Top rated Toilet Seats in 2019


Toilet seats have been customized to provide more comfort and convenience in the bathroom. While some toilets are sold with attached seats, some items are sold separately. They may look a lot the same but the quality of the materials and construction of each product are different. Here are some of the well-discussed products in the best toilet seat reviews. We have compiled these items to narrow the search down for the interested buyers.


Mayfair 48E2 000 Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat


Best Toilet Seat ReviewsAccording to the recently evaluated best toilet seat reviews, the Mayfair 48E2000 Slow Close Molded Wood Toilet seat is one of the highly recommended products on the market. It is very easy to install. The closing and opening mechanism of the toilet seat is very quiet and convenient. Aside from a well-built lid, the seat itself is also well-constructed. It is very comfortable to sit on and feels a lot better than a standard plastic seat. And to top it all, it also has a very attractive design.

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Bemis 800EC000 Plastic Round Toilet Seat


One of the outstanding toilet seat models in the lower end of the market is the Bemis 800EC000 Plastic Round toilet. It comes at a very affordable price but the quality of the seat is at par with some of the expensive models. Because it is made of plastic, it is much lighter and less substantial. It has better anti-stain properties and it does not easily warp. It may come at a slightly bigger size than the standard toilet seat, but aside from that there are no other recorded issues for this model.

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Church 540EC 000 Wood Toilet Seat


Its very affordable price and impressive quality made the Church 540EC 000 Wood toilet seat to stand out on the market. In fact, it is considered as one of the best toilet seats in 2019 because of the very comfortable seat and hassle-free cleaning. It may be difficult to install for some people because of the lack of installation instructions. But once it is attached to the toilet, it functions conveniently. It is very attractive and easily complements with any toilet interior.

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Bemis 1500EC000 Molded Wood Elongated Toilet Seat


When it comes to easy and fast installation, the Bemis 1500EC000 Molded wood elongated toilet seat is an absolute champion. This toilet seat is made of molded wood that is coated with a high gloss finish, which is intended for chip and scratch resistance. Clean up is very easy and only requires a cloth and mild detergent. The quality of the toilet seat is very reasonable for its price. It may not be the best toilet seat in 2019 but considering its affordable price, this is actually a fair bargain.

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Kohler K-4694-0 Ridgewood Elongated Closed-Front Toilet Seat


One of the most sophisticated-looking toilet seat ever designed is the Kohler K-4694-0 Ridgewood Toilet seat. It has an elongated closed-front design that gives its combined traditional and modern look. The toilet seat is made of compression molded wood that has the most comfortable feel. The overall structure of the toilet seat is very solid. It also has a narrower back rim that provides additional comfort. What makes it the best toilet in 2019 is the fact that it is the most affordable model in this list and it also has the best quality.

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