What to Consider When Buying New Tractor Drawbars


Are you looking for one of the top rated tractor drawbars in 2019? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We take pleasure in giving a helping hand to customers trying to understand how to separate the wheat from the chaff, which is why we’ve put together a buying guide for tractor drawbars. The following ideas can help you correlate your needs and preferences with the features you might be looking for in such a tractor attachment.

Best Tractor Drawbar

Frame width and weight

Size is one of the crucial considerations to getting the right unit, because it really is seldom that a universal drawbar actually goes well with any type of tractor. It’s common knowledge that tractors can be split into a variety of categories, so be sure to pick the right one for the type you own. For example, a category 1 drawbar 3 point attachment can be as wide as 29.5-inches and as tall as 19-inches.

Other models, also destined for category 1 tractors, can be as tall as 19-inches but as wide as 24-inches. The weight of the unit of your choice doesn’t matter a great deal, considering you’ll be utilizing it attached to your tractor.

If you’re having trouble understanding just which size goes with which tractor, try to invest some time into performing a thorough research. Aside from reading some of the best tractor drawbar reviews, it might be a good idea to check out some forums or online communities, and ask other users your questions.


Included accessories

Some models feature their own top and bottom pins, but other units do not, so buyers always need to be on the lookout for the accessories that are included in the package. For example, receiver inserts and balls are rarely included.



Heavy-duty steel constructions are the best if you want to buy a good, dependable product to use over the years. The surface of units with powder coated finishes are known to degrade much slower compared to their regular counterparts.



Buying a drawbar online is a tricky thing to do, and the only way of knowing that you’ll be purchasing a product that offers good value is by checking with the best tractor drawbar reviews.


Top Rated Tractor Drawbars in 2019


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most acclaimed models we’ve come across. All of the following units have acquired the appreciation of many American and worldwide customers alike and are generally thought of as being dependable, convenient and reliable. It sure wouldn’t hurt if you gave them a shot.


Titan Trailer Hitch 3 Pt Kubota (TDR) (B00CNUUU5A)


1.Titan Trailer Hitch 3 Pt Kubota (TDR)This Titan Attachments unit is probably the best tractor drawbar of 2019, what with it being constructed with heavy duty steel. In fact, this variety has been praised time and time again for being highly durable, considering the fact that even its side hitch pins are heavy duty. The model is as versatile as possible, considering that it works with all category 1 tractors.

The frame width of this model is 26 inches, while the weight is 36 lbs, which means that it addresses the needs of people looking for a more lightweight drawbar, as other models in the same line are undoubtedly on the heavier side.

The only minor downfall of picking this product is that it does not include the receiver insert and the ball.

While some online marketplaces sell it for around four hundred bucks, Amazon customers can get it for a fair price, provided they take advantage of the retailer’s seasonal sales.

To sum up, the Titan Trailer Hitch 3 Pt Kubota is one of the best drawbars out there, considering that over 75% of the people who have purchased it believe that it’s worthy of a 5-star rating. Customers state it’s well-built and high-quality.

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Heavy Duty 3 Point Receiver (B00MPQ3CZ2)


2.Heavy Duty 3 Point 2-Inch ReceiverAs is the case with the formerly mentioned unit, this one can be used with all category 1 tractors. This is a 2-inch trailer receiver, featuring a heavy duty steel construction. The package includes both the top and the bottom pins.

The model has an excellent powder coated finish, which largely contributes to its surface being durable and reliable. The height of the model is 24 inches and the width is 25 inches.

This Titan Attachments product is a tad heavier compared to the one we’ve already showcased, considering that its weight is 47.5 lbs.

What did customers have to say about this tractor drawbar? After having analyzed the reviews gathered by this variety, we came to the conclusion that it is among the most popular products in the line, considering the fact that it has acquired no 1 or even 2-star ratings. Over 85% of the people who have purchased it have awarded it 5 stars, while around 10% were so satisfied with what it offers that they awarded it 4 stars.

Customers state that it is easy to install, works perfectly with Kubota tractors and makes for a great time saver. Furthermore, some individuals emphasize that its welds are solid, and that the unit is remarkably safe to use.

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Cat 1 Drawbar 3 pt (B00TGG5Y5A)


3.Cat 1 Drawbar 3 ptWe felt compelled to include this 3 pt attachment in the list, as it is one of the most expensive varieties we have stumbled upon. As is the case with the previously described models, it fits all category 1 tractors and has ⅞-inch draw pins.

The width of this model is 29.5 inches, while the height is 19 inches.

The pack includes ⅞-inches category 1 lift pins.

The powder coated finish on this drawbar makes it worth considering, even though there have been some people who state that it’s not the same quality as the expensive models manufactured by Titan Attachments. Nevertheless, since it is relatively well-known for doing what it is supposed to do in matters of hauling trailers and other implements around the farm, it might be an alternative to ponder on for any economical buyer.

The drawbar has gathered over 95% in positive reviews and has been highly spoken of both by professionals and by amateurs. People say that it is well-constructed and that the powder coat finish is excellent. Others depict it as being the bang for the buck, since most tractor drawbars on the market today are known to cost over two hundred fifty bucks.

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