If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best toddler car seat money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information regarding the best toddler car seats on the market by looking at the owner feedback, sales figures, and expert review sites. Out of the products we have considered, the Graco 4ever All-in-One is the best because it can accommodate the physical attributes of children with weights between 10 and 120 pounds. This feature makes it one of the most versatile and convenient options in the line. What’s more, the Graco unit is equipped with an inRight Latch system, a 10-position headrest as well as an adjustable harness system. The 6-position recline makes it possible for the toddler to feel comfortable whenever traveling from one place to the next. If the Graco 4ever All-in-One is out of stock, you could also consider the Evenflo Big Kid AMP as we have found it to be the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Type Price Max Weight Available Colors Our Rating Where to buy

Britax Frontier 90

Booster $$$$ 120 lbs Onyx, Zebra and more A+ AMAZON

Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite

Convertible $$$ 100 lbs Pretty Pawz, Quartz and more B+ AMAZON

Britax Marathon G4.1

Convertible $$$$$ 65 lbs Onyx, Domino and more A AMAZON

Safety 1st Summit Deluxe

Booster $$$ 100 lbs Entwine B+ AMAZON

Evenflo Big Kid High Back SI

Booster $$ 100 lbs Alexa B+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Toddler car seats come in various shapes and sizes and depending on their features, may raise up to par under different circumstances. If you have been trying to purchase the right model but hardly know what to consider when choosing one model over the next, perhaps you’d benefit from reading our toddler car seat buying guide. It’s packed with useful info and some of the critical factors you ought to analyze before spending your money on a potentially worthless product.



Any details regarding the safety of the toddler while traveling in your car are the first and foremost factors to bear in mind. These days, some features are downright mandatory as they have become the norm among products which claim to be in complete accordance with the American safety ratings currently being used. You’ll have to look for things such as whether the car seat has a 3-point or 5-point harness, a LATCH system, as well as EPS impact-absorbing foam. It goes without saying that a 5-point harness will always prove its worth in the long run as you will be able to restrict the child’s movements so that nothing goes wrong when your eyes are on the road instead of behind you. Moreover, you will have to consider the shape and size of the headrest and whether or not it offers enough protection for the neck and makes a reasonable choice regarding the amount of comfort experienced by the toddler.


Ease of use and comfort

When it comes to whether the installation of a toddler car seat is difficult or not, you really have no other way of going about things other than reading several user reviews in 2019. This practice will allow you to get a better grasp on the compatibility between the product you want to spend your money on and the car model you might be driving on a regular basis. If you intend to change your vehicle in the future, you’ll have to think beforehand so that the car seat works with the design of your new automobile.

Some models are significantly easier to set up, such as the ones that feature the LATCH system. Various reports claim that three out of four toddler car seats are installed incorrectly, thus being a potential threat to the kid in the event of an accident.

Depending on the size and type you’re looking to purchase, a toddler car seat might be more or less comfortable. The padding matters a great deal, but adjustability might be even more important as it will allow you to customize the harness, the armrests, the headrest, and any other parts that might grow along with the kid.


Type of model

The market offers several types of seats to choose from, which is why you’ll have to make up your mind and even consider the budget you might have available for the task. From what we have gathered, the vast majority of units can be split up into booster seats, toddler booster seats, all-in-one units, and convertible options. The best convertible toddler car seat may be a great choice if your child weighs over twenty pounds and perhaps you plan to use the same product up to the point the kid will weigh about eighty pounds.

If you have no intention to purchase a different car seat when the child is older, what you have to do is get an all-in-one unit. This type of model is by far the most convenient one as depending on the facing orientation, it can be used by children whose weights are between ten and one hundred and twenty pounds.

If you’re looking for the best toddler car seat for air travel, it might be worth underlining that it should be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Depending on the size and other features of the product, there may even be airlines that offer discounts or half-price tickets.



Top rated toddler car seats in 2019


Some of the best toddler car seats are showcased below. While the design of these products differs, some are intended for boys whereas others should be used for girls. Thanks to the weight limit and safety features they come with, these models have gradually won the hearts of American and Canadian parents. Plus, they’re available for sale online.


Our recommendations


Graco 4ver All-in-One



This Graco model is one of the most reasonably priced and reliable options we came across while prospecting the market. While it might be less affordable compared to cheap versions that don’t offer a lot of benefits, the Graco 4ever All-in-One provides many advantages, mainly because it can be used for kids with weights between 10 and 120 pounds. Infants and toddlers can benefit from the use of a 5-point safety harness, but older kids will have to do without. The LATCH system is an innate part of the Graco 4ever All-in-One. Also, most of the buyers report that this unit is very easy to install and uninstall.


Buy from Amazon for ($239.99)




Evenflo Big Kid AMP 


The product features a cool and unique design, suitable for both little girls and little boys. The 2-in-1 design is highly convenient and, by removing the back, it will provide an easy transition to a no-back booster seat for bigger children. The smart one-hand design allows you to easily fix the position and the height of the chair to easily and safely accommodate your children as they grow older.

