If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best top load washing machine money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. To gather enough information on the best top load washing machines on the market, we studied owner feedback and overall brand quality, and collated information from expert review sites. This allowed us to make objective comparisons of different brands and models and to conclude that the Speed Queen AWN432SP truly stands out from the competition because of its many positive reviews and ratings. The Speed Queen AWN432SP comprises no fancy electronics that can break down easily, ensuring you of flat out quick washing with significantly less cost than front loading washers. It comes with three water temperature settings that are automatically controlled, which, together with the 17 preset cycles, enable the efficient handling of different types of garment materials. The stainless steel drum ensures protection against corrosion and chipping, for lasting durability. The rotary dial simplifies operation along with the auto fabric softener dispenser so you can just program the machine and wait for the laundry to get done. If you are unable to catch the Speed Queen AWN432SP on sale at your favorite seller sites, we suggest going for the second best unit instead, the Sonya Compact Portable Apartment washer.



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Dirty laundry is part of your existence, but if you have the best top load washing machine in your home, you should have no worries. To be able to purchase a washer that works well for your needs, you need to know the essential aspects you should look at in your potential investment.

1.Speed Queen AWN432SP


It has been proven that when considering a top load washing machine vs front load models, front loaders do win hands down in terms of high efficiency. That being said, it does not mean you can’t get a high efficiency top loader. On the contrary, top loading washers are of two types, the traditional machines and the high-efficiency ones.

A traditional top loading machine comes with agitator or a pole in the center of its drum. This center post agitator moves the laundry around, whooshing it about to get the stubborn dirt out. Typically the least expensive of washing machines, a traditional top loader works quickly by knocking out a load in just 30 to 35 minutes, with many of today’s models able to clean better than before. However, the center post may be rough on delicate fabrics. A traditional top loader also uses more gallons of water on average for every load compared to a front loader that uses less water.

High-efficiency top loaders are machines without agitators. More energy efficient than traditional top loaders, these machines employ sensors for managing water usage. High-efficiency washers use a wash plate and a rotating drum that moves back and forth to lift the laundry and toss it around. This is in place of a center post agitator. This kind of machine is able to handle larger loads because there is no agitator post to eat up precious space in the tub. Consuming about 50 percent less water compared to traditional top loaders, a high-efficiency top loading washer only needs about 22 gallons per load. It will also use 50 percent less electricity as well, while being able to cut down on hot water use.

Spinning faster than its traditional top loading counterpart, a high-efficiency top loader provides shorter drying time but can cause more tangling and wrinkling of clothes. The average wash cycle can take longer at one hour to one and a half hours.



A top loader machine with a bigger capacity will mean about two or three inches extra width on top of the usual 27 inches, which will be the same with dryers. Bear in mind that the amount of laundry to be done should be based on the capacity of the washer itself. With a larger capacity, your laundry loads will get reduced to just a few. Majority of the high-efficiency top loading washers can accommodate 24-pound loads. Compare that to the 12- to 16-pound load capacity of a traditional top loader and you’ll instantly know what is best for family use. Never forget that overloading will definitely shorten the washer’s life span.

In addition, you also have to know how much space you are working on and add an extra six inches behind to accommodate water connections plus about an inch distance between the washer and dryer. Make sure the doors to your home will allow the machine to fit through. Stacking of the washer and dryer is not an option unlike in some front loaders. Top loader machines have average dimensions of 27 inches width, 42 inches height and 25.5 inches depth, so measure the space you’re working on against those. .

2.Sonya Compact

Essential Features

Check out machines certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), as they offer a sanitizing wash cycle that gets rid of nearly 100 percent of microorganisms. This means your laundry is not just clean, but underwear and beddings are also hygienically clean in addition by washing them between 140 and 150 degrees.

Stainless steel wash tubs can withstand all the beating they get from buttons, metal zippers and rivets without getting scratched or chipped. With the time-saving wash feature in high-efficiency machines, you can shave off up to 20 minutes from the typical wash cycle without compromising on performance.

You will also want that the control panel features bright lighting so you can do the washing even in a poorly-illuminated corner of the house or basement. With noise reducing technology, the machine can be placed near bedrooms or family rooms and operated without disturbing you and other family members. Vibrations are greatly reduced as well so the machine can be installed in upper floor homes. Sensors keep the load balanced to ensure less noise from the machine.

For convenience, many top loader washers incorporate automatic dispensers for the detergent and clothes softener, eliminating the guesswork on the quantity to be used with every load. Plenty of models are capable of storing from one to two months of detergent and softener, while others can even hold a maximum of six months’ supply.



Top rated top load washing machines in 2019


The consumer has so many choices on top loader machines. To make it easier to shop for the best top load washing machine, we present the following products that get high recommendations.


Our recommendations


Speed Queen AWN432


best top load washerMost of the current high rated top load washing machines reviews underline the high quality design and functionality of the Speed Queen AWN432. This washer has a stainless steel tub that prevents odors from spreading in the room.

The Speed Queen has a powerful ½ horsepower motor with 17 wash cycles, 2 speeds and 210 degree agitation stroke and the pro efficient flex vane agitator that ensures that the clothes are cleaned and protected from problems.

