How to Select a New Top-Handle Jig Saw


A jig saw is an essential tool that every workshop should have, whether it belongs to a professional or a weekend do-it-yourselfer. It is a power tool that allows you to make a variety of cuts, ranging from intricate curves to straight lines, in an assortment of materials ranging from wood, ceramic tiles and even metal and plastic. One of the main benefits of the jig saw, apart from the many types of customized cuts it can make, is that it can also perform the work of many other tools, including band saws, routers and circular saws. If you are interested in investing in a jig saw, but are not sure how to choose one, here are some of the things you should consider:

Best Top handle jigsaw

Engine Power

If you are planning to cut a lot of hard materials such as ceramics or metal, you need a jig saw that has a powerful motor. Corded jig saw motors have speeds ranging from 4 amp to as much as 7 amp. For most average users, however, a 5 amp motor will be enough for most projects.


Speed settings

The more speed settings (measured in strokes per minute) the jig saw has, the more flexibility you have to perform various projects. In addition, different speeds are required for different types of cuts or cutting different types of materials.


Orbital settings

This refers to the ability of the jig saw to make cuts in a variety of directions, including sideways as well as the usual forward and back movements. The more orbital settings, the more flexibility you have in using the saw to cut different materials as well as to make different types of cuts including curved cuts to follow intricate patterns.


Other Features

Some features you might want to look for include LED lights for illuminating the cutting area, dust blowers for removing dust from the working area or dust collectors for sucking the dust into a bag for later disposal and quick-release blade change that allows you to easily swap blades without the need for tools.


Top Rated Top-Handle Jig Saws in 2019


Now that you know what the features are you need to look for when buying a top-handle jig saw, you can start to look for one that best meets your requirements. However, if you are still having difficulty finding one, please feel free to look over our recommendations for the best top-handle jig saw.


Bosch JS572EL Top-Handle Jig Saw


1.Bosch JS572ELThe Bosch JS572EL is one of the top rated top-handle jig saws 2019 according to Amazon users, since nearly 90% of customer reviews gave the jig saw five-star and four-star ratings. This jig saw is a good choice for both home handymen and professionals, since it is a precision tool that allows them to make accurate cuts. The top handle is ergonomically-designed to be comfortable to use and reduce user fatigue when being used for a long time. You can also control the speed of the saw using the variable speed-dial as well as the accelerator trigger with two-finger switch. Further contributing to the accuracy of the saw is the four orbital-action settings as well as the switchable LED lighting that illuminates the area you are cutting. To help keep your workspace clean while you are cutting, the jig saw also features an adjustable dust blower.

Another feature that users have pointed out in their reviews that makes the Bosch JS572EL stand out is that it has two slotted roller guides, rather than just one, to help stabilize the blade, allowing it to make more precise square cuts. It is also powerful enough to cut through metal as well as wood with little difficulty.

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DeWalt DW317K Top Handle Jig Saw Kit


2.DEWALT DW317KThe DeWalt DW317K has won some of the best top-handle jig saw reviews from Amazon users for its versatility since it has variable-speed control that allows it to go from zero to 3,100 strokes per minute, so you can use the right speed for the application you are using it for. In addition, the jig saw has a tool-free blade clamp so that you can quickly switch blades depending on the type of cutting job you are doing.

The DeWalt DW317K has four-position orbital action that lets you make quicker cuts, and the shoe bevels so that you can cut angles up to 45-degrees. The 5.5-amp motor gives you all the power that you need to handle tough sawing jobs. The jig saw is very durable since it features an all-metal gear case that holds up against the wear and tear it undergoes in a professional work setting. It is also comfortable to use with a grip that is easy to hold while working and a weight of just 6.2-pounds that makes it easy to maneuver so you can make more precise cuts. Thus, it should not be surprising that nearly 70% of Amazon customer reviews have given the jig saw five-star and four-star ratings.

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Makita 4329K Top-Handle Jig Saw


3.Makita 4329KThe Makita 4329K has been rated as one of the best top-handle jig saw 2019 models, with 93% of Amazon customer reviews giving it five-star and four-star ratings. It is a compact saw that weighs only 4.2 pounds and measures less than nine inches long. However, its small size belies how powerful the saw is, since it has a 3.9-amp motor that is capable of handling a wide range of cutting applications. In addition, it has an aluminum base bevel that is die-cast and cuts 45-degrees either left or right and has a 90-degree positive stop to ensure superior performance when cutting.

The Makita 4329K has won some of the best top-handle jig saw reviews from Amazon users since it combines comfort with precision as it features an ergonomically-designed rubberized hand grip as well as a variable speed-control dial that allows you to go up to 100 spm so that you can cut an assortment of materials with optimum performance. To ensure that you can make accurate cuts, the Makita 4329K has three orbital settings in addition to a straight cutting functionality. In addition, it has a dust port that keeps your work space free of dust using a vacuum and clear dust cover.

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