Top rated video projectors for the money


Video projectors are one of the sought-after gadgets of today’s generation. It is not only utilized for office use but as well as for entertainment purposes nowadays. Video projectors give you that special finishing touch in watching your favourite movie or TV show. It also an essential tool in the office for those presentations that you have. There are tons of video projectors that are available in the market these days, here are some of the best video projectors for the money you have.


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350


Best video projectors for the money

This video projector enhances the visual experience of the viewer whether you are using it to watch a movie or a television show or you are presenting something to a client. This video projector gives the viewer the complete delight in what is being shown before him. It has 1080p video projector capability that gives you that crisp and clear image right before your very eyes. It also has an impressive contrast ratio of 50,000:1 that helps you gain that wonderful cinematic experience that you deserve.



Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 705 HD 720p LCD home theatre projector


This video projector received strong positive feedbacks from previous reviews because of how wonderful it functions without experiencing and trouble. You can definitely use this projector in watching your favourite films, play your favourite video games, and watch those documentaries and TV shows with the complete widescreen performance. With its 3-chip technology this projector has upbeat 2500 lumens color and 2500 lumens white light output. Another positive thing about this projector is that its installation is very easy and hassle-free.



InFocus Work Big IN2102EP projector

The good thing about this video projector is its strong basic features plus its enhanced performance that give its viewer the satisfaction that they are looking for. It is sure to give the viewer the crisp, clear and detailed visual pleasure. It has the Brilliant Color technology that balances the color fidelity and the performance rate unlike other projectors in the market that doesn’t have it. It also comes with a 5 lumen wheel with 2500 lumens and has the contrast ratio of 2000:1. It has multiple computers and wireless ports that make switching of presenters very easy and very convenient which makes it one of the best video projectors for the money you have.



Epson EX70 3LCD Multimedia projector


This projector provides good quality of movies, TV shows, and PowerPoint presentations because of the clarity of the visual presentation it gives to its viewers because of its WXGA resolution and the 3LCD technology. It also has the 3-chip optical engine, 2000 lumens color and 200 lumens white. Plus this projector also has the vital component for connection to notebooks, tablets and cameras which is the native WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution.



ViewSonic PJD5123 SVGA DLP projector


If you want a professional video projector that you can use for those presentations of yours that will surely deliver great images then this is the projector that you are looking for. This project has the capability of allowing you to watch that 3D movie without any problem. It also has an exceptional display thanks to the Brilliant Color technology it possesses.