In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best thermostat? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information on the best thermostat brands for sale on the market by consulting expert review sites and looking into what they say to enable us to do effective product comparisons while also looking at what actual users believe are the strongest and weakest points of different products. Out of all the models and manufacturers we have looked at, the Nest 3rd Generation is the best because of its learning capability that makes it able to do auto programming. This means it learns from the frequent settings you use and the program itself so it can do auto scheduling and will not require you to carry out periodic programming. This device allows you to leave your home empty and will automatically adjust the temperature after you are gone, so you can come home to a nice home temperature when you get back. The remote control offers remarkable convenience by enabling you to check Energy History, do temperature setting changes and receive an alert when it’s too hot or cold in your home. If the Nest 3rd Generation runs out at your favorite seller, we strongly suggest getting the second best option, the Honeywell RTH9580WF.



Comparison Table


Product Shape Price Power Source Display Our Rating Where to buy

Honeywell TH8320U1008

Curved $$$ Battey Digital A+ AMAZON

Honeywell RTH7600D

Curved $$ Battery Digital A Full review

Nest T100577

Round $$$$ Battery Digital B+ AMAZON

Ecobee EB-STAT-02

Rectangular $$$$$ Battery Digital B AMAZON

Lux TX9000TS

Rectangular $$ Battery Digital C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Temperatures in the house along with those in the individual rooms fluctuate, which requires a home thermostat to tell the cooling system as well as the furnace to turn on and off. With a home thermostat, the temperature control devices in the home will be able to set the appropriate setting for winter along with the proper setting for summer, effectively eliminating the guesswork while ensuring consistent comfort and effective energy use. These elements ensure optimal functionality in a thermostat.

A.1 Best thermostat reviews 1100

Convenient scheduling/ programming type

Basic models do not need any programming at all. Most thermostats work well with common cooling and heating systems. There are exceptions however, and to prevent incompatibility with your existing systems, you need to check product specifications. Most models allow you to program a variety of settings for every day of the week. Users who prefer a regular routine should consider a device that provides a single schedule for weekdays along with different ones for weekends. Most models attach directly to the heating or cooling systems using just a couple of low voltage wires. More advanced models can be made to follow just about any schedule, allowing you to enjoy up to four different temperature settings throughout an entire 24-hour period, along with different programs for each day of every week. Learning thermostats offer something different with their versatile programming according to the user’s preferences.

Thermostats come with two main technologies: electronic and electromechanical. Both systems work with most types of oil, gas, electric and even hydronic furnace systems as well as air conditioners and other cooling systems. If you want more controllability, electronic models are your best bet since they are equipped with an electronic sensing element that offers more intuitive response to temperature fluctuations compared to bimetal sensors. Programmable thermostats offer significant energy savings.


Compatibility with equipment

Make sure the thermostat is engineered to control your existing home equipment for cooling and heating. Some models are to be used to control heating equipment alone, while others can support use with both a furnace and an air conditioner, a heat pump, as well as equipment that runs in multiple stages and get activated depending on the dynamic needs for cooling and heating. A dual-speed air conditioner is an example of a system that delivers multiple stages of cooling and heating. Other examples are a heat pump and a furnace that runs on two sets of burners. These types of equipment need a dynamic working thermostat to handle the nuances of their multiple stage operations.

Many models of thermostats feature some kind of adjustment that enables them to work according to the needs of the system. This can come in the form of wires in matching configuration to the equipment or a small switch on the back. This will enable effortless adjustments since some heating systems take longer to activate and also come with variations in cycling. Some heating equipment require system fans, whereas others don’t. For instance, plenty of heat pumps have a built-in secondary electric heating element that gets engaged when the temperature drops to around two degrees less than what is set in the thermostat, which is the set point.

The auxiliary heat kicks in when room temperature gets to 68 degrees if the room temperature is allowed to reach degrees at night and then gets turned up to 70 degrees in the morning. With advanced electronic heat pump thermostats, the electric auxiliary heat is fooled into remaining switched off because the device calculates efficiently when the heat has to kick in to raise the temperature to the set point by the specific time. The heat pump brings the temperature up gradually. Warmth or cooling is sent to various rooms by zoned heating systems based on the needs of those specific rooms thanks to sophisticated programmable models that can manage different zones. This allows fine tuning of the different areas for comfort.

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Features that enhance functionality

Programming flexibility and energy savings go hand in hand with remote access. The best WiFi thermostat offers remote access for freedom in the adjustment of an HVAC system when you have to be away from home. However, when installing this type of thermostat, remember that a WiFi connection is necessary, which will also allow you to connect to the system for carrying out adjustments. This kind of equipment enables you to switch the system off remotely when you have to be away for some time, saving you on utility bills.

