Things to Consider When Buying a New Train Set


Any child would be ecstatic to get a holiday or birthday gift straight out of the best train set reviews. Most parents get a train set to support a child’s growing interest in railroad models, while others are simply making an addition to an existing collection. No matter what the case is, buying a train set requires an idea of knowing what options are available on the market.

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Train Scale

Fortunately for buyers, there is no particular scale parameter focused on in the best train set reviews. In other words, you can choose the size of the model train you want before deciding on a kit. For the uninitiated, deciding on the scale alone can be a huge challenge. Although there is never any one single best scale, there will always be a suitable scale for the buyer’s specific needs.

Model trains are designed to be one of a number of typical scales. This refers to the proportion of the model to the real or prototype train. Based on hobby parameters, trains with identical scales will effortlessly together. This means you can buy a Z scale train from one brand and get an extra Z-scale freight car from another brand with no worries.

Smaller scales such as “N” are ideal in small layouts. Some people love the outdoor usability of “G” while others enjoy the superb handling of larger “O” models. Choose the scale that will work for your needs.



There was a time when train sets were designed with a more-or-less basic power pack. The transformers fundamentally offer ample power to run a single train plus a few accessories. The speed and direction could be controlled, but precision control of speed was often not a given.

Nowadays, high-end sets are equipped with a more reliable and much larger transformer. Some models come with a basic power pack and include radio control that comes with multiple sound controls.

Top rated train sets 2019 are geared with better power packs to provide years of dependable operation while capably supporting larger railroad model configurations.

Many train sets run on AA battery-powered remote control, while others have hand-powered trains.


Train Table

Typically, the best train set 2019 requires a train table, or perhaps a large flat surface to ensure stability. Some train sets work fine on carpets. Others come with a train table in the package. There are some units that don’t require specific train tables, but other units can be picky on this element, so they come with their own train tables or only work with specific ones.


Quality Components

To ensure lasting use, check for product quality. Plenty of train sets are equipped with real-world settings with components that are realistic. Fixing the track for multi-level fun is possible. Hand-painted figures and vehicles are included. Compatibility with other train sets is a huge plus. Some models are equipped with authentic whistles and sounds.


Top Rated Train Sets in 2019


A train set can provide hours of fun for you and your child. It can be a great way to spend a rainy day indoors, so to make sure you make a great investment in this type of gear, be prepared to do a bit of reading and research. If you’ve been getting nowhere with your own research, we recommend making a selection from these five terrific products.


Lionel Polar Express Train Set


1.Lionel Polar Express Train SetThe Lionel Polar Express Train Set boasts a finely detailed design that will remind you of magnificent steam engines. The authentic train sounds and whistles offer a lifelike railroad experience. The large G-scale train set offers simple usage and handling. The realistic set is quite easy to put together while being an exciting, interactive way to amuse children ages four and up, along with their parents. The remote control operation puts power in your child’s hands, using a separately bought 9.6-volt battery or two AA batteries. The set has 4 straight and 12 curved track pieces that assemble to form a 55- by 72-inch oval.

Everything packs up easily together for hassle-free storage.

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe 701 Railway Set


2.Melissa & Doug Railway SetComprising well-constructed quality pieces, the Melissa & Doug Railway Set has nearly 100 wooden track sections and supports plus more than 30 accessories to make playtime fun and exciting. Putting the components together makes great bonding opportunities. The railway set is perfect for the budding train engineer three years and older who wants an authentic railway experience. The set includes an awesome six-piece freight train with cargo, a three-piece flatbed truck with cargo and a four-piece passenger train. Durable plastic wheels on the truck and train are affixed to the bodies via smooth, steel rivets.

This train set enables your child to experience real-world cargo transfer from the train to the truck, with realistic train engineer figures directing the flow.

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KidKraft Ride Around Train Set


3.KidKraft Train SetPlaytime is kept off the floor with the exciting Kidkraft Ride Around Town Train Table and Set. The quality elements in the railway kit are constructed of composite wood products, with 100 colorful pieces that include animals, vehicles, structures and figures. Large enough for several children ages three to eight to play together with at a time, the railway set comes with a table that raises the unit to eye level. The handy storage bin can be stowed underneath to provide a clutter-free play space. The large, melamine-coated and highly-detailed board is equipped with an airport runway, pastures, bridges and lakes for a realistic town setting.

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Conductor Carl Train Set


4.Conductor Carl Train SetConsisting of a high quality track and cars, the Conductor Carl Train Set encourages your child to use creativity and imagination and promotes problem-solving skills, as well. The 100-piece wooden train set can encourage role play using the various characters in the set, so your child can have one adventure after another every day. The lead- and phthalate-free set includes: one Conductor Carl Engine Car; 15 signs and people figures; 12 vehicles; 34 pieces of track; 39 trees and houses. The wooden track features a single-piece construction for stability and durability, with no loose pegs that are potential playing or choking hazards to young children.

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Toystate Caterpillar Construction Iron Diesel Train


5)Toystate Caterpillar TrainThis small scale motorized CAT train set comes with a seven-inch track and a train car carrying two CAT machines that can be easily removed. The pivoting crane car has a removable shipping container to give your child a realistic freight train experience. This train is scaled to allow effortless use with CAT Mini Machines and CAT Bridge and Mine Builder Play sets. The train requires two separately purchased AA batteries to run. You can turn this simple train-and-track kit into several configurations. The package includes five special train cars: a caboose; the engine; a shipping container crane; a trailer with two accessory construction vehicles.

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