If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best upright vacuum cleaner money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected plenty of information from studying products in expert review sites and looking into what the actual owner feedback for those products say for authentic user experience. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Professional continues to amaze because of its lossless suction technology that helps it go strong to finish an entire area to be cleaned, enabling you to complete the cleaning tasks in as little time as possible. This best rated exceptional model ensures fuss-free, less stressful cleaning with its lightweight design, starting with the extra-large capacity portable dirt canister that easily lifts away to allow above floor cleaning while reducing the frequency of emptying of collected dirt. Certainly beats vacuum cleaners with bags, huh? Best of all, this unit is ideal for use in homes with allergy and asthma sufferers thanks to the onboard Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology plus HEPA, which traps irritation-causing particulates and keeps them out of the air you breathe. Should the Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Professional run out, we strongly recommend getting the second best option for sale, the BISSELL 9595A.



How to Buy a New Upright Vacuum Cleaner


With a lower cost of acquisition than a canister vacuum, an upright vacuum is often lauded in consumer reports for its ability to clean a wider path with every pass. Upright vacuum cleaners are designed to deliver better cleaning for soft thick carpet, especially the bagged units. Most models are also easy to store. However, while most upright vacuum cleaners share those same characteristics, there are just a few units that get top ratings because of the following elements.

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Ease of use

If you have to clean an entire floor, it would definitely be backbreaking work. But what if you had to clean multiple floors as well? In such instances, you would need to work with an upright vacuum cleaner that carries a lightweight design, which allows you to carry it easily from one area of the house to another, up and down stairs and from floor to floor.

You wouldn’t have to ensure that an AC outlet is always nearby if you use a cordless model. However, you will need to ensure that the cordless unit provides enough cleaning power and offer longer running with every charge, which is indicated by a higher volt rating. Downtime is reduced with fast charging options.

Corded units, however, deliver sustained power and unlimited run time. Portability may be limited by the cable, but performance-wise, a corded vacuum delivers better. High ampere ratings are ideal, and so is a long cord that allows cleaning of more space without transferring the plug too often.

Holding more dirt and dust, bagged models are also able to filter out much of the dust from the vacuum exhaust. They may also have extra filters that ensure further air cleaning. The bags are disposable, reducing contact with the collected debris. Bagless models feature a collection tank, cup or bin to hold the dirt while also being equipped with filters to keep dust away from the exhaust. You simply dump the dirt from the cup straight to the trash bin. With no repeated purchases for replacement bags, bagless models offer value for money. Filters do need to be replaced or cleaned regularly to ensure consistent performance.

The effort of vacuuming can be lessened if the unit is self-propelled. Tools or accessories including a crevice nozzle, an upholstery brush and adjusting brush can simplify cleaning of corners, tight spaces, areas not easily accessible, chair cushions, soft furnishing and curtains so you won’t miss a spot. Many models come with attachments such as those, but there are few that don’t. You can adjust the length of the wand if it’s telescopic, which enables access to high areas or beneath and behind heavy furniture.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Weight Price Cord length Power Our Rating Where to buy

Shark Navigator NV356E

14 lbs $$ 25 ft 1200W A+ AMAZON

Shark Navigator NV352

19 lbs $$$ 25 ft 1200W A AMAZON

Hoover Linx

10 lbs $$ Cordless B+ AMAZON

Bissell 2763 PowerGlide

18.7 lbs $$$$ 27 ft 1200W B AMAZON

Shark Navigator NV402

15.6 lbs $$$ 30 ft 1200W C AMAZON



Consistent cleaning performance

With cyclonic suction, the vacuum cleaner propels air into a cone-shaped or cylindrical chamber, effectively spinning particles and dust and pushing them to the collection tank. This technology ensures lossless suction power by ensuring that the dirt does not get trapped in the filters or filter material and cause clogging, resulting in reduced airflow. A greater number of smaller cyclones are featured in multi-cyclonic units so the finer particulates are kept out of the vacuum filter/s. With powerful cyclonic action, an even greater amount of debris is sucked out from the air.

Plenty of models are designed for pet hair, efficiently lifting out your pet’s shedded hair out of carpets and the floor. Upright vacuum cleaners have the cleaning head directly attached to the casing that houses the motor and the dust bin. A motorized, rotating brush provides the capability to coax embedded dirt from carpets. Most models are also suited for hard floors.

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Convenient features

If you have carpets with variable pile heights, you will want the vacuum cleaner to have an adjustable head height, which also works for tiled and wooden floors. You can vary the suction levels so you can confidently handle delicate jobs including cleaning of lace curtains if the unit is equipped with variable suction power. An indicator for the amount of dust in the bin or bag is useful since you won’t have to open the unit to check periodically. Some models come with a blower that reverses the airflow to enable inflation of an airbed.

Check out models that provide onboard storage for cleaning tools and accessories, which keeps the items handy while cleaning. Wand storage lets you neatly attach the cleaning wand when not in use. Models with a retractable cord offer less cluttered use and storage. Seldom found in upright models, this feature is replaced by to hooks around which the cord is wound.

There are plenty of models and brands of upright vacuum cleaners on the market, which can baffle the consumer on which product to get. To ensure you have the right vacuum cleaner that suits your needs, get valuable buying tips from the buyer’s guide above. We have also showcased the best rated products on the market to simplify your buying experience.