Most models offer adjustable cycle to prevent on-off cycling for cooling and heating systems. Heating and cooling can be initiated during the energy-saving period so the temperature is comfortable enough when you get home, thanks to advanced recovery features. You also want clear screen prompts to eliminate energy-wasting guesswork. With full memory save, the thermostat saves the created programs after a power outage.

There are plenty of thermostats for sale on the market, which necessitates that consumers do their homework if they are to get the most suitable unit for their needs. The buying guide above is designed to make your buying journey smoother still by presenting vital information on what to look into when getting this kind of home equipment. We have also showcased the best products below to help you decide easier.



Top rated thermostats in 2019


Every household needs a professional thermostat that can learn how to adjust itself while you sleep, wake up or come home from work. Think it is science fiction? Well, the current thermostats available on the market do learn your habits and desires fast and can even be controlled through Wi-Fi. With the proper set of information you will be able to understand more about the best thermostats currently within your reach and thus choose the one suited to your needs. The only thing that you have to do is read the present top rated thermostat reviews that can present in detail the advantages and disadvantages of their basic or extended functionality.


Our recommendations


Nest 3rd Generation 


1.Nest Learning Thermostat

From its cool space age look to its award winning functionalities, this model ticks all the boxes in what a thermostat should be. The screen is made 40 percent bigger with a higher resolution than its predecessor, the 2nd generation model. This is to enable easier viewing at a distance as well as more effortless navigation while keeping to the original product size. This model is a learning unit, enabling you to ‘train’ it so no reprogramming is needed. You just need to invest a week’s worth of patient work to teach the device to learn your preferences, enabling you to program the unit to maintain a constant temperature, for instance in the early evening during the first three weekdays, and then at a different level at the same time on the last two weekdays, then another level on weekends when you’ll mostly be at home.


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Honeywell RTH9580WF 


What is more convenient than a WiFi Smart thermostat that enables you to work with humidity control? This model certainly delivers on both elements and how! An ideal option for both home and business, the Honeywell RTH9580WF comes with a downloadable app to ensure total connect comfort without the need to pay a monthly subscription. It works with Android and iOS devices for remote programming of the heating and cooling schedules so the temperature is just right when you get home. The touchscreen accommodates menu navigation so you won’t have to work on temperamental buttons. Because it’s WiFi based, you can program the device over the internet. This unit has an indoor humidity sensor, and the indoor humidity is displayed below the temperature on the touchscreen. This helps you see whether the levels are optimal for comfort.


Buy from Amazon for ($177.98)




Honeywell TH8320U1008


best thermostatEven though it can be difficult to find the best thermostat which can control your heating/cooling system at home you will feel so relaxed once you come across the Honeywell TH8320U1008 Vision Pro 8000 model. You can easily control the functions of the thermostat through the large and clear, backlit display which also shows temperature and time. In addition to its modern design, the TH8320U1008 offers the possibility to select multiple days, thus customizing the thermostat to your daily schedule. It comes as no surprise to see the model among the best thermostat in 2019, highly appreciated by specialists and thousands of satisfied users.


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Honeywell RTH7600D


The Honeywell RTH7600D thermostat has a modern design and a solid set of features that allow the user to precisely control the temperature inside the house. The model comes with a 7-day programmable system and can be installed with ease thanks to the clear instructions. Furthermore, with the extra-large backlit touchscreen, this Honeywell model ensures greater visibility and usefulness in any context. The thermostat is completely compatible with cooling, heating and heat-pump systems. This is the reason why most of the present top rated thermostat reviews recommend this model as an ideal home heat controller.


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Nest Learning T100577


One of the best thermostats in 2019 is the Nest Learning T100577 model that can learn your daily lifestyle patterns and accordingly adjust the temperature of the house, thus limiting your interactions with the device. The model has a slim design with a strong stainless steel ring that works on 95% of the low voltage systems. The Nest Learning T100577 learns within a short period of time what temperatures you like, goes offline if you are not around and it can be controlled from anywhere via Wi-Fi. The thermostat controls around 50% of your energy bill and Nest knows when not to work; when the house is empty.


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Ecobee EB-STAT-02


Most of the current top rated thermostat reviews underline the efficiency of the Ecobee EB-STAT-02 Smart model, designed to help you better control the temperature of the house. The model has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to set a personalized program. Furthermore, the Ecobee EB-STAT-02 Smart thermostat has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that makes its adjustable settings accessible from your notebook, smartphone or even tablet. This thermostat is ideal in creating the proper environment regarding temperature in the comfort of your home.


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Lux TX9000TS


Lux TX9000TSNot only is it one of the best thermostats in 2019, but the Lux TX9000TS is also the most reliable one, delivering efficiency every time you turn it on. This completely programmable device gives you complete control over the temperature at a simple touch. This product can help you save up to 33% on your energy bills by imposing a 7-day schedule. Morning, day, evening or night, this thermostat is always active. Furthermore, due to the keyboard lockout system, the TX9000TS is great for households where small children or other unauthorized users are present.


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