Top rated video games reviews


From time to time people love to play different games in order to relax. Now, picking one of the best video games 2019 is pretty easy after reading professional reviews. Since investing in a video game is mainly a personal choice it doesn’t hurt to consult additional information. We attentively reviewed 30 of the most popular video games available on the market in order to provide a professional take on what makes them great. After 80 hours of fun tests and long hours of gaming we determined that these five titles should be played at least once by a pro gamer.


Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag


Best video games 2019In the beautiful world of gaming, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag from Ubisoft offers hours of fun! This game is set in 1715 where pirates ruled the Caribbean. In this lawless pirate republic people get the chance to play Edward Kenway. He has the respect of pirate legends like Blackbeard but needs to survive in a bloodthirsty ancient war. Players have the possibility to go through 50 unique locations such as underwater shipwrecks, hidden coves, lost ruins, untamed jungles, cities and many more. This game from Ubisoft offers access to a beautiful world, packed with new challenges at every turn.

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Electronic Arts Battlefield 4 PlayStation 4


Everyone wants to play a challenging and fun game, with hours of amazing gameplay. One of the best video games 2019 comes from Electronic Arts, Battlefield 4. What makes this game so special? Well, it offers a thrilling gaming experience with hours of chaos and shooting. In this world, users can go through interactive environments and have the opportunity to discover new things! The game uses the Frostbite 3 engine which delivers impressive visual and audio clarity thus making the whole experience dramatic and realistic. Players that love FPS games for PlayStation will absolutely adore the latest version of Battlefield.

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Electronic Arts Madden NFL 25 PlayStation 4


It makes sense to see a football gameamong the top video games of 2019. People that own PlayStation 4 gaming consoles should consider investing in the Madden NFL 25 from Electronic Arts. This game is absolutely amazing! It offers stunning high definition visuals, allowing gamers to see in detail the player’s face, clothing and equipment. Furthermore, the game offers high-fidelity animations for more authentic player feel. Players have great control over the whole game helping them enjoy the entire gaming experience! In addition, it offers an owner mode which offers players the chance to own a team and manage personnel.

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Square Enix Thief PlayStation 4


We recommend Thief from Square Enix for its excellent story line. Designed for the PlayStation 4, this game is absolutely amazing! Players get to become Garrett the master thief whose adventures keep them on their toes for hours. From the shadows of the City, Garrett has to survive a stream of conflicts that never end. It includes high-end visual effects for a dramatic experience. The game gives people the chance to step out of the shadows and kill opponents in order to advance. Now, players can manipulate the environment and think ahead of different enemies.

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Ubisoft Watch Dogs PlayStation 4


Picking out a title from the top video games of 2019 can be pretty fun! Seasoned players should learn more things about Watch Dogs from Ubisoft. Designed for the PlayStation 4, this game places players into the beautiful world of Chicago. The game offers players the chance to control the city’s infrastructure and track enemies easier. Stopping a train and evading the authorities becomes a fun possibility. People can drive over 65 vehicles in order to explore the city while completing different missions! It offers amazing details every moment of the adventure. Furthermore, Watch Dogs offers a challenging multiplayer experience for unique moments of fun.

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