The rich variety of products available for sale on today’s market and the little time you have at your disposal might turn your search for the best washer and dryer into a really challenging task. To help you filter all those options and get you one step closer to making an informed decision, we have examined the most appreciated products in this line and concluded that the first one you should consider is the LG WM3997HWA Ventless. Designed to provide versatility and efficiency, this washer/dryer combination is a space-saving solution as it is only 27-inch wide even if it features an ultra large 4.3 cubic foot tub. This means you can do more laundry than before without compromising your space. Moreover, thanks to the TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System, the unit reduces noise while functioning. In case this product is unavailable, a reliable alternative is the Kenmore Elite 41002.



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Doing the laundry is not a chore that everyone loves, but if you bag the best deals on premium laundry bundles, washing clothes doesn’t have to be a heavy burden. It’s not easy to find a laundry pair that offers real value for money along with excellent washing and drying performance. These are the elements you should check out in this type of equipment.

1.Electrolux Laundry Bundle

Suitable type for your needs

A traditional top loading washer-and-dryer pair is typically the least expensive. The washer is equipped with a pole in the center of the drum. This is the center post agitator that whooshes the laundry around for cleaning. Traditional top loading washers make short work of the laundry, completing a load in just 30 to 35 minutes, with more advanced models performing much better.

They work fast. They can knock out a load in 30 to 35 minutes. The center post agitator tends to be rough on clothes though. Top loaders are also not that water efficient, needing up to 45 gallons of water on average. Spin times are also slow so moisture is not wrung out well from clothes.

High-efficiency top loading washers offer greater energy efficiency compared to standard top loaders thanks to their utilization of sensors for water use management. High-efficiency washers replace the center post agitator with a drum and a wash plate that toss and lift the laundry around while rotating back and forth. The absence of the agitator post enables high efficiency washers to wash more clothes per load. HE washers also use only 22 gallons per load on average and up to 50 percent less electricity, giving you a breather on your utility bills. Less water use also means less detergent. Just make sure you use low sudsing high-efficiency laundry detergent for washing. Spin time is faster compared to traditional machines so less moisture is left on the fabric to shorten drying time. HE machines are also gentle on clothes. Take note: drying time may be shortened by fast spin speeds but there’ll be more tangling and wrinkling. HE washers also take longer to clean clothes at an average of 60 to 90 minutes.

Front load washers all offer high efficiency while being fantastic at cleaning. This type of washer leverages gravity to make water penetrate the fabric while rotating back and forth. Washing large loads than traditional top-loading washers, front loaders also handle large loads while being energy efficient by using less water and electricity with every load. However, a single wash can take anywhere from 75 to 100 minutes. This type of machine can also vibrate during the spin cycle. Loading and unloading will require bending and unbending.


The perfect size for your needs-and living space

With a large capacity washer pair, there should be enough space for an extra 2 or 3 inches width compared to the standard 27 inches. The same goes with the dryer. Find out the size of the laundry space you’re working with and then make allowance for at least six inches behind the washer for plumbing hookups along with around an inch between the washer and dryer. In addition, make sure the doorways in your home will allow the machines to be moved through them. Front loaders allow stacking, which is a good idea for apartments. For small spaces, you may want to check out an all in one machine.

Although not everybody needs washers with a large capacity, the machine should be able to accommodate your normal quantity of clothes with every load. You won’t want to be spending an exasperatingly long time doing the laundry for an entire day just because the tub of your machine is too compact. If you’re looking to wash plenty of big, bulky items, make sure your machine features superb capacity. Most high efficiency front-loaders and top loaders are able to handle a 24-pound load at a time. Larger capacity models can accommodate 28 pound loads, making them perfect for family use. A traditional top loader can knock out from 12- to 14-pound loads, best for a single adult or couples. Do remember that overloading your washer will shorten its lifespan.

2.LG Graphite 5.1

Performance and features definitely worth whistling at

For bedding and underwear to be hygienically clean, you will want a washer with a sanitizing wash cycle to eliminate nearly 100 percent of microbes in clothes. A front-loader pedestal may somehow drive up the costs of the machine but it will reduce the bending and crouching you have to do just to load and unload laundry. A pedestal with built-in drawers adds extra laundry storage by accommodating your laundry supplies.

Stainless steel drums are resistant to chipping and corrosion, making them better choices than plastic or porcelain tubs, which can get damaged, nicked or scratched by buttons, rivets and metal zippers. Some high efficiency machines have a time-saving wash cycle that cuts down on a normal wash cycle by as much as 20 minutes without compromising on performance. A well-illuminated control panel enables you to do the laundry even in a poorly lit corner or basement.

