Top Video Camera Reviews


A video camera will capture special events and moments and there are several models to choose from. Your budget, the size of the video camera, along with necessary features all need to be factored into your decision. With the helpful tips included in this buying guide you will be able to confidently choose the best video camera in 2019.

A.Video camera 2019


The best video camera reviews suggest deciding on the type of camcorder based on your general needs. Full size video cameras are lightweight, portable, and capable of 10x the magnification as older models. These versatile video cameras can include a variety of different features, and are often inexpensively priced. Action camcorders are ideal for capturing fast moving video, and many are also shake proof and water resistant. There are also 4k camcorders, but these models are often priced higher than other types of video cameras.



Almost all camcorders are capable of recording high definition video, which ensures that all of your images are bright and clear. Some models can record HD video in 1080i, but the best video cameras of 2019 are able to capture images with the same 1080p format you’ve come to expect from a Blu-ray disc. 4k video cameras have the advantage of being able to capture images in ultra high definition so you can enjoy seeing your recorded videos in sharp, bright color.



As stated in the best video camera reviews there are several features to consider. The “point and shoot” function automatically adjusts the settings on the video camera so you can concentrate on enjoying the moment, instead of focusing on the camcorder. Auto and manual focus capabilities ensure that the video is clear in any type of lighting, and some include amazing 3D capabilities. Other features to consider include projectors built into the LCD screen, along with a power saving viewfinder feature. Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy to share your videos with family and friends, and an included USB cord is always convenient.


Top Rated Video Cameras in 2019


While we can’t choose a camcorder for you, we can show you the best video cameras for 2019. Each of these models is capable of capturing high resolution images, and is designed to be easy to use. With the right video camera you can easily record all of the special moments in your life.


Samsung F90 Black Camcorder


1.Samsung F90 Black CamcorderAs stated by the top rated video camera reviews this model is capable of recording clear and detailed images close up, and at a distance. You have the advantage of the wide aperture lens that is capable of capturing brilliant details in low light settings, along with the strong 52x optical zoom lens. This lets you shoot high definition video in any setting, and you’ll love being able to see all of your images on the wide angle LCD viewing screen.

The 2.7 inch screen gives you a view of your shots from any angle, so you can see exactly what you are recording. With sensors that are capable of producing rich, true to life colors, you will love how crisp and clear your videos are. You also have the advantage of the HDMI output that lets you watch your recorded images on any HDTV. You can also upload videos to social media sites and share favorite home movies with friends and family.

This video camera is easy to operate and includes plenty of features that are designed to improve your experience. You can add music to certain parts of your videos, and bookmark favorite spots. There is also a convenient function that pauses the recording during breaks and intermissions, and you can also condense hours of video to only a few scenes with the convenient “time lapse” feature.

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Sony HDRAS 100V/W Video Camera


2.Sony HDRAS 100V-WThis is considered the best video camera in 2019, and features a lightweight and durable construction that is perfect for recording every exciting moment outside. The compact camcorder fits comfortably in your hand, and the included tripod makes it easy to mount on your bike. You have the advantage of the durable casing to protect the video camera from splashes, and the shake proof mode keeps your images steady even when you aren’t.

You can add more details to your videos with the included GPS software, and the camcorder can even record sounds. Wi-Fi connectivity you can instantly share clips of your outdoor adventures while you are on the go, and you can also connect the camcorder to a mobile device. Frame shots and control the video camera’s settings without having to stop your outdoor adventure.

The low light sensor ensures that all of your images are sharp and focused, and with 50Mbps rate of data transfer the video camera can keep up with all of the fast paced action. Take amazing high quality 13.5MP photos when the camcorder is in “still image mode”, and you will love watching all of your adventures later in high definition clarity.

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Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD Camcorder


3.Canon VIXIA HF G20 HDRecord concerts, sporting and family events with this video camera, and never worry about missing a single minute. This camcorder features a 32GB memory that gives you an impressive 12 hours of continual recording. With two additional slots for SD cards included, this video camera has plenty of storage for any long lasting event.

The LCD touch screen is bright and easy to read, and the menu is simple to navigate. You can even add fun and decorative effects to your images from the touch screen. The auto mode takes all of the guessing out of capturing crystal clear images, and the professional sensor ensures that not even low light settings will ruin your video.

With the 10x HD lens you can capture brilliant colors and clear backgrounds, while the image stabilizer keeps all of your shots smooth and clear. The video camera also includes 9 additional filters to give your home movies a theater feel. Use the sepia filter to give your images an aged look, or create high quality black and white home movies. Easy and fun to use, this top video camera can help you create professional images and movies.

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