Want to have some outdoor fun without doing too much research about the best trampoline? We have created this short paragraph to be as short and concise as possible to help you find what you need. In comparing products based on value and quality, we have found what most consumers consider a good investment, the Exacme 12FTCombo-P. This product has earned TUV certification aside from undergoing GST testing and UV testing to ensure it is safe for use in the outdoors. Aside from its reliable performance and solid quality, this trampoline is built with six W-shaped legs that provide 12 balanced contact points in all, for dependable stability compared to models with fewer legs. Sturdy around the ropes, straps, and enclosure, this option features a powerful enough frame that supports long sessions of jumping. Taking just an hour to an hour and a half to assemble and setup, the Exacme 12FTCombo-P seems to easily run out of stock because consumers love it but don’t worry because you could still get a good second choice, the Pure Fun 9005MTH.



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Buying Guide


Browsing through the available trampolines on sale can be an overwhelming experience because of their sheer number. With so many manufacturers and models available, the consumer has to be able to utilize sensible decision making and do extensive comparison of products to make a great buy. These are the elements to check out when buying a trampoline for exercise or just for backyard family fun.

1.Skywalker Trampolines

Frame, Springs and Pads

When buying a trampoline, the basis of a good one is always the frame. The cheap ones on sale will be distinctive for having a frame made of cheap materials. What you want as a buyer is a galvanized frame inside and out. This will mean a robust rustproof layer applied to the frame, serving as an essential indicator that the unit can last a long time. Better quality trampoline frames also come with large tube diameters and wall thickness for extra durability. Check out models equipped with a number of strong connection pins that gather together all the vital component parts. Moreover, the trampoline legs should not fall off when you transfer the unit from one location to another.

Springs can be strangulation and entrapment hazards, and can cause bruising and trapping of legs, which is why spring-free models came into being. If you do check out units with springs, you will want those parts to be well-adjusted, supple and very flexible while being made of thick wire. The best models have individual springs that can each support 50 kg.

Springfree trampolines are an innovative concept, since you won’t be in danger of plunging through springs, which can be an altogether uncomfortable experience indeed for boys and men. Springless trampolines may not provide the complete solution to safety in trampoline use but they can eliminate the dangerous prospect of falling through trampoline springs. Springless trampolines may be more expensive but they also mean no mats or springs that will have to be replaced when worn out, which will be better for the long term. The jumping mat also needs to have a large number of stitches to ensure greater security, safety and durability.



Safety is a primary concern when getting a trampoline for children as well as for adults. Trampolines have evolved from the standard spring ones without an enclosure where up to six people can jump at once, to the units of today that come with net enclosures, springless models as well as those equipped with pads for protection in springed models. The padding or stuffing that covers the springs should be wide and thick for better protection if you make a wrong jump. Trampolines designed for use by kids always have enclosures to prevent kids from falling off accidentally.

Trampolines now come with an enclosure, but the netting should provide more than just a visual barrier. A low quality net can quickly deteriorate with exposure to the elements. The enclosure should not tear or sag easily. Consider trampolines with UV-treated nets.


 Size and Shape

For trampolines, bigger is not always better. If you want greater bounce, a smaller model is better. Large trampolines may offer a larger jumping surface to get a good workout, but they are not exactly suitable for small yards. Size is a serious consideration though if you want to use the trampoline with a number of people for doing trampoline tricks. There should be more than enough room in the backyard to accommodate large-sized models.

The trampoline shape is a matter of personal preference and not a vital consideration. You can select from oval, round, square or rectangular models. Round ones are popular for home use while rectangular models are designed more for competition and/ or gymnastics. Oval trampolines are a cross between those two shapes. Square trampolines are great for exercise. You generally get firmer bounce plus higher lift from rectangular and square units, while round or oval models deliver a slower and softer bounce.

2.ExacMe 12' FT 6W

Weight Limit

You should understand and adhere to the weight limits of the trampoline you get. If you expect to be jumping with a number of participants, consider models with a high weight limit. Give the poles holding up the net a shake to make sure they are sturdy and strong. This ensures that the trampoline can hold the weight of the jumper/s and adequately provide the alternative to hurtling to the ground fast.



Top rated trampolines in 2019


There are many trampolines to choose from on the market. Those who want the best trampolines ought to check out the following products.


Our recommendations


ExacMe 12FTCombo-P


1.ExacMe 12' FT

It is quite easy to mistake the ExacMe 12′ FT trampoline for a more expensive model but this unit offers a less expensive product with all the features of a more expensive counterpart. This awesome piece of fitness equipment is designed for both kids and adults. With a weight limit of 280 pounds, it has a higher capacity compared to similar models on the market. Instead of an interlocking enclosure, this model features ropes and straps that attach the net to the jumping mat securely while the bottom of the netting wraps around the edge of the unit so there are no gaps. It has six W-shaped legs that deliver maximum stability on 12 balanced contact points. The rust-resistant galvanized steel frame is made durable.