If you want to be able to position the laundry bundle near a primary living area or bedroom, make sure the washer is equipped with load balancing sensors that help keep loads balanced. An automatic dispenser ensures efficient use of detergent and fabric softener by dispensing the proper amount of washing agent. Look into models that can hold from one to two months’ or even several months’ worth of formulations.

An extra rinse cycle helps eliminate stubborn pet hair and messes that may still be clinging to clothes. It also washes off detergent residue to protect sensitive skin. With automatic temperature control, the water is adjusted to the optimal temperature required by the selected setting. Touch pads may be a smart feature for saving your favorite washing settings, but they don’t enhance performance. Steam cycles contribute slightly to stain removal.



Top rated washer and dryers reviews


There are plenty of washer-and-dryer bundles on the market, and if you are planning a serious upgrade to doing the laundry, this fact can make your buying process more stressful. We urge you to check out the information in the buying guide to ensure you become a sensible consumer. We have also showcased the best products below for even more help.


Our recommendations


LG WM3997HWA Ventless


If you’re looking for a washing machine that also includes a dryer, the WM3997HWA Ventless from LG might be just what you need. This washer/dryer model was designed for people with limited space measuring just 27 inches in width.

However, its dimensions don’t affect the capacity. Boasting an ultra large 4.3 cubic foot tub, the machine will help you do more laundry in fewer loads. Thanks to the TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System, tub movement noise is reduced whereas the Ventless Condensing Drying System renders it ideal if you don’t have an external ventilating source.

The product features 14 washing programs and 5 temperature settings so you can meet all of your laundry-related needs. It also sports an upfront electronic control panel with Dual LED Display and Dial-A-Cycle.


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Kenmore Elite 41002


Stylishly combining the features of both a washer and a dryer, the Elite 41002 from Kenmore is worth considering if you want to save time and rid of the chore of switching the laundry from your washer to the dryer.

The 4.5 Cubic Foot Front-Load Combo Washer and Dryer is a great option if your place is not very generous and you need a machine that will cater to your needs without compromising your space. What’s more, the product can wash and dry all fabric types.

The item is also ideal for busy people as it can wash and dry an 8 lb load in just 3 hours thanks to the Accela Wash cycle. Plus, the Cold Clean technology feature will help you get your clothes clean while saving you energy.


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Do mini Compact Twin


Washing certain clothes and items separately means keeping a good hygiene. The Portable Compact Twin from Do mini was designed to help you do that without compromising your space. Built to wash small loads of towels, baby’s wear, and other such items, the mini machine can spin wash and spin dry at the same time.
The portable tub is ideal for people with limited space. It features a 6-pound wash capacity and a 3.8-pound spin capacity. Given its design and dual function, the product will make it easier for you to wash small loads separately.
Since larger washers need more power, using this model will also help you save on utilities. The product measures 23.2 inches in length, 13.9 inches in width, and 26.5 inches in height.



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LG Graphite WM8000HVA DLEX8000V WDP5V 


1.LG Graphite 5

The LG Graphite WM8000HVA DLEX8000V WDP5V comes with everything you need to make laundry day less stressful. It features the 5.1-cubic-foot mega-capacity LG WM8000HVA electric washer that makes short work of your dirty clothes by employing cutting edge Turbo Wash technology to wash clothes faster. The Steam Technology ensures in-and-out cleaning by penetrating the clothes fibers with heated steam to kill stubborn germs. The 6Motion Technology powers the ColdWash feature to drive stains out more efficiently by penetrating deep into the fabric for faster and thorough cleaning results. The extra-large capacity 9.0-cubic-foot dryer also uses steam technology for sanitization and can also fit a king-size comforter plus a full bedding set in a single load, helping you do more in less time.


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Frigidaire Laundry Bundle


Some of the present best washer and dryer reviews 2017 underline the smooth functions of the Laundry Bundle from Frigidaire. It uses an exclusive wash system which precisely cleans various clothing items. The laundry system ensures proper white, black and colour clothes through a safe stain removal process. Furthermore, it features the Immersion Care Wash action that gently spins and moves water for advanced stain removal. In addition to the WaterFall Wash technology and Immersion Care Action, the laundry set soaks and cleans different loads of laundry fast. It also features unique cycles like Jeans and Kid’s Wear. This is the perfect washer/dryer for any home!