The energy absorbing foam liner offers extra safety and comfort for long rides where your child can fall asleep. In addition, the two cup holders for drinks become convenient bottle storage units in order to feed your child as often as he or she wants.


Buy from Amazon for ($38.1)




Safety 1st Grow and Go



In spite of the fact that its features are comparable to the ones of high-end models, the Safety 1st unit is affordable and does the trick under most circumstances. Depending on the orientation, it can accommodate the needs of children with weights ranging from 5 to 100 pounds. As for safety, the model features side impact protection, a quick-fit harness, and an adjustable headrest. In case your toddler needs a sip, they can help themselves by grabbing a drink from one of the two integrated cupholders. The people who have reviewed this product speak highly of its versatility, convenience, and well-designed harness.


Buy from Amazon for ($149.99)




Britax Marathon G4


When a baby is in a vehicle it is mandatory for him to be seated in a special car seat, which needs to be safe and comfortable. After analyzing each model on the market, we strongly believe the Britax Marathon G4 is the best toddler car seat in 2019. We recommend it for its safecell technology, EPP foam, HUGS system, all with the purpose of shielding and protecting your baby in the unfortunate event of a car collision. The 5 point harness system must be mentioned as well, keeping your child strapped to the seat, while still giving him freedom to move his arms and legs.


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Safety 1st Summit Deluxe


Being one of the best toddler car seats in 2019, this model is a popular choice basically because of the fact that it is replete in terms of features that can ensure the safety and protection of your child when travelling. For instance, it has side impact protection, which is known to protect the most vulnerable parts of the child’s body in case a crash happens. It also has 5-point harness system. More so, this is also a preferred choice because of its ability to provide the comfort that is needed for a happy baby. It has an adjustable headrest and is made with thick cushions.


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Evenflo Big Kid High Back SI


Evenflo Big Kid High Back SI Car Seat BoosterThis product is made from 100% polyester, which is one of the reasons on why it is able to promote the highest level of comfort. For almost a century, Evenflo has been a renowned name on the market for the manufacturing of products that can prove to be best for babies. This car seat is no exception as it is reflective of the commitment of the brand towards superior quality. Surely the use of this car seat will provide you with peace of mind when you are travelling, giving you the assurance that your child will be safe and sound as you drive.


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Products which are no longer available



Graco My Ride 65 LX



The My Ride 65 LX is a convertible car seat that raises up to par if your child weighs between 5 and 65 pounds. While the rear-facing position can safely accommodate the features of a child with a weight up to 40 pounds, the forward-facing position does the trick for children weighing in between 20 and 65 pounds. This unit is equipped with all the safety features you and your child might need, ranging from EPS, energy-absorbing foam, a 5-point harness, a LATCH system, and a removable insert and headrest. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze with this product, as the cover and cushion are machine-washable.



Britax Roundabout 50 Classic


The best toddler car seat reviews advise parents to invest in the Britax Roundabout 50 because, while protecting the baby, it proves to be very comfortable as well.  Test made by authorized associations have revealed that the seat offers an excellent protection level in side impact scenarios, keeping the child’s vital areas out of harm’s way. The latch connectors won’t prove difficult to install and with the simple push of a button you will manage to disconnect it effortlessly from your vehicle’s backseat.  You can either use it in a rear or front facing position, depending on the size of your toddler.



Graco ComfortSport


When this car seat is used in rear-facing position, it can support 5 to 30 pounds of weight. On the other hand, when it is used in forward-facing position, it has the ability to support 20 to 40 pounds of weight. Even through the years, as your child grows, this car seat will remain functional. The product has been tested several times to make sure that the design is effective in providing the protection that is needed against crash forces. Aside from that, it has also been proven to be comfortable, making sure that your child will not be irritable as you travel.



Graco Classic Ride 50


This is another model that is given positive feedback in many of the best toddler car seats reviews. When asked about what makes this a good option, one thing that is commonly noted by many is the fact that it adjusts to the growing needs of your child, which makes it functional for a longer span of time. Additionally, many were also happy with the ability of the product to withstand long-term use, which can be attributed to the use of premium materials. It has also been rigorously tested before its release on the market to make sure of its superior quality.



Britax Frontier 90


Best Toddler Car Seats ReviewsAs you read the top rated toddler car seats reviews, you will easily notice that this is one of the most recommended models on the market. Based on the opinions that have been shared by many parents, one of the best things about this model is the Clicktight Installation System. With it, there is no need to sweat while installing it and making sure that it is secured in place. When this product is used in harness mode, it has the ability to support 90 pounds of weight. On the other hand, when it is used in booster mode, it has the ability to support up to 120 pounds of weight.



Britax Boulevard G4


Britax is a world renowned infant/toddler car seat manufacturer and one of its most appreciated models is the Boulevard G4. The 5 point-harness system and the safecell technology developed by Britax will counterbalance the forward movement of the seat in case a car accident occurs. The EPP foam’s role is to protect your child from vehicle intrusions, especially the head, neck or chest area. Taking into account these excellent safety features, our team of experts identify the Boulevard G4 as the safest baby car seat in 2019.