Buy from Amazon for ($429.99)




Pure Fun 9005MTH


A growing number of the current top rated trampoline reviews drafted with attention by specialists and thousands of satisfied users, emphasize on the great functionality and efficiency of the Pure Fun 9005MTH, a model very popular in the US. The 9005MTH from Pure Fun is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any additional tools to put it together. More and more doctors recommend the Pure Fun 9005MTH as a great cardio workout session because it works on the lower and upper muscle groups of the legs with efficiency.

“This trampoline while bringing like its name says, Pure Fun, at the same time also helps me do my daily exercise. I think the only way you can stay healthy and strong is through working out and a healthy diet and this model covers one of these requirements. In other words, this trampoline is very efficient.” – Eddy Scott


Buy from Amazon for ($56.19)




Upper Bounce UBSFO1-10


Upper Bounce UBSFO1-P

A growing number of the latest top rated trampoline reviews coming from technicians and specialists underline the solid structure and fluid functionality of the Upper Bounce model, a product known for its ability to provide pleasure and joy. The Upper Bounce trampoline features an ultra-durable and carefully designed premium PP mesh material. This trampoline is very easy to install and disassemble and that helps the user enjoy extra minutes of joy. You should also be aware that the Upper Bounce has 8 rows stitching which delivers enhanced security to the user.

“When the time is right and the rain clouds are away I bring this trampoline out and have a bit of fun, jumping up and down till I get exhausted. The easy installation makes me very happy I bought it and I don’t have to spend a lot of time folding or unfolding it.” – Glenn Mathews


Buy from Amazon for ($234.99)




Skywalker Trampolines 12-FEET-PARENT


Your entertainment is taken to a whole new level with this trampoline. Concerns about children safety disappear once you are aware of the ultimate safe design. The enclosure netting is woven so as to leave tinny gaps but not big enough for little fingers. A zipper closes the 360 degrees enclosure. In addition, the frame is cushioned with foam so nobody will get hurt. The galvanized steel has a huge contribution to sturdiness and durability. It measures 12 feet so it is perfect even for small gardens. After seeing the enormous satisfaction of children and the satisfaction of the parents, this product has won a lot of compliments in the best trampolines reviews.


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Skywalker Trampolines 15-FEET-PARENT


best trampolineFun cannot exist without trampolines and if you doubt it, just ask your kids. This model has a diameter of 15 feet, so several children can jump around together. Their safety is guaranteed by the enclosure net and by the frame made from galvanized steel. 200 lbs is the recommended upper load limit. Bad weather conditions cannot harm it thanks to the UV protection covering the materials. The assemblage is a breeze even for inexperienced parents, plus the instructions will guide you through the whole process. After comparing the features of this product with others, you will see that this is one of the best trampolines in 2019.


Buy from Amazon for ($305)




Pure Fun 9001KJ


According to recent online surveys done on quality and efficiency it seems that the Pure Fun 9001KJ is the best trampoline in 2019, capable of helping the user enjoy the whole experience. The Pure Fun trampoline has a solid no-spring bungee system in order to ensure greater safety and stability once you begin using the device. Furthermore, the Pure Fun 9001KJ has a padded cover over the frame in order to minimize any unforeseen accidents. This model is ideal for kids starting from the age of 3 and up to 75 lbs.


Buy from Amazon for ($60.83)




Diggin JumpSmart


Children love to jump and down and it’s ok, as long as it’s not the bed they are using for this activity. This is the reason families need to have in their home the Diggin JumpSmart, a trampoline known for its capacity to provide hours of joy. This children’s triangle shaped model is ideal for young and active kids who love to play without hesitation. The product can be used with confidence indoors and also outdoor without any problems at all. The Diggin JumpSmart has two handles, making the model similar to a bike, making it one the best trampoline in 2019.

“My son wanted a trampoline and this is what I gave him as a present. I made a great investment because this is one of the things he uses to burn his energy and I can enjoy a couple of minutes of peace and quiet. I bought it mostly because of the handles which offer safety.” – Claire Middleton


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Variflex Mini Band


Thousands of satisfied users consider the Variflex Mini Band as the best trampoline in 2019 taking into consideration the high quality design and solid structure it presents every time somebody jumps on it. This model comes equipped with a solid safe elastic band technology that replaces the former metal springs that conventionally keep together a trampoline. The Variflex has a 38-inch diameter which makes it ideal for people used to jump both inside and outside workouts. You should know that the Variflex has a maximum weight capacity of around 200 lbs.

“Nothing beats a great workout and with this trampoline I am able to make some complex exercises that keep me in shape. I paid a next to nothing price for it and I can only recommend it as a great exercise surface if you are that kind of person who loves to stay fit.” – Laura Hughes


Buy from Amazon for ($56.95)