If you’re only after a quick suggestion for a good tumbler to carry around but don’t have the time to read a whole guide about it, then the following short paragraph will contain all the information you need. After reading scores of reviews and consumer responses, we found that the Mixologist World travel tumbler from Booming Products is the product that will probably best meet anybody’s demands. This design combines good function and high convenience, with double steel vacuum insulated walls to keep your drink hot for at least 6 hours and cool for even longer, a transparent lid that lets you see how much of your coffee is still there, a drinking slit for when you are using it on the run and a removable handle. You could say it has everything a person could ask for from the best travel tumbler, but if you don’t appreciate its aesthetics or can’t find it for sale, then the Klean Kanteen Double Wall will make a suitable alternative.



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Be it during long hours at the office or on the road, there are times when we need to keep our beverage at the desired temperature and the ready. This is where the travel tumbler comes in, with better heat insulation than a regular mug while still small enough to be casually used as a drinking vessel. Not all of them are created equal, however, and there are a few things to consider if you want to pick the best tumbler for your needs.

Material and insulation

The best travel coffee cup should keep your beverage warm long enough for you to enjoy it throughout the workday. Most good thermos mugs can keep a hot drink from getting cold for more than six hours, which should fit the needs of the slowest sipper.

This is achieved by employing the right materials and manufacturing process. Plastic travel mugs offer little in the way of thermal insulation, with ceramic usually fearing a little bit better, but stainless steel double or triple walled containers are what you should look for if keeping your coffee warm and your soda cool is a prime concern.

A good seal on the lid will also factor into this, with the mention that if the fit is too tight, it might prove bothersome to remove it, so check that this isn’t the case before purchasing. Some lids are designed with a notch for your finger to hold to when taking it off, and these might allow for the greatest ease of use without sacrificing insulation.



Goes without saying that a travel mug should be more resilient than a regular drinking cup, as it’s more prone to meeting the floor given the situations it is commonly used in. Again, a strong metal construction will keep it from getting out of shape when this inevitably happens, and this is particularly important since potential dents might make it lose its seal, which both decreases thermal insulation and allows for the drink to sip if placed at odd angles.


Convenience while traveling

Those who like to have their coffee during the early morning commute will find important that the mug fits inside the appropriate holsters on their car. This will prove a major factor when weighing in what to buy, since if the bottom is too narrow you’ll be left with little other options than sending the product back.

If the niche is too wide, then the tumbler will slide around, hitting the edges and producing a very uncomfortable sound. This can be an issue especially with models that have the same diameter from base to top, and it might be a good idea to look for a mug that widens for this reason alone.


Other convenience features

An opening in the lid will allow you to drink without letting much of the hot air inside the thermos escape. This is important for keeping the beverage warm, but also when you are using it on the go, since occasionally stopping to remove the cap will prove awkward.

Some mouth openings protrude from the surface of the lid so it’s easier to get the tumbler to your lips without your nose getting in the way, while others can only be comfortably used with a straw.  

There is also the handle to consider, especially for those that like to carry their drinks around. This is usually removable so that the tumbler will better fit in a car holster, and it either comes as an additional option, or it’s included in the price.



Top Rated Tumblers in 2019


We’ve looked through the best travel tumbler reviews and selected a number of remarkable products based on the positive feedback each of them received. These are showcased below for your consideration.


Our Recommendations


Mixologist World Travel Tumbler 


This Mixologist World tumbler offers every bit of functionality you might want from such an object, and it does so at a significantly lower price than the competition. It is a common thread with this mug for owners to compare it favorably to bigger name brands they are familiar with in regards to how well it performs in keeping their beverage hot for a long time.

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t perform well since it uses the same vacuum insulated double wall construction as any other good thermos. The material employed is stainless steel, of course so that it can resist well to the corrosive effects of both the natural grease on a human hand and of its watery contents.

The sealing on the lid is tight, with a silicone ring around it to provide extra grip for when the liquid inside is in danger of spilling out. The lid is transparent, so you can know exactly how much of the beverage is still there without having to open it, and it has a small opening, coverable in a plastic cap, to allow a straw through.  

On top of all this, it also comes with its own handle, which is tight fitting as well as easy to remove if it gets in the way.

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Klean Kanteen K16VSSC-BS-P


If you want a stylish tumbler to go with your trendy attire, then this new line from Klean Kanteen might just fit that requirement. It’s sleek, elegant, with a nice opaque finish and a variety of colors to choose from.

This product is not just a looker, of course, as its buyers report it can very well keep coffee hot for up to 6 hours thanks to a tight seal and a double walled, vacuum sealed, stainless steel construction.

While a lid featuring a straw opening can only be acquired separately, you shouldn’t worry that the standard cap will be hard to remove, as it features a protrusion that provides leverage when pushing it up. This also allows for a tighter fit with the cup, so its contents won’t spill over when dropped.

The base is narrow enough for most car holsters, and the 3.08-inch mouth opening will allow you to pack plenty of ice for keeping drinks cool for up to 24 hours.

It’s made out of “food grade” stainless steel, which means even the most sensitive taste buds won’t pick up on a faint metallic taste in the water it holds. The interior is also electropolished, to provide a smooth surface that doesn’t hold to various small solids and it’s easy to clean.

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Corkcicle Classic Collection 


This is another nice looking line, this time from Corkcicle who attempts a throwback at the 60s and 70s aesthetic by employing pastels and chrome surfaces. Besides looking stylish in your hand, this model can also keep your drink cold for a considerable amount of time.

Depending on the size, either 16 and 24 oz, iced water will be kept cold for up to 9 hours, even in the heat of summer. This is achieved by employing a special triple-insulated stainless steel construction for the cup.

The material used is of course, food rated and shouldn’t borrow any unpleasant taste to the contents inside. It’s also easy enough to clean, both by hand or in a dishwasher, thanks to the electropolished interior.

The manufacturer advertises that beverages like coffee, cocoa or tea will be kept hot for up to 3 hours in the largest model of the series, which might not seem like a whole lot, especially compared with the specs given for other products.

However, this product is specifically intended for maintaining cold temperatures, which it does very well, according to customer reports. Some of its users do however find issue with the cap on the mouth opening, which tends to slide close easier than it should. This can be circumvented by using a straw.   

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