What to Consider When Buying the Best Towel Warmer


Whether you’re preparing or are recovering from a long, stressful day, bathrooms do a great job of either waking you up or winding you down. One of the only issues people have when they take baths, however, is the sudden deluge of cold air as soon as they leave the bathroom. The body welcomes a sudden shift from cold to warm, but the reverse can be quite unpleasant especially during colder seasons. If you find yourself getting unbearably cold after a long hot shower, a towel warmer might just come in handy.

Towel warmers allow your body to gradually adjust to colder air as you dry yourself off. Towel warmers aren’t exactly common, which is why finding a good one might seem like a daunting task. That being said, this buying guide aims to help you find the best towel warmer 2019 has to offer by listing down the important aspects and details you need to pay attention to.

Best Towel Warmers


There are primarily two types of towel warmers: electric and hydronic. Usually, people who want to only add a towel warmer to their bathrooms go with electric because they could easily be installed and consume very little electricity (about as much as an incandescent bulb). People who’re still having their houses built, however, would often go for hydronic towel warmers because they’re just simply connected to the hot water supply of your home to produce the needed heat.



Freestanding towel warmers are a bit easier to install, but wall mount and floor mount towel warmers save more space. Usually, electric freestanding towel warmers could easily be moved around, as they act pretty much like any other electric household appliance. Wall and floor mount towel warmers can either be hooked up to an electric outlet or the hot water supply and will most likely require an electrician and/or a plumber to install them properly.



A lot of people think that they could save electricity by turning off all appliances that are unused. This, however, isn’t the case for towel warmers, as the energy needed to heat up the unit is significantly higher than the energy needed to keep the unit warm. That being said, it’s rather impractical and a bit clunky to have to manually switch on the towel warmers every time you need to use them. If you don’t intend on letting your towel warmer run all day, the second best option is to go with a timer so that the towel warmer turns on and off automatically.


Top Rated Towel Warmers in 2019


Even in the best towel warmer reviews, you’d be hard-pressed to find a consistent winner in all the aspects mentioned above. There are, however, towel warmers that have garnered enough positive reviews to make it on our radar. That being said, below are the top rated towel warmers 2019 has to offer from only the best towel warmer reviews.





1.Towel WarmerDesigned inconspicuously like a modern trash bin and a simplistic label that says ‘Towel Warmer’, this product blends in perfectly with any modern bathroom and will save you a lot of space because of its compact design. It could accommodate up to two large towels and warm towels up to 120 degrees in under 10 minutes.

This towel warmer is a lot different from the conventional rack-type towel warmers because you have to manually add your towel, press the ‘power’ button two times (one to reset the warmer, one to start it). The towel warmer automatically turns off when the temperature desired is reached. For people who don’t like the idea of having an appliance that’s plugged in and powered on all the time, this towel warmer might just be the perfect bathroom buddy.

Some people, however, have complained about the stinky smell the machine puts in their towels. This problem could, however, be easily addressed by running a few cycles without any towels until the stink goes away. Some customers have also reported their towel warmers breaking down within a year. These are, however, rare cases, as a lot of people have had this product for more than a few years without any problems. If you’re looking for a portable towel warmer that doesn’t use power all the time, try this product out.


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LCM Home Fashion PA002


2.LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Freestanding Towel WarmerIf you need to warm a lot of towels or robes, cabinet-type towel warmers will be rather tedious to operate. Fortunately, the LCM Home Fashion 6-Bar Freestanding Towel Warmer and Drying Rack can warm a lot of towels and robes simultaneously. What a lot of people love about this towel warmer are its insanely low price and its versatile design that allows you to either mount it on the wall or simply let it stand.

It reaches a temperature of about 122 F degrees within 30 minutes. This means that you’ll have to let this towel warmer run all day. The wattage rating is 105W, just about less than the power you need to light up two incandescent bulbs. Of course, high-end towel warmers could heat up in just a few minutes and could go a lot higher in terms of temperature, but if you’re not exactly battling with the winter in an unheated home, then 122 F will be enough to keep you warm and your towel dry. You’ll want to get thicker towels, as thin towels lose a lot of heat rapidly and ruin the point of having a towel warmer. In the end, if you want to warm and dry your towels without drying up your finances, you’re going to want to get this product.


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Salon Sundry Combination


3.Salon Sundry Combination Towel WarmerSometimes, people get towel warmers not just to dry and warm their towels, but also to kill germs. Unfortunately, however, a lot of germs can survive immense heat. In a humid environment, they could easily take over nearby towels, robes, and other fabric. Fortunately, pretty much no germs are safe from UV light. The Salon Sundry Combination Towel Warmer Cabinet and UV Sterilizer allows you to both warm and disinfect your towels and robes. This product seems to have garnered a few bad reviews because of the noxious smell that seems to come from the rubber seals around the door. Rooms where the cabinet is placed also get warm rather quickly (which can be either good or bad). These phenomena seem to be tied up with its lack of insulation. People who’ve used the product long enough, however, have reported that the smell does go away once they’ve cleaned the unit a few times and let some of the rubber ‘burn off’.

For the price, the build quality is what you’d expect: a bit on the flimsy side. If you don’t mind the rather flimsy build quality and are going for an affordable towel warmer and sterilizer, go ahead and try this product out.


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