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An undermount sink is essential to any kitchen, and getting one for your home is highly recommended, in case you want to renovate or you are simply unhappy with the one you have at the moment. Although this mundane item may look easy to choose, not just any sink should do. Reading more about kitchen sinks will offer you plenty of useful information on what you should look for when shopping for this type of kitchen item. We compiled the best undermount sink reviews from users and experts alike, and created this comprehensive guide to help you choose the right sink for your kitchen.

A.Undermount Sink


Size is important when choosing a kitchen sink for many reasons. First of all, you need a deep sink that will not allow water to splash out of the sink, making a watery mess on the floor. If you are living alone, maybe a large sink is not a good option, but if there are dishes gathering in large numbers inside the sink, there is no need to explain more why bigger is better. Last, but not least, make sure that the dimensions of the sink can be accommodated by your kitchen layout.


One or two basins?

This is a very important question. While there are many top rated undermount sinks 2019 that rank high in consumers’ preferences and have just one basin, there are also two basin models that are sometimes preferred by homeowners. Each type has its advantages, and you should consider them first, before making a decision. A large sink lets you soak and wash larger pans and pots and also cook more food at the same time. On the other hand, two basins can be used for different tasks, such as washing and rinsing.



A kitchen sink should be durable and help you through the years. No one likes changing their sink too often, so you should aim for a model that can serve you well for a long time. Stainless steel is the preferred material for kitchen sinks, because it is easy to maintain and it is very resilient over the years. Porcelain may sound like a nice option, but chips can appear, marring its natural beauty.


Top Rated Undermount Sinks in 2019


If you are looking for the best undermount sink 2019, you will find the following list useful in your search. We reviewed the most popular models on the market at the moment, and we discovered that the next three models are the best choices right now, as they are easy to clean and they can accommodate large amounts of dishes.


Kraus KHU100-30


1.Kraus KHU100-30As far as one basin kitchen sinks are concerned, the Kraus KHU100-30 is a winner in our book. Many of the best undermount sink reviews rate this model high because of its efficiency and clever design. This 30 inch sink will surely accommodate even the largest pans you need to wash. It is also deep enough to avoid water splashing and to hold many dishes until you find the time to get to wash them.

The Kraus KHU100-30 is made of solid stainless steel, so you will have no trouble keeping it clean. Stainless steel is very resistant and you won’t have to deal with ugly marks or chips in the material. The model comes equipped with thick dampening pads made of rubber, so the sink will not rattle and make noise. The stone guard proofing adds to this aspect, as well.

Good drainage is important for a kitchen sink, and the Kraus model excels in this respect as well. Your kitchen sink will always be clean and there will not be any puddles of water gathering on its bottom. The finishing is excellent and you will not have to worry about unsightly scratches and marks over the years. All in all, this is the best undermount sink 2019 money can buy right now.

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MR Direct 3218A


2.MR Direct 3218AA decently priced sink, the MR Direct 3218A is a great option for those who prefer two basins instead of one. The brushed satin finishing helps reduce the amount of scratches that are bound to happen over years of use. Scratches are probably the first thing that people who are against stainless steel sinks like this one, will always mention. However, as long as the scratches are as good as invisible, you will not have to worry about replacing your sink anytime soon.

Besides being a solid investment, this two basin kitchen sink is very quiet when in use. Another downside of stainless steel sinks, noise can indeed be a problem. However, high quality sinks like this one, come equipped with sound dampening pads, so you do not have to worry about any rattling or other noises.

You may also learn from the best undermount sink reviews that the MR Direct 3218A comes with a lifetime warranty, just to prove how durable it is. Deep enough to accommodate piles of dishes, the two basins can be used to streamline dish washing; you can easily use one basin to soak in the dishes and to wash them with detergent, and the other for efficient rinsing.

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Kingston Brass Gourmetier GKUS3018


3.Kingston Brass GourmetierDo not let yourself fooled by the simplistic design of this kitchen sink. The company making it found the perfect way to deliver a good quality product to their customers without any unnecessary bells and whistles. The faucet hole is not pre-drilled and the 18-gauge thickness ensures great drainage, so no remains of food get stuck on the bottom of the sink.

Cleanliness is essential in the kitchen, and keeping your sink clean should be easy. This is exactly what the manufacturer of this particular sink thought of; the Kingston Brass Gourmetier GKUS3018 is extremely easy to clean and to maintain, and if you do not want any unsightly spots to appear after washing, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

All the exposed surfaces have a brushed nickel finish, to ensure quality and style over the years. If you are looking for a kitchen sink that will dutifully serve you for many years to come, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Quiet and efficient, the Kingston Brass Gourmetier GKUS3018 is often mentioned by the best undermount sink reviews written by users and experts, and for all the right reasons. We highly recommend it and we believe it has a well-deserved place on our list.

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