Top Varifocal Lens Security Cameras in 2019


Offering users greater freedom via size of range that can be selected according to preference, items described in the best varifocal lens security camera reviews give you a choice on angle of view, focal length and level of zoom. Unlike a fixed lens that does not offer adjustment on those elements despite a wide angle, a varifocal lens security camera lets you see essential details easily.


Toughsty® MT-HDD101 Dome Security Camera


Featured in many best varifocal lens security camera reviews, the Toughsty® MT-HDD101 offers a 1/3-inch Panasonic CMOS Sensor, which requires little power to stay effective. The camera has motion detection so it can capture moving images clearly and in sufficient detail. The True Day/Night Mechanical Lens Filter evens out the contrasts between light and dark to deliver amazing detail. The unit has earned class-leading IP66 rating, your assurance of amazing dustproof and watertight protection of the device’s most vital components. With HLC feature, the camera reduces the brightness in strong spots to deliver improved overall images.

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GW GW40HSurveillance CCTV Outdoor / Indoor Security Camera


Offering 650 TV Lines to deliver supremely clear images, this Gw Surveillance CCTV model is truly the best varifocal lens security camera 2019 for many happy customers. It features 42 pieces of Infrared LED, which captures movement most effectively to give you crisp, clear images. The camera has an impressive IR distance of 114 feet, which means you can see faces, movement or other important details even when they’re that many feet away. Built for indoor and outdoor use, the Gw Surveillance CCTV Outdoor / Indoor Security Camerais designed with waterproof properties.

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R-Tech RVD70B Outdoor Dome Security Camera


With 700 TV lines of high-definition resolution, the R-Tech RVD70B Outdoor Dome Security Camera with Varifocal Lens delivers superior image quality. It is one of the top varifocal lens security cameras 2019 thanks to the versatile 2.8 to 12 mm lens that offers a wide range of viewing areas. Its IR distance is pegged at 98 feet, so you can obtain high-performance video even in completely dark settings. The camera is vandal-proof and weather-resistant, withstanding the toughest of outdoor conditions. With onboard Auto Gain Control plus Back Light Compensation (BLC), the camera produces optimum picture quality no matter what level of light there may be.

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GW GW808H Varifocal Lens Outdoor / Indoor Camera


Utilizing a 1/3-inch Color Sony CMOS image sensor, this best varifocal lens security camera 2019 is able to provide superior quality image no matter what time of day. The Advanced IR cut filter function combines with the most revolutionary sensor to provide high-quality 1000 TV lines plus high color reproduction to enable you to have clear descriptions of subjects when needed for investigations. The 42 built-in Infrared LEDs offers an effective infrared range of up to 114 feet, for outstanding motion detection. The built-in varifocal lens allows you to adjust the viewing angle to your specifications.

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GW GW850CSecurity Outdoor Indoor Security Camera


Designed to deliver 850 TV lines with its hardworking, 2.8~12mm Lens, the GW GW850C Security Outdoor Indoor Security Camera captures elusive details that other brands are not able to provide. This revolutionary surveillance tool has a reliable 70-foot IR distance so you can see images in clear quality. The Auto Gain Control defines both bright and dim scenes so you can view ghosting-free images easily without blurring. The Auto Electronic Shutter enables the shutter speed to change according to the quantity of perceived light to maintain signal output at optimal levels.

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