An Expert Thread Serger Buying Guide


Those who check out the best thread serger reviews are either professional garment sewers or avid hobbyists. As a very handy tool, a thread serger is a machine that makes it easy to work with knits. Fast and efficient, thread sergers enhance seams by providing more stretch for greater durability. With raw edges enclosed, a professional look is obtained in finished edges that won’t have fraying.

Thread Serger Purpose

It is vital to establish the purpose to be served by the thread serger. When going over the best thread serger reviews, you will come across a variety of models that vary from the high-end to the basic. Are you going to create decorative stitching and add elastics and such? Perhaps a more expensive machine is what you’ll need. For those who would like an efficient tool to roll hems or just to do edge finishing on very few garment pieces, a basic and less costly machine might suffice.

The basic type typically has two to four threads. The more expensive models use five threads, with some having differential feeds, which enables extra adjustment.

Whichever type you choose from the top rated thread sergers 2019, you must first establish what it will be regularly used for in order to get a unit that fits your needs and budget.


Set up and Usage

Do check if the machine comes with an instruction manual or an instruction video. You would’t want to be saddled with a pricey machine that is so complicated that even the manufacturer failed to produce a manual for its optimum use. The manual should be easy to understand, making set up painless and trouble-free. For a machine that uses plenty of threads, your choice of the best thread serger 2019 should come with completely color coded and numbered lower and upper looper threading.

Whenever possible, the product manufacturer should provide free phone support for the unit.


Adjustability and Flexibility

Machines that use standard sewing machine needles are given high ratings in the best thread serger reviews, as you won’t have to search high and low to obtain a component that works with the tool. The stitch length and width should preferably have easy external adjustment, minimizing complex processes. The machine should be able to sew both light and heavy weight fabric, with more hem options. There are models with a great knife system working with a drive mechanism for smooth workflow.

Others have a Safety Switch that keeps the machine from running when the swing cover is left open.


Top Rated Thread Sergers in 2019


Buying the best thread serger 2019 is different from getting a regular sewing machine. However, the intimidating thread serger promises to be a more exciting item to buy, since it utilizes advanced garment construction skills aside from enabling you to use greater creativity in such a simple a task as edge finishing and hem rolling. Here are three machines that are worth checking out.


Brother 1034D Thread Serger


Praised in many best thread serger reviews, the Brother 1034D comes with color-coded, easy-to-follow lay-in threading. The lower looper threading system is engineered to ensure the thread stays in place. The machine delivers superbly reliable performance for professional edge finishing on a wide array of fabrics such as linens, knits and formal wear. You can create decorative edges, ruffles, and gathers. In addition, the machine helps you join laces, serge spaghetti straps and narrow leaves and plenty more.

The machine features 22 built-in stitch functions comprised of three-thread overlock, four-thread overlock, rolled, narrow hem, and ribbon lock stitches. This is along with specialty stitch functions for bridal and formal wear, crafts and home decor, heirloom and reinforced tape applications. Better stitch quality is obtained due to the differential fabric feed that handles nearly all types of fabric. This proves truly important when working with knitted, stretchy or thin material.

Delivering up to 1300 stitches per minute, the Brother 1034D Thread Serger is a workhorse for saving you time.The stitch width can be adjusted between 5mm to 7mm from the left needle, which gives you the perfect parameters for your project. You won’t need to purchase special needles to use with this machine, as it uses standard sewing machine needles.

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Juki MO654DE Portable Thread Serger


The JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger has integrated a powerful, dedicated drive cutting system that offers ease of use. The upper knife moves out of the way to enable safe and easy threading access. The convertible 2/3/4 thread serging features automatic rolled hem capability, so you can ensure that garments will not have any fraying. The color coded threading and breakaway looper ensure easy and correct threading.

Located on the outside of the machine are the differential feed and stitch length adjustments, ensuring ease of use and convenience. You can enjoy consistency from project to project due the the calibrated knife adjustment. The machine ships with a multi-purpose foot for handling a wide range of stitches and products including elastic and tape. Its features include a micro safety switch that locks out the machine motor when the side cover is left open for threading.

You can conveniently select from a wide set of optional presser feet for use in blind stitching, cording, piping, gathering and more. You can use the top thread serger to work on both light and heavy types of fabric. The knife set-up cuts through anything effortlessly. You can do two- or three-thread hem rolling. The machine threads easily, and the color coded threading system simplifies usage. Simply put, this JUKI machine has it all.

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Singer 14CG754 ProFinish Thread Serger


Engineered with 2-3-4 thread capability, the SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish Thread Serger proves that the manufacturer truly makes sewing easy. Providing more stitch variety, the machine has four built-in rolled hems to help you obtain professional results with each use. Giving you more freedom as well as easy set up are the differential feed, adjustable stitch width and length, and the color-coded lay-in threading. You can also save time with seams, hems and seam finishing using the 2-3-4 thread capability.

The cloth plate can be removed to gain access to the free arm, so you can sew difficult-to-reach areas including cuffs and armholes, and also work on small projects including children’s apparel. Keeping stitches even and balanced is the adjustable tension. The color-coded threading system gives convenience and time savings with its facilitation of easy threading. The four built-in rolled hems offer a greater number of hem options, particularly when working with lightweight fabrics.

Delivering 1300 stitches every minute, the highly efficient SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish Thread Serger is a real time saver. You can also enjoy effortless conversion to the rolled hem sewing mode via the easy-access lever that preps the stitch finger into position for rolled hemming. The carry handle enables hassle-free transporting.

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