In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best toys for 1-year-old kids? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about different products for sale in this category by looking into reviews and ratings in various children’s gear review sites as well as actual owner feedback. After our exhaustive product comparison and evaluation, we have found what we believe is truly the number one choice in this category, the YKS Cartoon R/C Race Car. Perfect for little hands, the radio-controlled race car and the controller are lightweight at just 317 grams. The race car itself comes in bright colors that will surely get young children all excited to play with it. Lightning fast, the car can drive left, reverse and forward and with a simple press of a button, will even play music and honk with the headlights blinking. Truly one of the best kids toys for 1 year old, this product comes with a cute removable race car driver figure that your child can either take out to play with or place in the car. If the YKS Cartoon R/C Race Car is unavailable, we highly recommend the second best option, the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Thomas the Train.



Buying guide


When children turn one, they are no longer the tiny baby that just sleeps and feeds the whole day. Your one year old will become a crawling, laughing and smiling toddler as they enter their second year of life. This means you have to start thinking about getting toys that fit into your child’s still developing grip while providing fun during playtime. How do you distinguish no-fun toys from the best toys for 1 year old baby like your child?


Suitable for your child’s age and beyond

Toys that grow with your child are the best both for you and your kid. Why? You won’t have to buy different toys frequently if the toy is one that your child would love to play with as they grow older. A toy that can only sustain the interest of your child for two days and then will be abandoned on the floor or stuck in a closet the rest of the time is just a waste of money. To prevent that, you have to get a toy that can be fun no matter what stage of development your child is at.

As they reach their second year of life, children become explorers who are brimming with wonder and curiosity. They also now possess the physical skills that enable them to play and learn easily. Therefore, what you want for your one year old are toys that encourage physical play, including riding, pushing, walking and climbing. Toys that also promote manipulation and experimentation are ideal. Children at this age imitate adults around them so they need props that can help them develop valuable life skills. This is where kids ride on toys for 1 year old make a great choice.

Ride-on toys let your child experience the thrill of driving. Some premium quality ride-on toys come with so much exciting detail, graphics and colors that young toy players get consistently excited about every day. Others that make suitable toys for 1 year old boys include balls at least 1 ¾ inches or larger, wagons, push-pull toys, backyard gym equipment, stacking and nesting toys, simple shape sorters, pop-up toys, bath toys, blocks, wading pool or water toys, sandbox or sand toys and play vehicles.

Some of the suitable toys for 1 year old girl include kitchen equipment and gadgets, dolls and baby gear, stuffed animals, play household items such as a shopping cart or telephone, and playhouse. Both genders will surely have hours of fun with child-sized chairs and table, non-toxic art supplies, cardboard pop-up and picture books, and musical instruments.


Safe for your child’s use

Fabric toys should be labeled as flame retardant or flame resistant. To ensure that a stuffed toy will always be clean and safe for your child to play with, look for washable products. Lead-free paint should be used in painted toys. Any art materials should be free of toxic substances. Look for a notation on the package that says “ASTM D-4236” on paints and crayons to ensure that the items have been examined for child use safety by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Avoid hand-me-down or older toys from family and friends. Despite the sentimental value attached to those toys and the cost-effectiveness of acquiring them, they may not conform to current safety standards. Another thing older and hand-me-down toys have going against them is their integrity: they may already be worn-out from play that they could have loose parts that can easily become hazards.

Sound-producing toys should not be too loud for your kids. Some squeak toys and electronic or musical toys can generate extremely loud sounds especially when your kid holds it against their ears. Those types of toys could damage your child’s hearing. Avoid toys or games with very small parts that could easily be swallowed by a small child. Balls should be at least 1 ¾ inches. Do not let a one-year-old play with plastic coins and marbles,

A battery-operated toy should have a battery case that secures with screws to prevent prying open with small fingers. UL approval should be sought for electric toys. You want the toy to be made of unbreakable material and to withstand chewing. Sharp ends can cause injury while small ends can easily get to the back of the child’s mouth. There should be no pinch points on the toy that can hurt small fingers.


