The entire operation takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Inside the unit, you’ll find two mesh pockets, one on each end where you can store important things such as a flashlight, snacks, or maps.

Buy from Amazon for ($91.99)




SEMOO Large Door 3-person


If you don’t have a large family and you want a high-quality tent that doesn’t cost a fortune, you’ll be more than pleased with the features of this unit.

You can carry the tent in your backpack without too much effort. Although not so heavy compared to similar products on the market, this tent offers you great protection against rain and wind.

There’s no need to worry about setup because it comes with additional lines and stakes that are included in the package. Also, it features ten tent stakes and three guy lines in addition to the useful carry bag. Because of the polyester and polyurethane mixture, the tent is waterproof and lightweight.

This 3-person tent offers plenty of room in the interior so you can sleep and move around while camping. Since humidity and insects are major issues for anyone spending their time outdoors, this tent benefits from mesh windows and a D-style door that ensure an excellent ventilation and optimal protection from pests. Furthermore, the inner door enables fast and easy access inside and outside the tent. The unit has inner pockets where you can store small items.

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SEMOO Water Resistant 2-3 Person


A good tent is one that offers you top-notch quality and protection against weather conditions. This is why this water-resistant unit suitable for up to 3 people is a good choice for you and your family.

Because it is extremely lightweight, this dome tent comes in handy especially if you’re into trekking or hiking activities.

There’s a large half-moon door specially designed for easy access. Also, the mesh roof provides plenty of ventilation and a clear view of the sky. The hooped fly ensures the room stays dry even when the weather outside is wet.

Moreover, the fly and the walls are made of a coated polyester fabric that ensures durability. You can take the unit with you in every outdoor adventure thanks to the carry bag.

Inside you’ll find pockets that allow you to securely store important things such as maps, GPS, and other small gear.

The setup process goes smoothly and fast due to the six stakes and the shock-corded fiberglass frame that feature clips for extra stability. Just make sure to insert the steel stakes firmly into the ground using the copper rings included in the package. This way the tent will remain intact even in windy conditions.

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