Top rated video baby monitors under 200 in 2019


Becoming a better parent!

Baby care means 24/7 monitoring and adopting modern means of safety and protection, primordial for the wellbeing of the little one. Today, a growing number of people are trying to improve their parental skills and thus creating a soothing and healthy environment for children to grow in. Well, great child observation is the equivalent of good results, and implicitly happiness. In order to ensure that you’ll see in details how the little one behaves and grows, you need to resort to an advanced video baby monitor. How can you find the best video baby monitor? Well, the answer to this question will come naturally once you read some of the most recent best video baby monitors reviews. With such relevant information, the selection process will become lighter and ultimately you will end up with a reliable video baby monitor! It’s time to become a full on parent, with the right tools, needed to keep the little one safe and happy!


Motorola MBP33 Video Baby Monitor


Motorola products are known for their high quality materials and smooth functionality. To this end seeing MBP33 among the current best video baby monitors under $200 comes as no surprise whatsoever. Designed with attention, the device reunites the technical expertise of Motorola technicians and creates a solid bond between parent and child. The device comes equipped with a solid 2.4 GHz FHSS technology that maintains sound clarity every time you establish a link with the little one. You will be able to hear him and speak to your son or daughter every time you want without any problems whatsoever. The monitor has a clear 2.8” LCD color display that displays with detail the child, even at night. Fort tighter security, the monitor has a solid data encryption which keeps away prying eyes. It comes with an impressive range of 200 meters, letting you know when you are out of the respective space. If you are a responsible parent then this is the monitor you need. Furthermore the device comes with a reliable 2-way communication system which permits you to speak to the child. The infrared night vision helps you stay in touch with your child even in poor lighting conditions.

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Infant Optics DXR-5 video baby monitor


One of the best video baby monitors under $200 is, according to thousands of satisfied parents, Infant Optics DXR-5 with Night Vision. Use this advanced monitor in order to keep track on the little one, even when you are not home. The model was designed with portability in mind, with a slim and lightweight body helping parents monitor the child with ease. This video baby monitor features a 2.4 GHz digital wireless FHSS communication link, keeping the connection solid and clear. DXR-5 from Infant Optics maintains a 100% secure and delivers optimal video and audio clarity, every time of the day. The model comes with a 2.4 inch super bright TFT screen, letting you see in clarity the nursery. In addition, the baby monitor delivers a solid 150 feet indoor range and also an impressive 800 feet outdoor reception range. You should also know that the monitor can stream video feed at a precise 30 frames per second, keeping video smooth in full-color. DXR-5 includes a built-in audio and video shutoff module, created to fully eliminate white noise when the sound level below a predetermined level for around 10 seconds. Enjoy better sleep, knowing that the job is done by the video baby monitor.

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Summer Infant Baby monitor


Your life as a parent will become a lot easier once you install Summer Infant Baby Touch video monitor in your nursery. The model features a precise easy-to-use touchscreen that permits you to control the camera without problems. It features a sleek and modern 3-1/2 inch LCD screen that delivers an impressive link with the child within a range by up to 400 feet. The device can accommodate with ease 4 cameras, which safely monitors the nursery or any other room of the house. Summer Infant Baby monitor features a monitor docking station, sound activated lights, belt clip and a powerful rechargeable battery. This baby monitor is a superb color touchscreen which keeps the monitoring process smooth and intuitive. You can use the smartphone in order to control camera to zoom, scan, pan or adjust the video volume and brightness settings. The monitor includes a magnetic docking system for extra convenience. In addition to the sleek design, the monitor received multiple awards which included Parent Tested Parent Approved 2011 Award.