Toys for 2 Year Old Kids price comparison


Choosing a pleasant toy for your toddler to play with can be a hard task. You want a solid device that can inspire creativity while your child is having lots of fun. Below are some of the best toys for 2 year old kids ratings.


ALEX Peg Farm


Best toys for 2 year old kids ratings

Peg Farm, one of the best toys for 2 year old kids for getting those toddlers’ little hands busy and working. The Farm comes with 25 brightly coloured pegs available in 5 different colours and a soft, colourful, peg board made out of foam. The pegs are printed front and back with farm animal faces and tails to make it fun and interesting. Toddlers can use the pegs to match colours, stack to form towers or make cool patterns on the farm-designed peg board where the limit is only their imagination. Peg Farm is great as it gives space for creativity and independent development within your toddler.



Melissa & Doug Giant Stuffed Giraffe


The almost 5 feet tall stuffed Giraffe is an exotic addition to any decoration, especially for a nursery environment. This cute giraffe with a friendly face, long eye lashes and soft fur is a definite eye-catcher for kids 2 years and older. A detailed and authentic design makes it looks like a real giraffe alongside its excellent construction that makes this giant stand tall. The soft fur will tempt toddlers to constantly cuddle this safari creature and it’s able to withstand the tough love from those over-energetic kids. From the award-winning Melissa & Doug, it is one of the in the best toys for 2 year old kids ratings.



Playskool KOTA My Triceratops Dinosaur


KOTA the triceratops dinosaur will take your toddler on an imaginative adventure. The 3 feet tall prehistoric animal comes to life with lots of sound effects and realistic motion. It moves its head and tail, it winks and wiggles its horns, it stomps and munches on leaves, and it laughs and roars. Your toddler’s new pet even responds to voice and touch. Touch KOTA’s nose and hear him sniff your hand. Your toddler can climb on KOTA’s back just like a pet, supporting up to 60 lbs. This prehistoric pet is one of the best toys for 2 year old kids.



Melissa & Doug See and Spell


Make your toddler spell words while completing a puzzle. Fitting neatly into a compact wooden case, the puzzle consists of over 60 colourful wooden letters and 8 two-sided wooden boards. The boards are decorated with bright pictures with cut-outs of 3 or 4-letter words. Your problem-solving toddler will try to fit the colourful letters into their correct places on the boards to spell out the words and solve the puzzle. It’s a great activity to get toddlers familiar with the letters of the alphabet and the reason why it is one of the best toys for 2 year old kids; they learn while they play.



VTech Sit-to-Race Smart Wheel


The Sit-to-Race Smart Wheel is a bike-designed toy with different modes of play and learning. Toddlers can sit on the bike and hold tightly unto the handles. Rocking the bike activates music, sounds and colourful lights. The dashboard can be easily separated from the bike at anytime for playtime on the floor. It features a horn button, a twisting knob, four number buttons and flashing lights to initiate discovery and exploration in your enthusiastic toddlers. Parents can use the Smart Wheel as a rocker or a ride-on, making this one of the best toys for a 2 year old kid.