You should know that the regular hot water cycle for heavy duty washing cleans with ease any type of clothes in an impressive 40 minutes.


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Sonya Compact


Sonya Compact Portable Apartment Small Washing Machine WasherThe Sonya Compact Portable Apartment Small Washing Machine Washer is perfect for people like me who are looking for a convenient, user-friendly, and wise-buy machine.

I’m glad that this portable washer comprises just the features that I need. I believe that every feature is working to provide the highest quality because I, along several people who purchased this, am really satisfied.

It has a Washing Capacity of 12- 13 lbs. /1.65 Cu.ft, 6 wash cycles and 10 water levels which are enough for me to choose from for all my clothing types. Its Stainless Steel material adds a touch of class to my small washing area where this portable washer also fits perfectly.

“I must say I have been impressed with the way this portable washer works and cleans thoroughly my clothes. I really got to hand it to the designers for managing to fit 6 different washing cycles in such a compact washer that is some technological achievement.” – Laura Stone


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Haier HLP21N


Best top load washing machines in 2019One of the best top load washing machines in 2019, according to the latest studies and technical expertise, is the Haier HLP21N Pulsator model. This is ideal for single people that want to clean their clothes fast.

The Haier HLP21N has 3 different water levels, 3 distinct wash cycles and you can control the washer through the electronic controls with the LED indicator lights. The washing machine has an end of the cycle signal in order to keep track of the progress.

Furthermore, the HLP21N has rolling caster wheels that can transport the device from one place to another without any problems.

“I am living alone and this washer was the one for me because I really don’t need a bigger and more expensive one. I don’t have anything negative to say about the way my clothes are cleaned and this is why I recommend it to other people interested in buying it.” – Alan Wallace


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1.GE 4.6

Enabling you to customize the water fill level using only a touch of a button, the GE 4.6 Cu. Ft. White lets you fill the drum to make it wash how you want or to add a bit more water as you please thanks to the Deep Fill feature.

Offering 7 wash options, 14 wash cycles and 6 temperature settings, the machine has average dimensions of 27” width by 44” height by 27” depth, presenting no problems in the placement of the unit. The Stain Removal Guide ensures the effective removal of the five most common stains using pre-programmed settings that adjust any cycle for removing tomato, blood, wine, grass and dirt.

The machine is equipped with a recirculation pump that thoroughly saturates loads and pushes the water and detergent through the fibers of your garments for efficient cleaning. Sanitize with the Oxi additive to drive away 99.9 percent of bacteria or use the Warm Rinse setting at your option.


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Panda XPB36


Panda Small Compact Portable Washing MachineThe Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine (6-7lbs Capacity) with Spin Dryer was just launched this year. However, it has already received numerous positive remarks from some of the best top load washing machines reviews.

Aside from its small convenient size, weighing only 28 lbs., it is also hassle-free to use. Its powerful motor does not damage my clothes; in fact, they are being cleansed thoroughly while being given the absolute protection my family and I need.

And since it is small, lightweight and portable, this is ideal for apartments, dorms, RVs or an alternative washer at home. To add to its wonderful features, the Panda Twin-tub Washing Machine also contains a drainage pump out.

“Me and my dorm room colleague have made the best choice from our position with this compact and portable top load washer. The best thing about it is that our clothes are always extra clean and we didn’t even pay that much for it, saving money for other things and activities.” – Chris Watson


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Products which are no longer available



Amana NTW4600YQ


high rated top load washing machines reviewsThe Amana NTW4600YQ top load washer combines efficiency with affordability. With its 3.4 cubic foot capacity and a maximum speed of 700 RPM, it can clean all the clothes with ease and no problems. Amana comes equipped with an advanced suspension system which ensures that the machine is well balanced even while fully loaded. You should know that the washer has a special system that reduces vibrations thus allowing the cleaning process of the clothes to remain efficient and quiet without those disturbing noises. Furthermore, the Amana NTW4600YQ also has a porcelain washtub specially designed for socks or small clothes putting the model among the best top load washing machines in 2019.

“For my family the purchase of the Amana NTW4600YQ was the right choice in terms of washing all our clothes in a single go, so the laundry time doesn’t extend for long periods, saving a lot of my time which I can use for other stuff.” – Rachel White



Amana NTW4501XQ


As one of the best top load washing machines 2019, renowned for its effectiveness and positive functionality, the Amana 3.4-cubic foot traditional top-loaded washer NTW4501XQ is perfect for people who want a safe and reliable method to clean clothes. This washer has eight cycles and optimized temperatures and it also has an option that fits all the texture patterns of the clothes. The powerful motor and advanced vibration control is combined with an automatic dryness control that monitors the temperature and the cycle functionality.



Samsung WA5471ABP


Everyone is aware of Samsung’s functionality and efficiency when it comes to washing machines. The Samsung WA5471ABP washer has an impressive 1100 RPM maximum spin power that cleans the clothes with attention to texture and fabrics, protecting and strengthening them. The structure of this washing machine through the presence of the VRT (vibration reduction technology) maintains a quiet cleaning process and eliminates the existence of disturbing noises or sounds. This is the reason why most of the current high rated top load washing machines reviews speak so highly of this model from Samsung.