Expert Buying Guide on Video Cameras


In our digital world, getting a new video camera seems like a simple task. Unfortunately, most often, finding a good video camera is a matter of luck more than anything else. This article will help you make the right decision by revealing the main aspects to look for when buying a new video camera. Read ahead and you will get the best information available, helping you save a lot of time and money on your next purchase.

A.Video Camera

Video resolution

Considered by all the best video camera reviews to be the number one on the buying checklist, the video resolution of your new video camera must be as high as possible. Having a good video resolution at your disposal means that whenever you desire to have your images recorded in HD quality you can do it without using a different model or brand.

While not used on all recordings, a high video resolution gives the user plenty of flexibility on choosing the desired video quality depending on the situation and personal preference. Keeping in mind that excess video resolution may cost a lot, aim for the model that has the highest possible video resolution, without going over your budget.


Stabilization and other video functions

The second most desired function of a new video camera is movement stabilization. Having good resolution helps a lot, but without a steady hand, the images will be blurry and lack quality and clarity. Whenever you are buying a new video camera, it is wise to take a closer look at its stabilization features and options.

Together with stabilization, additional video functions and adjustments may help create the perfect recording. Praised by all the best video camera reviews, these video options can have a big impact on your camera functionality and adaptability on the long run.



Having a portable video camera is essential whenever you are using it on the move or around the house. Easy to pack and carry, simple to operate and hold, a portable camera will easily fit inside your travel bag and you will be able to take it with you everywhere you go. Ranked higher by the best video camera reviews, compact models use advanced electronics and optics to deliver the best possible image together with perfect comfort.


Top Rated Video Cameras in 2019


After reading the best camcorder reviews and charts available, we decided to take a closer look ourselves at the most praised and highly ranked models. Loved by their users and gaining a lot of positive reviews, these models are the best choices available on the market right now.



Samsung F90 Camcorder


1.Samsung F90 CamcorderIdeal for recording your most precious family and holiday memories, this video camera is one of the most praised video camera models you can buy today. Created by Samsung, one of the most worldwide renowned video equipment manufacturers, this video camera is the perfect choice for anyone in need of a good, portable and simple to use family model.

Helping you record everything you want, this video camera comes equipped with an excellent 52x optical zoom and a high quality video sensor capable of recording crystal clear HD videos even in low light conditions. Excellent for both indoor and outdoor video recording, the Samsung F90 is considered by many to be the best video camera 2019.

With its low weight and great compact fame, the Samsung F90 is excellent for traveling. Simple to pack and easy to carry, this model will be ready for action the moment you reach your destination. Whether you will use to record family reunions or during outdoor trips, this video camera will always be ready to take the most beautiful recordings possible.

Durable and fun to use, this video camera is rightfully loved by all its users and reviewers alike. Designed for comfort, simple to use and perfectly balanced, the Samsung F90 is one of the most family friendly models you can buy right now.

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Sony HDRAS100V/W Video Camera


2.Sony HDRAS100V-W Video CameraHaving a good video camera with you whenever you are hiking, camping fishing or hunting is the best way to immortalize and record those precious outdoor moments. Using a durable, splash proof casing and a superb video stabilization feature, the Sony HDRAS100V is capable of delivering the best quality recordings regardless of the environment conditions and body movements.

Designed to endure a lot of abuse, durable and resistant to water, this video camera is the perfect hiker’s choice. Using its ultra-high resolution and capable of filming at higher frames per second, the Sony HDRAS100V is capable of creating incredible slow motion videos. Being able to capture the entire experience frame by frame at the highest possible resolution is the definition of a good action camera.

Advanced stabilization functions keep the image steady during vibrations and movements, protecting the sensitive parts from damage and delivering excellent quality video image. Using its own GPS locator, it can record the precise location, traveling speed and direction, and it is perfect for bikers, hikers and even motorists.

Named the best video camera 2019 for its image quality, durability and outdoor performance and image this is one of the most praised models of the season. Recording all the action when it happens, this Sony HDRAS100V camera is the best choice for an active person who loves to go outside and experience the nature in its fullest.

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Canon VIXIA HF R600


3.Canon VIXIA HF R600When quality matters most, this video camera model is the perfect choice. Capable of real time recording high definition videos the Canon VIXIA comes equipped with one of the most sensitive video sensors money can buy today. This video camera is perfect for recording anything at perfect quality, from the precious first steps of a baby to the face of the loved ones or a lovely sunset at the beach.

Helping it deliver such a perfect image, this video camera comes equipped with an excellent optical stabilized sensor capable of 57x magnification and real time full HD recording. Excellent at recording anything indoor and outdoor, moving or static, the Canon VIXIA is one of the most versatile and powerful video camera models nowadays.

Smart and simple to use, this video camera is capable of recording sound at the same excellent quality as it does with image. Using its Audio Scene Select, it will automatically adjust its recording volume depending on the location and the ambient noise. Loved by all parents, the Baby Mode creates a video journal with the life of the little ones as they grow.

Regarded to be one of the top rated video cameras 2019, the Canon VIXIA HF R600 is the ideal choice for anyone who desires the best possible quality video recordings with family and friends.

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