Top rated upright vacuum cleaners in 2019


When it comes to fast cleaning methods that can cover large areas, the upright vacuum cleaners are sought with attention by all respectable households. A professional and high quality vacuum cleaner can provide aid in the cleaning period, helping the user save precious time. In the present a growing number of persons are searching for the upright vacuum cleaner because they appreciate the high mobility of the device and its ability to clean fast. Still, it can be pretty difficult to identify a product suited to your immediate cleaning needs given the large array of products available on the market. Once you read the current top rated upright vacuum cleaners reviews you will be able to identify the one perfect for your home.



Shark Navigator NV356E


Best upright vacuum cleanerOne of the best upright vacuum cleaners in 2019 is according to the latest technical studies and user feedback the Shark Navigator professional lift-away cleaner. This model embodies both efficiency and professionalism, with its anti-allergen complete seal system that absorbs almost 99.99% of dust and also allergens thus preventing people from dealing with such elements. Shark Navigator lift-away cleaner has extensive suction force, solid and superior all-floor cleaning properties leaving a path of dust, dirt free environment. This cleaner is lightweight and comes with the swivel steering which makes it a lot easier to control around the house.


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1.BISSELL 9595ALightweight yet powerful, the BISSELL 9595A delivers fast and easy cleaning with its reliable suction capability plus the revolutionary brush design that takes up more dirt with every pass. The brush head rotates down to the carpet fibers to pull up embedded dirt, picking up a greater amount of dirt every time. The unit’s Cyclonic System delivers long-lasting powerful suction so you can finish up on the cleaning chores quickly while enjoying thorough cleaning results. The supplied Turbo Brush tool is handy for cleaning upholstery, stairs and more. The dirt tank is easy to empty over the garbage bin. With multi-level filtration, this model ensures that the air you breathe is free of irritation-causing particles that worsen allergies and asthma symptoms.


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Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352


Shark Navigator lift-away vacuum cleaner is light and presents great mobility features that allow you to cover a lot of ground within a short period of time. The cleaner comes with large, detachable and the latest anti-allergen seal technology canister with the capacity to trap about 99.99% dust and allergens from any environment within the house. Combining professional efficiency with great affordability, Shark Navigator supports superior carpet and bare floor capabilities any time you turn the device on and begin cleaning. Due to these unique features Shark Navigator is considered one of the best upright vacuum cleaners in 2019.


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Hoover Linx BH50010


With a stylish and modern appearance, the Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum cleaner can cover large areas of the house within a short period of time without problems or other types of difficulties. This featherweight cordless cleaner helps the user deliver great performance under any environment with ease leaving behind a cleaner surface. Equipped with the multi-cyclonic cleaning core and also the respected Hoover WindTunnel technology delivers a powerful cleaning force to any floor surface. One of the best upright vacuum cleaners in 2019 Hoover Linx is for many households a reliable cleaning tool with positive results every time it is turned on.


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Bissell 2763 PowerGlide


This upright vacuum comprise a portable Lift-Off Technology, where I can easily release it for cleaning the stairs and other areas. I also get to enjoy its multi-level filtration, because it helps a lot in lessening all the unwanted allergance. In addition, Bissell PowerGlide Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum has a lasting performance, because it has no loss of suction. I love how I can easily control it throughout our home because it has a swivel steering plus an on/off brush roll switch. Lightweight and portable, it is not hard for me to store it anywhere. It also has a foldable handle and an on-board tools, such as Pet TurboEraser Tool and crevice tool.


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Shark Navigator NV402 Elite


Shark Navigator Elite Professional Rotator has an even more improved swivel steering, so you can easily control your upright vacuum in different corners and hard-to-reach areas. Its longer reach, with a longer stretch hose further helps in reaching difficult areas. Aside from that, its full seal anti-allergen filter successfully filters 99.9% of dust and allergens with sealed HEPA filter housing. Its advanced cyclonic technology prevents dirt from clogging the filters and aids in the No Suction Loss Technology, so you will have the utmost cleaning power. With a lightweight and portable built, it’s just amazing how this upright vacuum can clean with flexibility and power people on the best upright vacuum cleaners reviews earn for.


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Products which are no longer available



Factory-reconditioned Dyson DC28 Animal


top rated upright vacuum cleaners reviewsWhen it comes to reliable and professional vacuum cleaners the Dyson DC28 animal model gathers strong expertise which translates into clean surfaces without dirt, dust or other harmful elements like hair follicles from pets. Dyson DC28 equipped with root cyclone technology ensures consistent and powerful suction features with no clogging and efficient in various surfaces. Furthermore the cleaner has embedded in its basic structure the air muscle technology that combines three cleaner head systems adjustable to clean any type of floor fast. This is the reason why many top rated upright vacuum cleaners reviews point out the efficiency of the Dyson DC28 animal cleaner.



Hoover C1404 Elite


Every respectable household knows that the Hoover cleaners reunite both efficiency and professionalism when it comes to cleaning. To this extent the Hoover C1404 elite lightweight commercial upright vacuum cleaner makes no exception, combining high quality and price affordability. The cleaner is equipped with slid allergen filtration system that absorbs dust mites, mold spores and other disturbing elements with ease and fast. Furthermore the Hoover Elite has two powerful brush agitators that clean smoothly the carpet or other surfaces which ensures the stability of clean environments. This is why it comes as no surprise to see the current top rated upright vacuum cleaners reviews speaking so highly of the Hoover C1404 cleaner.