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Samsung Onyx WF56H9100AG DV56H9100GG 


3.Samsung Onyx Front Load

The Samsung Onyx WF56H9100AG washer in this laundry pair offers a large capacity at 5.6 cubic feet to accommodate a large number of clothes with every load. The front load washer has been Energy Star rated to demonstrate its cost efficiency in the use of water and electricity. The washer comes with SuperSpeed feature to finish loads in less time. The fifteen washing cycles allow you to choose the best setting for every load, eliminating the guesswork. With five washing speeds, the washer is gentle to clothes from the slowest to the fastest cycle. The five temperature combinations allow you to select the optimal temperature suitable for cleaning a load. The Sensor Dry feature ensures that the load in the dryer tub stays balanced to prevent noise and vibration.


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Dometic WDCVLB2 Ventless


This item is available on two different colors – black and white. The black design will add a touch of dramatism to any bathroom or washer room, creating an elegant place.

The product provides a continuous washing and drying cycle and the time saver mode will allow you to lower the washing cycles according to your time, while still receiving clean and fresh clothes at every time.

The large washing capacity allows you to put up to 15 pounds of clothes and fabrics at once, which makes this machine suitable for families with kids.

It features 10 washing cycles, including one with additional rinsing and spinning, as well as a self-cleaning cycle.


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Midea MFL70-D1211S – Not available


Best washer and dryer 2019These days the need for efficient washer and dryer combos is impressive! More and more Americans want to wear clean and dry clothes directly from the machine. For amazing results we recommend the Midea Combination washer all size. Due to its compact and sleek design, this particular washer/dryer fits under the smallest of bathroom or kitchen spaces. This professional washer from Midea is the ideal solution for those that enjoy doing their laundry in the comfort of their home. Energy efficient and with variable spin speeds that reach up to 1200 RPM the device will clean and dry various clothes, from small to big items.



GE GTUP240EMWW – Not available


A good washer/dryer has the capacity to clean and dry different clothes within a short period of time. For amazing results we recommend the GTUP240EMWW Spacemaker laundry set from GE. This set includes a 2.2 cu. Ft. washer and also an efficient 4.4 cu. Ft. dryer which handles well the needs of a medium sized family. Furthermore, the laundry set incorporates 9 wash cycles and advanced 4 dry cycles. Within a short period of time every piece of the laundry is clean and dry. The electric washer/dryer features pre-programmed settings for everyday fabrics! It also comes equipped with a wide range of settings for a heightened control over a wide range of clothes.


LG WT1701CVPAIR1 – Not available



The LG PAIR SPECIAL WT1701CV+DLEY1701V is a complete laundry set that comes with a mega capacity washer and dryer to finish heavier loads in less time. Perfect to fit between standard cabinetry without the need to completely remodel your laundry space, this laundry bundle boasts a 5.0-cubic-foot washer along with a 7.3-cubic-foot dryer. The washer features Turbowash for faster cleaning, Wave Force to drive water through clothes fibers for thorough cleaning, plus Oxi-Sanitize programs to keep your clothes looking and smelling fresh after every wash. The paired machines boast a stylish European design that makes them easily blend in with the rest of the decor and layout of your laundry space. The full LED lighting and front controls ensure easy use.



Electrolux EIFLS60LT-EIMED60LT-EPWD1 – Not available


What is the best washer and dryer 2019? Well, a growing number of people should consider using the Electrolux Laundry Bundle. This set is composed out of the Electrolux EIFLS60LT washer and the Electrolux EIMED60LT electric dryer. With this amazing washer/dryer people will take better care of their clothes with minimal effort! It needs 15 minutes to wash and 14 minutes to dry! These particularities ensure fast results, ideal for people that are always on the run. It is important to know that the laundry set is Energy Set certified, with advanced eco-friendly features. This model is up to 161% more energy efficient than most of the standard models.



LG Turbo Series WM4270HWA_DLEX4270W – Not available


As one of the most convenient and efficient laundry systems available for sale these days, this LG product can seriously help you with your chores. The 4.5 cu.ft. capacity of the washer is one thing, but the 7.4 cu.ft. capacity of the electric dryer is entirely another. The model has been outfitted with loads of useful features, such as an anti-vibration system and a remarkably precise temperature control. Besides, it is highly recommended to people who have allergies as it boasts a unique cycle made for this type of buyer exactly. Most of the feedback that we have come across in relation to this LG unit is favorable.



Maytag Maxima XL – Not available


Most of the current washer and dryer reviews 2019 underline the efficiency of the Maxima XL Front Load from Maytag. This powerful laundry set is perfect for any home! The household utility includes a PowerWash cycle which safely gets rid of even the toughest stains. The washer and steam dryer combines heated water for amazing results. This high quality laundry set features a 4.3 cu. Ft. capacity, ideal for handling daily cleaning needs. Furthermore the washer/dryer includes Wrinkle Prevent Finish for fast drying effects. Engineered in the U.S. and with a 10 year warranty on all the parts, this machine won’t disappoint.