If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best video monitor money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best baby video monitors on the market by looking at owner feedback, sales figures and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Infant Optics DXR – 8 is the best because it is easy to use and provides all the video info you may need to see in order to rest assured that your infant is having a restful sleep or is safe at all times. The display unit features a large 3.5-inch LCD screen, and the interface of this product makes it possible for users t customize the viewing angle and the zoom of the optical lens. With the screen on, the unit can be used for as many as six hours at a time. It the Infant Optics DXR – 8 is unavailable, you could also consider the Samsung SEW – 3043 as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Display Size Price Wireless – Wired Display Type Our Rating Where to buy

Infant Optics DXR-5

2.4″ $$ Wireless TFT LCD A+ AMAZON

Motorola MBP33

2.8″ $$$$ Wireless LCD A+ AMAZON

Motorola MBP36

3.5″ $$$$$ Wireless LCD B+ AMAZON

Samsung SEW-3036WN

3.5″ $$$ Wireless LCD B AMAZON

Withings Smart Baby

Gadget Size $$$ Wireless Your iPhone, iPad display type C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Buying a baby monitor with video camera can be an adventure these days, as the market holds many alternatives that should be analyzed before making your final decision. If you’re feeling a tad baffled because of the diversity of products that exists out there, all you have to do is go through our buying guide. We’ve selected some of the crucial info that needs to be considered when choosing one model over the next.


Battery life

While the battery life of the product certainly matters a great deal, what you have to be aware of is that video monitors perform significantly worse in this regard, particularly when compared to their sound-activated counterparts. If you don’t buy a model that comes with smartphone app, you’ll have to rely on the battery of the display unit and let’s face it. Playing video for several hours on end can take a toll on a tablet or any other mobile device, let alone a baby monitor. It’s true that some units are better than others, and what makes it easy for you to select the right one is that most manufacturing brands specify the battery life in their product descriptions. However, a parent must be a tad wary with regard to these claims and go through several user reviews to see how efficient the model actually is.


Number of cameras

It all boils down to what you feel most comfortable with using. Some parents might find it easier to look at their toddler using two different angles, just to feel reassured that nothing is going wrong in the room or sleeping place of the infant. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that most models which come with 2 cameras can be significantly more expensive compared to one-cam alternatives. Another factor you’ll need to take into account regarding the camera of the unit is whether you want it to come with night vision or not. What this means is that the product will be able to turn on a small LED light so that you’re able to glance at the features of your baby sleeping or check if something is wrong if he or she has woken up.



If you’ve recently gone back to work and would feel a lot safer if you were to look at what your baby is doing while you’re at the office, what you need to do is get a model that is compatible with phone. In most cases, you’re likely to notice that some of the cutting-edge options feature iOS and Android smartphone integration but often lack the ability to connect to Blackberry or Windows Phone. Therefore, you have to correlate the brand and operating system of your mobile phone with the capabilities of the device you plan to purchase.


Operating range

While this feature might be less important for those devices that can connect to a smartphone app using the WiFi in your home, it certainly matters a great deal for when you need to utilize the baby monitor while you are in the house. The range is also specified in the product description, but you’ll end up being disappointed if you actually believe that a video baby monitor can have a range of 2,000 feet. That’s close to impossible, based on the info that we have gathered as there are many devices already in your home that might interfere with the operating frequency of the baby monitor. A superior range might be feasible if you live in a large home, but just to be on the safe side, do a bit of research on your own to find out whether the model you’re prospecting really offers such a good transmission range or not.


Extra features

When it comes to versatility, some products are better than others. Those that come with temperature can let you know if the ambient is good enough for your child. The ones that have push-to-talk buttons can even let you whisper or talk to the toddler while you’re heading toward his or her room. Motion and sound detection, as well as sleep timers, are also handy, so you’ll need to decide which of these extras are a must for you.



Top rated video baby monitors in 2019


The best video baby monitors are showcased below. These models have been granted the appreciation of many American and Canadian parents, so they are definitely worth considering if you still have not made up your mind. They are efficient, convenient, and reliable, and will let you sleep better at night.


Our recommendations


Infant Optics DXR-8 



Compared to other products in the line, the Infant Optics DXR-8 is significantly more affordable. In spite of its low price, the model is packed with some of the most useful features ever to have been invented in the industry of manufacturing baby monitors. The optical lens can be customized with regard to the viewing angle and zoom, thus allowing you to look at the areas of interest in the room where the baby is sleeping or resting. The 3.5-inch LCD display makes it a breeze to glance at clear pictures of your toddler. Besides, since the product is sound-activated, it can give you more than enough freedom.


Buy from Amazon for ($165.8)




Samsung SEW-3043W



One of the core advantages of choosing the Samsung SEW-3043W consists of the fact that it can be connected up to four cameras. Every camera unit can be customized so that it displays different angles depending on your preferences. In addition, this model comes with a 5-inch touchscreen monitor that makes it easy for you to adjust the settings of the interface and look at amazing pictures of your baby. What’s more, the Samsung SEW-3043W supports night-light and comes with four pre-programmed lullabies. Since both the display and the cam unit have microphones, two-way talk is possible with this product.


