How Buy the Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers


If you’ve recently bought a wakeboard tower, or if you’ve had it for quite a while, then you already know that after a while of being out on the water, it can get pretty boring, sound-wise. Of course, the experience of being on the water is pretty exciting, and for some people, this is enough. However, for everyone else, there isn’t much to enjoy, save for the sound of the water. This is where the speakers come in. By getting a set of speakers, you’ll ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music, and not feel bored at all.

However, you have to make sure that you don’t just get any speakers that you find online. That’s because you risk purchasing a product that won’t  do its job properly, or one that won’t work at all. In order to avoid this, you have to make sure that you’ll do some research, which will involve looking through the best wakeboard tower speakers reviews, until you find the best wakeboard tower speakers 2019 for you.

A. Wakeboard Tower Speakers


There is an important distinction you have to know about before purchasing this type of speakers. You will find products that are water resistant, and others that are waterproof. Make sure that you get the ones that are waterproof, because they are superior to the former category. The reason for this is simple: a water resistant product is a product that was designed to last while being wet. The problem here is that despite the fact that it was built to last, chances are, it won’t do so a very long time.

Waterproof products, on the other hand, are designed to ensure that water won’t even reach the inside of the speakers. This way, you’re ensuring that the set you’re about to get will last for a very long time.

You might be wondering here how can you tell when a waterproof actually does its job well, and the answer to that lies in the best wakeboard tower speakers reviews. They will certainly inform you whether the product lasts or not.


Resistant to Salty Water

This bit depends on where you’ll be using your wakeboard tower. If you plan on surfing salty water with it, then make sure that the speakers you get are designed to resist that type of water. Indeed, purchasing a set that’s not built with this in mind means that you won’t be using it for a very long time, because salty water can be very damaging. The problem here is that many times, manufacturers forget to mention whether their product can actually withstand such environments. Once again, the way to figure out if this will be an issue or not is by checking what the best wakeboard tower speakers reviews have to say.



When you’re on the water, it can get quite loud. Indeed, the noise coming from the wakeboard tower’s motor can make it quite difficult for anything else to be heard. This is a problem, because it means that if you get a set of speakers that are not very powerful, then you’ll find yourself not being able to hear the music at all. As such, you’d probably end up not using them, which means that you wasted your money.

In order to avoid this, you should make sure that the speakers you’re about to get are powerful enough to be heard over the sound of the engine. Generally speaking, anything that’s of or over 300 watts should work nicely.


Top Rated Wakeboard Tower Speakers in 2019


It’s hard to find good products, especially when it comes to wakeboard tower speakers. However, this is the kind of purchase that you won’t be making often. In fact, if you get it right from the first try, you should be able to use the speakers for quite a long time. In order to help you in the process of finding the best wakeboard tower speakers 2019 for your needs, we looked through the best wakeboard tower speakers reviews, and found the 3 top rated wakeboard tower speakers 2019.


MCM Custom Audio 60-10031


1. MCM Custom Audio 60-10031These speakers are truly amazing, and have been described by some owners as being perfect. According to them, the sound is very good. One thing that we’re sure you’ll love about them is that they’re very easy to install, which means that you don’t have to worry about this process, even if you’ve never done it before.

Another thing that’s great about these speakers is that they’re waterproof, which means that they’ll last a very long time. Also, they were built to last in harsh marine environments. As such, you can expect that they will last even if salty water gets on them.

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Pyle PLMRB85


2. PYLE PLMRB85These speakers are truly fantastic when it comes to the sound output that they give. The reason behind this output is the 300 watt peak power handling. They operate on quite a large frequency, which means that not only will you be enjoying a sound that’s loud, but you’ll also be enjoying one that’s high quality.

In terms of durability, these speakers are water resistant. However, they were built with materials that are extremely tough, and which will withstand the elements without any problems.

Many owners commented on the fact that they were very happy with these speakers, and that they were very easy to install. Once again, this is always a plus, even for those who have lots of experience in this department.

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If you’re looking for even more powerful wakeboard tower speakers, then these are the ones for you. With a maximum capacity of 550 watts, they’ll give you the perfect sound each time. Not only this, but these speakers were designed with sound projection in mind, so you can be sure that you’ll get a sound that’s very high quality.

Owners spoke very highly of this model, saying that it performs just as expected. Also, they mentioned that they were very happy with the price. Indeed, getting a product that’s cheap, but which does its job very well is great.

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