Are you pressed for time, but still need to learn about the best utility cart available on the market? This short paragraph will offer you all the details you need. We researched the best utility carts available and we discovered that some models are better than the rest. After reading reviews written by buyers and experts, sales figures, and social media comments, we discovered that the Rubbermaid Commercial HD FG452500BEIG is the most solid choice at the moment. Sturdy and made from high-density resin, it offers the stability and durability you need from such a product. Its robust compartmentalization allows you to keep things nice and tidy, which is essential for all kinds of projects. The ergonomic handle helps you push the cart around with ease. Is the Rubbermaid Commercial HD FG452500BEIG no longer available? The Mac Sports Heavy Duty is almost as good, and it comes as a recommended second choice.



Buying Guide


There are many situations when the presence of a cart comes in handy. Whether you need to carry laundry, construction tools, groceries, or the supplies needed for a picnic, you will discover that a utility cart is a must-have. Since there are plenty of models available on the market, we want to come to your aid by offering you several great pointers on what you should base your choice.

Maximum capacity

The best utility cart is the model that helps you carry everything you need. When you evaluate the maximum capacity of a model, there are two things to keep in mind. The first is the maximum weight capacity. How many pounds is the model you want capable of carrying? You will find that not all utility carts are created equal and some are more capable than others.

A maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds is ideal, and also easy to find on many good models. However, if you need to strike a balance between features and weight capacity, some small sacrifices may have to be made. For instance, if you still want your cart to fit in a designated storage place and don’t have a lot of room at your disposal, you might have to give up on extra weight capacity.

The other consideration important for this aspect is the general dimensions of the cart. Some supplies are not necessarily heavy, but they take up a lot of room. This is where your cart should be able to excel, by offering you enough room for carrying the needed supplies.



How easy is it to move the cart around? When you take a look at a model and you are wondering what aspects are important, see if it has an ergonomic handle. After all, you will be the one pushing the cart and you should be able to do so in perfect conditions. If the handle is adjustable, that is a big plus, because you will be able to customize the cart taking after your own needs.

Another thing that counts towards good maneuverability is good wheels. If the wheels swivel for easy navigation, that is an added plus, and it may tip the balance in favor of a model. Generally speaking, the wheels should be easy to roll on any kind of terrain, and you should be able to guide the cart through more crowded places.

Larger wheels are great for navigating sandy beaches and more off the beaten paths. The materials used are important, too; rubber wheels are more manageable and also more durable.


Foldable – yes or no?

The best folding utility cart can offer some great advantages. For starters, it can be easily stored away, since it will fold flat. Another aspect you may like about such carts is that they tend to be more lightweight, since the transportation area is usually represented by a canvas bag that can also be detached. Keep in mind that foldable models are a better choice for laundry and grocery shopping, but not the best for transporting heavy materials, like construction tools and supplies.



Top Rated Utility Carts in 2019


You will find the best utility carts listed below. These models enjoy a lot of popularity from buyers and they offer all the needed features and functionality you would expect from such items.


Our recommendations


Rubbermaid Commercial HD FG452500BEIG


This utility cart is the ideal choice for transporting any kind of cargo you may think of. Whether you desire to carry around construction materials, other types of supplies, and bulky loads, you will find this model to be a good option. The Rubbermaid Commercial HD FG452500BEIG comes equipped with an ergonomic handle that allows you to control and steer the utility cart as you see fit.

Another great thing about this model is that it comes with compartments already molded, so you will find it easy to organize your supplies during transportation. The available holsters, notches and hooks help with securing in place the materials and supplies you are transporting.

The housing is made from high density resin, which makes the cart durable and sturdy. If you are currently shopping for a heavy duty model, you will discover that this model ticks all the check boxes. It helps with carrying heavy weights, it is easy to push and manipulate, and it offers good compartmentalization so you can keep things organized with ease.

This company is known for making high-quality utility carts, but this one stands out on its own as it is capable of carrying 30% more than other previous models created by the same manufacturer.

Buy from Amazon for ($187.67)




Mac Sports Heavy Duty


You will surely appreciate the convenience offered by this utility cart. You will not have to assemble it, as the cart unfolds and takes just seconds to be completely set up. If you are looking for a model that is easy to store away when not in use, you can hardly do any better than this cart. When folded, the cart is just 9.7 inches thick and the manufacturer also throws in a carry case.

The cart itself is lightweight, compared to other models on the market. Do not let yourself fooled by the low weight of the cart; this is not a flimsy option. The frame is designed to sustain a lot of weight, seeing that you can carry up to 150 pounds with it.

In terms of functionality, the Mac Sports Heavy Duty does not disappoint, either. Besides being capable of carrying an impressive weight, it comes equipped with a handle that can be adjusted as you see fit. A nice touch is represented by the two mesh cup holders you can use for keeping a cup of coffee or any other beverage you might prefer. The large wheels let you take this utility cart everywhere you want, be it the beach, the park or a concert location.

Buy from Amazon for ($85.29)




Versacart 112691


The first thing you will notice about the Versacart is the rugged frame, made from high-quality steel. You will not have to doubt the capacity of this utility cart to withstand heavy weights. The next thing that needs to be said about this model is that the cart is easy to maneuver. This happens due to the special configuration of the wheels.

The front wheels swivel with ease, so you can navigate crowds and more difficult layouts, while the rear wheels are built for offering increased stability. The bag is also built for durability. It is made from nylon, resistant to water and appointed with a matching cover that will help you protect more delicate cargos. The canvas bag can be detached as you see fit.

When you do not have any need for the cart, you can simply fold it and store it away. There is another advantage offered by this particular configuration. You will not have to worry about assembling the cart. With a simple clock on the front wheels, the cart unfolds and is ready to go.

The maximum weight allowed is 120 pounds, while the total weight of the cart is 9 pounds. You can store it away in the trunk of your car or a closet at home. This cart is easy to use for grocery shopping, camping and many other things.

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