How to Buy a Top Vibration Platform


Vibration machines are great for improving some aspects of a user’s health, such as improving circulation and general fitness and increasing muscle strength. Yet with so many available options out there on the market, any customer can end up feeling baffled.

We’ve decided to give a helping hand to anyone who might be looking for the best vibration platform fitness machine of 2019. Be sure to correlate your needs with the features of the model. Here’s what you should know.

Best Vibration Platform

Speed range and frequency range

Acceleration and frequency are said to be the two most important details to picking the right unit. The speed range of most models is between 1 and 50, while the frequency range can be anywhere between 6 and 60Hz. Since it’s difficult to realize just what speed and frequency range you might require for a successful training session, we recommend going through some of the best vibration platform reviews.

Seniors and people suffering from joint problems are kindly asked to consult their physician before using high speed or frequency ranges.


Noise, power consumption and size

Unfortunately for people who are looking to avoid bothering neighbors or other members of their family, with vibration machines, the rule is simple: the larger it is, the higher the performance.

The platform is required to release a large amount of mechanical energy into the user’s muscles, which means that heavy, loud and big units have the highest chance of being the best. Also, the larger the model, the larger its capacity, which translates into its ability to withstand more weight compared to a smaller platform.


Cost and recommendations

While cheaper models can cost as little as five hundred dollars, high-end vibration platforms can be worth around two thousand bucks. In theory, the cheapest models aren’t exactly the best, as they won’t do much good for increasing muscle strength. If possible, set a budget and stick to it.

Here’s where the reviews of other customers come in handy, as they can tell you just what to expect in terms of reliability, product quality and value/price ratio.


Top Rated Vibration Platforms in 2019


For your consideration, we’ve selected three of the top rated vibration platforms of 2019. All of the following units have acquired the appreciation of many American and worldwide customers and are relatively well-known for offering the bang for the buck. They’re well-constructed and built to last and do a good job when it comes to performance.


Confidence Fitness Slim NHCFV-2000 Vibration Platform


1.Confidence Fitness SlimConfidence Fitness has been on the market for quite a while now, so the company has a withstanding reputation of developing good-quality exercise and fitness machines.

This vibration platform is no different to the brand’s quality standards, as emphasized by the over a thousand positive ratings that it has gathered. Actually, the model is so esteemed that we might even go as far as say that it’s collected some of the best vibration platform reviews.

The neat thing about the Confidence Fitness Slim is that it can be utilized for a variety of health benefits, such as increasing muscle strength, improving general fitness and circulation and combatting cellulite.

Both the manufacturer and some customers claim that 10 minutes on the platform are synonymous with an hour of conventional exercise. For some, it has done wonders in terms of weight loss, while for others it has helped with improving mobility.

The frequency range of the model is between 50 and 60Hz and the speed range is between 1 and 50. The maximum weight that is allowed on this unit is 300 lbs.

While some online marketplaces sell it for over six hundred bucks, Amazon customers can benefit from the retailer’s seasonal discounts and often get it for less than five hundred.

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Merax Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine


2.Merax Full BodyThe Merax variety is a tad more affordable compared to the previously mentioned one, so it speaks to the users who are not willing to ruin their entire budget on account of buying a vibration platform.

This model can be purchased in three main variants: with a 2000W motor, with a 600W motor and as a mini fitness machine.

Unlike other products in the same line, this one can be used for achieving a wide array of fitness and toning goals, from muscle building and muscle toning to cellulite reduction and weight loss.

Usability is an innate feature of this model, as it has an easy-to-use console that features a collection of window display screens.

Speed range and frequency range largely differ depending on the model you end up choosing. For example, the speed range of the black 2000W model is between 1 and 160, while the one of the 600W variety is between 1 and 50.

Let’s see what customers had to say about the Merax. Some speak highly of the value offered for the price, while others simply claim that it performs great. According to a male customer who has tested a similar model that costed around $1,000, this one does the exact same thing and is considerably more affordable.

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3.Crazy Fit Vibration ProThis is a 1000W vibration platform that is somewhere between the Merax and the Confidence Fitness models that we have showcased above. Both the price and the performance of the unit make it a good deal for people looking for an occasional workout. As is the case with the previously described Merax variety, this one features a console that displays data regarding the body mass index, the elapsed time and the current speed.

The neat thing about the Crazy Fit Vibration Pro is that it has 50 speed level adjustments, thus allowing customers to customize the platform according to their needs and preferences.

The base of the platform is anti-slip.

There is a minor downfall to choosing the model, and it consists of the maximum weight. 265 pounds might be an inconvenience for some users.

The pack includes the instruction manual, assembly tools, a 120V grounded power cord and the actual unit.

Out of the 65 people that purchased this model, over 80% were satisfied with what they got and took the time to write positive reviews. Most individuals emphasize that it’s more or less easy to assemble and that the provided tools are good quality.