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VTech VM321 



In spite of the fact that it costs less than two hundred dollars, the VTech VM321 is one of the top choices of parents who want to look at their toddlers using two different angles. The pack includes two baby units and a parent monitor which is a 2.8-inch LCD color screen. Additionally, the night vision mode is automatic with this model, which is reassuring given that most parents want to see what’s going on if the baby has woken up all of the sudden. This product also comes with a 2-way talk-back intercom that lets you speak to the infant while you’re heading to his or her room or choose one of the five preset lullabies featured by the VTech VM321.


Buy from Amazon for ($179.95)




Hellobaby Security Digital



If your budget is rather limited and you aren’t looking for overly complex characteristics that may make a baby monitor difficult to use, perhaps it’s just the right time to check out the specs of the Hellobaby unit. The transmission range of this model is up to 960 feet, which means that you’ll be able to use it in your home without any issues whatsoever. Besides, the product supports two-way talk and comes with a night-vision function. Since this is a wireless baby monitor, chances are you won’t run into any problems regarding the interference of the device with other electronics you might own.


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Infant Optics DXR-5


best video baby monitorSearching for the best baby monitor can be difficult given the high number of products available on the market but within a short period of time, as information begins to pill up, you will understand why the Infant Optics DXR-5 baby monitor is considered the best. With a 2.4 TFT full color display, a range of 800 feet, and FHSS technology that ensures a free and solid connection, the Infant Optics video baby monitor can help parents keep track of the child, monitoring his/her actions with attention and diligence.


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Motorola MBP33


When it comes to baby monitors, Motorola always managed to offer high quality products with the capacity to help parents to take extra care of their children. This model is an excellent device with three screen sizes: 1.5 inch, 2.8 inch and 3.5 inch. The Motorola MBP33 wireless video monitor includes infrared vision, a sturdy wall mount, a 200 meters range with an alarm that goes off when out of range, two ways communication needed for parents to talk to their child, color LCD screen, thermometer and it can also take photos. To this extent it is no surprise to see the Motorola MBP33 model as the best video baby monitors in 2019.


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Motorola MBP36


Considered by many specialists and technicians as the best video baby monitors in 2019, the Motorola MBP36 represents one of the most advanced versions currently available on the market. With a solid structure, stylish aspect and the latest technological installments, the Motorola MBP36 maintains the link between parents and the infant clear and strong within a 200 meter range. The device has a 3.5” color LCD screen capable of 25 fps, connected through the 2.4 ghz wireless technology that allows you to see the child at any moment you might want to.


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Samsung SEW-3036WN


The Samsung SEW-3036WN Wireless Video Baby Monitor Night Vision and Zoom has a 3.5 inches high quality color LCD display and a secure and interference free 2.4 GHz signal. Moreover, it has a night vision feature that allows you to view clearly at up to 15ft, even in low light. With the certain accuracy and protection it gives because of its Pure Digital Signal feature with a range of 800ft, you are ensured that there are no interruptions, which most parents have pointed out in the best video baby monitors reviews. But finding this product and recommending it on their reviews also speaks that they have found the best answer for them and their baby’s needs.


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Withings Smart


I love the Withings Smart Baby Monitor because it enables me to watch over my child with the utmost certainty and convenience I just need. With an HD video and a motion-free, intuitive Pan Tilt zoom, I can see him with just one touch on the screen. With this, I can virtually see my child and my worry starts to lessen. An automatic night vision feature further ensures me that I can always see clearly, despite the light conditions. Of course, seeing my baby in the room is not enough. It is also important for every parent like me to know what’s happening around, like the noises, motion, temperature and humidity in the baby’s room. I am glad that I finally found the ideal baby monitor.


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Summer Baby Touch


top rated baby monitors reviewsThe Summer Baby Touch is one of the best devices currently available on the market, combining both high quality and effectiveness. Having professional features that maintain the proper connection with the child, the Summer infant baby monitor has a 3.5 inch screen that enables you to see the child and through the huge 400 feet range keeps the link stable. With a solid docking station which ensures easy charging of the device, the Summer infant baby monitor will not disappoint you by sleeping on the job. Once you read the top rated baby monitors reviews you will understand why this device is perfect for your parenting skills.


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Unavailable products


Levana LV-TW502 Safe N’ Se Advanced


Currently one of the best baby monitors available on the market is, the Levana LV-TW502 safe N’ Se and advanced 3.5-inch digital video wireless baby monitor with talk and remote controlled lullabies. With the large 3.5’’ LCD, the advanced clear view wireless technology allows the parent to see the baby from a range of 450 feet. Furthermore, the Levana LV-TW502 model has a temperature monitoring system that ensures the safety of your baby. It comes as no surprise to see that top rated video baby monitors reviews give good marks to this Levana model.