Top rated vacuum pumps in 2019


It’s a common scenario that your air conditioning or refrigeration is not working properly so you have called a technician for home service. Everything is ok till now but the problem starts when he sends you the bill and you find it beyond your expectation. Do not wait for a technician, the best vacuum pump reviews provide information for taking care of your air conditioning problems at reasonable price. A vacuum pump, the ultimate doctor of air conditioning and refrigeration should be in your home.


Our recommendations


FJC 6912


Best Vacuum Pumps ReviewsThe twin port technology of the FJC Vacuum Pump provides a 2-stage performance. Its new advanced technology removes moisture from your home appliances like your air conditioner and refrigerator. This sturdy machine is well built for long lasting. This machine’s quality is tested in laboratories. You can use this product for years but it will look and perform just like new ones. To keep your air conditioning moisture free, the best vacuum pumps reviews made a list of top the five items. The FJC topped in the list and it has an affordable price.

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Robinair 15500 VacuMaster


The Robinair provides a faster service than other vacuum pumps of other manufacturers. Its unique design enables it to perform quietly and provides a powerful vacuum capability. This unit includes an internal exhaust filter that separates oil vapors from the exhaust flow. The aluminum made body keeps the pump’s body weight low. This allows you to easily carry it everywhere. Moreover, it is an outstanding performer including a wide range of service applications. You can get this sturdy system unit at a great price.

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Yellow Jacket 93560 SuperEvac


Highly efficient, most powerful and the fastest vacuum pump is the Yellow Jacket and it is an outstanding workhorse. Its heavy duty motor assures an easy start during cold weather. This machine perfectly evacuates and removes particles from your air conditioner or refrigerator. You can use it both at your office or at home as you know it is easily portable. It will work so quietly that you will be stunned to see its performance. The price is not high for this awesome system unit, between $380 and $440 only! Isn’t it a great deal?

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FJC 6905


Another vacuum pump from the FJC brand has made its place in the top five lists of the best vacuum pumps reviews. This is a cheaper version but performs like more expensive ones. You can easily save a handsome amount of money if you get this appliance at your home. How is it possible? Your A/C technician may charge for his provided service beyond your imagination. So give thanks to the FJC vacuum pump which is very cheap. This unit will last for many years continuously saving up the technician’s fee.

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Mastercool 90066


Whether you are a professional technician or not, this cool vacuum pump can change the way you work with your appliances. This unit comes with excellent advantages for a very low price. It is the best friend of your air conditioning. Its suction pump works really great. If you are not using the Mastercool, then you are probably paying your technician a great deal! A large bottle of oil also comes with this system unit which is enough for the pump. Overall, it is a great product with outstanding performance.

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