How to Buy the Best Travel Pillow


When you are traveling, especially by plane or train, you need to ensure extra comfort to avoid stiffness and other unpleasant sensations throughout your journey. Since a flight or a trip by other means of transportation can take long hours, you may even have to take a nap. A good and reliable travel pillow can work wonders for you, and sustain your neck when you need to catch a little bit of shuteye. This guide is focused on providing you information on the top rated travel pillows 2019 and the most important aspects to keep in mind when shopping for such an item.

Best Travel Pillow


The classic look of travel pillows is already yesterday’s news and now there are many different shapes available that can truly make a difference in comfort and even style. J shaped pillows, for instance, are all the rage right now because they provide support for your neck, your head and your chin at the same time. U shaped pillows are very comfortable for your neck, while there are even some pillows that resemble an elongated comma. Each of them offers various advantages, so more important than shape could be what kind of sleeper you are.



Your travel pillow must be, most and foremost, comfortable. That is why you need to pick a model that does not become unusable only after a few flights, and, on the other hand, it is firm enough to sustain your head and neck without causing discomfort. Foam pillows are highly appreciated because of their ability to take after your anatomy. The best travel pillow reviews mention models filled with pellets, cotton fibers, and wool, among the materials used for filling.



When you are shopping for a travel pillow, it is not a bad idea to look for any extras that may be provided with your purchase. A carrying bag, a cover that is machine washable, and an inflating mechanism for inflatable pillows are all nice extras that may tip the balance in favor of a certain model over another.


Top Rated Travel Pillows in 2019


While examining the best travel pillow reviews written by users, we noticed that a few models are particularly preferred by travelers because of the superior comfort they provide. Some even use them at home, and not only when they are traveling, and there are even consumers that mention using them at the office, for a quick nap.


J Travel Pillow


1.J PillowThe famous J Pillow still remains the absolute consumers’ favorite, even if it was first launched on the market a few years ago. Winner of important prizes, such as the British Invention of the Year for two years in a row, the revolutionary travel pillow offers extra comfort so you can wake up feeling ready to face the world even after a quick nap when on the plane.

Developed by a flight attendant, the J Pillow provides additional chin support, besides proper neck and head support. Nothing will be able to disturb your sleep, and you will not end up tossing and turning all the time, just trying to get a bit of rest.

What may happen when you sleep is basically out of your direct control. For instance, your head can fall forward, and this is something that the flight attendant who designed the J Pillow noticed happening to many passengers. The new design offers the necessary extra support for a comfortable sleep, and that is why there are so many pleased travelers who have tried and tested this pillow.

Rightfully named the best travel pillow 2019, the J Pillow is a highly recommended choice, and it will most probably continue to be for many years.

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Cabeau Blue Evolution Pillow


2.Cabeau Blue Evolution PillowFor those who prefer a more classic shape, the Cabeau Blue Evolution Pillow is among the best U shaped travel pillows around. This memory foam pillow will take after your neck and head anatomy, in order to ensure a great comfortable sleep whenever you feel like taking a nap, whether you are traveling or you want a bit of rest at home.

You don’t have to worry that this travel pillow will not fit in your suitcase. The pillow can be compressed to just a quarter of its size and packed in its special travel bag; the travel bag is easy to attach to your luggage, so you don’t have to rummage inside after it.

Besides the actual pillow, you will also find inside a pair of earplugs, also made of memory foam. Loud noises around you will not be able to wake you up, while the pillow offers the necessary comfort for enjoying a high quality nap.

The cover is made of velour and can be washed and maintained with ease. The entire design of this pillow is geared towards those who appreciate comfort most and foremost. The sides are raised to offer extra support and your head will never be pushed forward.

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Travelrest Travel Pillow


3.Travelrest Travel PillowThe Travelrest Travel Pillow is another great innovation that helps travelers enjoy a perfect nap while traveling by airplane or other means of transportation. It is even ideal for home and office use, where you may experience the need to take a nap, whenever you have a break.

The shape of this pillow resembles that of an elongated comma. Its role is to provide the necessary lateral support, so you will feel just you are held in a cozy embrace. This shape is also designed to promote a healthy sleep and it sustains proper head and neck alignment. Especially people suffering from chronic pains or forced to spend a lot of time in a wheelchair greatly benefit from the special shape of the Travelrest Travel Pillow.

An inflatable model, this pillow is easy to deflate and store away when you do not need it. Imagine how easy it is to pack this comfortable travel pillow and take it along with you on your journeys. When you need to inflate it, a few breaths are all that is needed to bring it to its shape and use it right away.

There are two positions for using this pillow: on the side or across the torso, depending on your preferences.

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