Top rated tents for camping for the money


Everyone loves to go for camping, to spend some time near to the nature, where the relaxation and calm can be easily found. For this purpose the camping tents are key component because they provide protection to the campers against weather, wild animals and other possible perils.


Mountain Hardwear Space Station 15 person tent


Best tents for camping for the money This is the best tent available in the market for the camping. This tent can accommodate up to fifteen people. The tent has the ten adjustable vents which are in a progressive style. It keeps the air circulating inside the tent so that it doesn’t get stuffy and always have fresh air. There is 1 large zipped top through vent which keeps the air flowing and keeps the temperature constant. These tents have the perfect combination of functionality, efficiency and are built in the solid manner.



Sierra designs Polar tunnel 4 expedition mountaineering tent


The camping tent is designed to withstand the strongest of the winds and is solid enough to make a home for a maximum of 4 people. The tent is made up of 70D nylon and a strong floor of the same material and 40D HT nylon fly that is good for handling in the snow storms or the harsh weathers that you might have to face. The design of the tent is the 4 pole design and has the snow flaps and the reflective door.



Eureka! Alpenlite 2XT tent


This is the Eureka! Alpenlite 2XT tent review is about a tent which provides with the features of efficiency and the protection to the user, providing a shelter in the bad weather. This model has the features of the A structure and has the steep wall making it ideal for the snowy weather while it also provides advanced ventilation by the door and the 2 roof holes and 4 side vents. The tent has an area of thirty one square feet and has the seven feet floor equipped with the Eureka doors vent. This makes it the one of the best tents for camping for the money.


 Alps Mountaineering Vertex Aluminum poles tent


This tent is made for the people who are searching for the perfectly designed tents that are capable to provide you with the comfort and protection and can with stand the extreme conditions that you might face on the Alps. The Alps mountaineering Vertex aluminum pole tent has been used in the tent. This model of tent has a vertical design system that has the 7000 series aluminum pole which is easy to structure. These amazing features make it the best tents for camping for the money.



Eureka! High camp tent


The Eureka! High camp tent is the highest rated tents available in the market providing you the best tents for camping for the money. The best features that the tent has are the functionality and the comfort that is provided in this tent. The tent is so designed so that it with stands 4 weather conditions. It is considered very appropriate to be used in high attitudes and has the area of 43.2 square foot and can accommodate two people easily. The StormShield technology maintains a ventilated atmosphere.