Easy to use while encouraging purposeful play

A riding toy should only be used when your child is capable of sitting up and supporting himself while playing. The manufacturer’s recommendation provides the best source of information on this aspect. A riding toy should also be secure and stable enough to support your child’s full weight without tipping over. Toys that encourage pretend play set up a good foundation for preschool play. A pretend fire truck or train gives your child a basic understanding of driving, like turning left and right and avoiding obstacles, or going forward and reverse.

A one-year-old will also start to differentiate shapes and colors, so it is best to choose colorful and bright toys that are fun to grip with little hands. There will surely be a lot of repetition but this will allow your little one to master new skills and learn to have control over what is around them.


There are plenty of toys for one-year-olds on the market so a parent, especially a first-time one, may easily get overwhelmed by all the available choices. We have designed the above buying guide to help consumers make a sensible choice. The best products have also been featured below for even more shopping assistance.



Top rated toys for 1 year old kids in 2016


Our recommendations


YKS Cartoon



Designed for children ages 18 months and beyond, the YKS Cartoon R/C Race Car offers hours of play time with its bright and colorful looks. Designed for young children learning to play for the first time, the race car moves lightning fast to get your child all excited, and can even go forward, left or reverse to teach your child about control and eye-hand coordination.

Your child just needs to press a button for the toy car to emit a honking sound or play music as the headlights go on and off. This stylish and cute battery-powered toy comes with a removable figure of a race car driver, which your child can leave in the car or remove to do pretend play.


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Fhisher-Price Power Wheels Thomas


top rated toys for 1 year old kid’s reviewsWhen it comes to toys for kinds, one stands out of the crowd bringing joy and delight every time: the Power Wheels Thomas. Receiving some of the best top rated toys for 1 year old kid’s reviews, Thomas the train electric ride-on can deliver smiles and excitement to the boy or girl once they begin to use it.

Bearing the smile of Thomas the tank engine, this ride-on can go up to 2 m.p.h; a slow speed just right for the child to take in the pleasure of driving.


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Step2 All Star Sports


Best toys for 1 year old kids reviewsOne of the most appreciated toys for children is the Step2 All Star Sports Climber with a predisposed affinity for boys who simply love it. The climber is not very big and doesn’t occupy too much room so you can easily place it in your home.

Due to its modern aspect and colourful structure it will attract the attention of any guests that might see it. Boys love to throw the ball in the hoop and then to crawl up the stairs in order to go down the slide for a bit of fun. Easy to install, the indoor/outdoor sports climber is a great gift for little boys.


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Fisher-Price Little people Lil’ Movers Airplane


Fisher-Price Little PeopleIt can be pretty hard to identify a toy but when you see the Fisher-Price little people Lil’ movers’ airplane the search is over. Covering all the basis that boys at the age of 1 simply love like lights, sounds and also sing-a-long tunes, the Fisher-Price airplane is the perfect gift that won’t fail, given its structure.

The kid can also lift up the plane and pretend that he is flying alongside the toy. It is no wonder that this airplane toy is considered as one of the best toys for 1 year old kids from the ones currently available on the market.


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Mega Blocks Play’n Go Table


Mega Bloks Play 'n GoWhen it comes to children’s gifts and toys to play, the Mega Blocks Play’n go table is one of the most cherished and popular, known for its education learning patterns and beautiful craftsmanship.

The Play’n Go table represents a 3-in-1 construction marvel and the ultimate toy for children and a daily challenge for them. The design of the toy enriches the creative pools of the child. The Mega Blocks enable the user to build cities, garages and other constructions every day.


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Wonderworld Rocking Caterpillar


Any boy or girl will be happy to receive the Wonderworld Rocking Caterpillar and plush toy as a gift any day with a very big smile on their faces. This cute and comfortable toy was carefully designed to help children to play with excitement.

It is an adorable rocker that can be detached from the firm base in order to transform it into a soft toy which can even be taken to bed. Children simply would adore the rocking caterpillar considered by many toy makers and distributors as one of the best toys for 1 year old kids, in the United States and also in Canada.


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