What to Consider When Buying a Reliable Tower Fan


The products you find in the best tower fan reviews may not chill the air like an air conditioner, but they do cool you at a small fraction of the operating cost. You can run tower fans round the clock without burning a huge hole in your pocket. They are also generally inexpensive to acquire and can come with a wealth of features.

 Best tower fan

Energy, Size, Weight

Tree huggers or those who care about the environment should ensure that the machine they pick out from the best tower fan reviews will not use too much energy during operation. A sleep timer or automatic shut off helps reduce carbon footprint.

The size of the space to be cooled is another important factor to consider, as well. A variety of models are available on the market, each offering a different cooling power level. The product description may include information on the applicability to the area size.

Weight may not be that much of an issue if the unit is to be used in a specific room only, but if it’s to be used in different rooms, light weight is essential.


Material and Safety

Plastic parts tend to crack or break easily. The best tower fan 2019 should be made of strong plastic components or metal to ensure a longer lifespan.

The grate that covers the fan should not allow curious little fingers to slip through easily. The blade should be of soft but durable material. Moreover, cleaning the unit should be a breeze.


Noise and Customization

The top rated tower fans 2019 should have a low noise level to enable you to watch TV or rest when they are switched on. Check for whining, thrumming or buffeting noises.

Some models are equipped with a nature or sleep mode to simulate natural breeze. A reduction mode converts to the next lower speed after 30 minutes of operation, perfect for night use.

Some units enable you to customize how and where you use them. An indirect breeze can be obtained by angling the fan head should the speed be too high for a direct blast of air.


Oscillation and Other Features

Most tower fans nowadays come with multiple oscillation speeds. Check the product description to find out if you can change the airflow. Some models allow change of oscillation direction.

Some fans double as air filters, so it might be a good idea to check out how the model is designed to carry this function out. Find out how often filter replacement should be done, or if the component can simply be washed for reuse. Time and money are the essential factors that necessitate checking this feature out.


Top Rated Tower Fans in 2019


Keeping the air cool in your living space doesn’t always mean having to burn a hole in your pocket paying utility bills for using an air conditioner. To ensure you’re getting your money’s worth, be patient and do some reading and research before the purchase. Or simply check out these three great products that are certainly great buys.


Lasko 2551 Tower Fan


1.Lasko 2551 Tower FanThe Lasko 2551 Tower Fan is made of quality plastic and carries the elegantly modern Wind Curve profile that makes it a lovely addition to your living space. This fan offers three-speed oscillation so you can cool the room using the exact cooling level you need. The Wind Curve profile works nicely with the 42.5-inch height to help maximize the circulation of air in the area. To help you save on utility costs, the tower fan is equipped with an energy-saving timer that offers a shut-off feature for up to 7.5 hours, making the unit perfect for night use.

The tower fan is outfitted with an ETL listed, patented, fused safety plug that enables hassle-free connection to an AC outlet. The refined brushed metallic accents give the tower fan a smooth, streamlined look to make it blend easily with your room décor. The CARB compliant fresh air ionizer option helps ensure good quality of air that you can breathe safely. The multi-function remote control enables easy handling and usage. This fan runs quietly in its three different oscillation speeds. The easy carry handle enables you to transfer the fan to another location or room.

The tower fan enables easy storage of the remote control unit on the back.

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Honeywell HY-048PB Fresh Breeze Tower Fan


2.Honeywell Tower FanThe Honeywell Tower Fan provides the feel of a spring breeze in your living space. It is outfitted with powerful Turbo Wind generator blades that circulate the air rapidly and thoroughly compared to ordinary fan blades. Switch on the breeze mode to simulate a gentle outdoor breeze. This can work better than an uncomfortably strong blast of air that could disrupt a good night’s sleep. The fan can be programmed to shut off on its own in 1 to 12 hours, letting you select from two-, four- and eight-hour intervals. This is convenient when you’re trying to save on energy costs. The fan will automatically switch off when you are already asleep.

The remote control enables you to control the fan features conveniently from your favorite spot. The slim and stylish tower fan is equipped with three fan speeds plus infrared technology that supplements the fan’s ionizer dust/pollen filter to provide relief from allergies or other respiratory problems. Enjoy directional cooling ability from the tilted head, so you won’t have to bear a full blast of air every time. The motor offers strong performance while staying quiet throughout. The programmable thermostat keeps the temperature pleasant in the room. The electronic LCD display enables you to view the current cooling level at a glance.

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Ozeri OZF3 Tower Fan


3.Ozeri 3x Tower FanThe Ozeri 3x Tower Fan is outfitted with canted fan blades that employ the revolutionary physics of blade curvature to create opposing sound waves that result in the reduction of blade noise while isolating the soothing airflow sounds. The visually stunning slim design enables easy placement in any modern setting. The elegant glass base stand offers stability to the entire unit. This tower fan takes up an amazingly small amount space with its awesome three-inch thickness. The fan comprises three independently controllable fans boasting passive noise cancellation technology to distribute air rapidly and thoroughly at less than 50 decibels.

The three pre-programmable airflow patterns promote restful sleep, comfort and relaxation with their 90-degree extra-quiet oscillation for topnotch air distribution. The remote control provides extended range to enable you to control the fan’s various features from any spot in the room. The touch-sensitive LED control panel provides problem-free access to every fan feature, including the 7.5-hour automatic timer that can be set in 30-minute increments. The fan offers a total of nine cooling levels along with customizable airflow.

Get optimal air circulation that can be soothing during sweltering summer days or even the whole year round. The fan base can be assembled easily by hand without the need for tools.

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