If you’re here looking for the best washing machine detergent and you’re short on time, then you can skip the excellent reviews and buying advice that our researchers have compiled. We will condense the things we know in this short paragraph. By gathering information about washing machine detergents that are now on the market and looking at customer feedback, price and sales figures we were able to make a careful selection. Out of this short list of products the Tide Pods Original Scent HE stands out. It has the basic feature all high-efficiency detergents must hold, powerful action against dirt in a concentrated formula that requires minimum dosage. Instead of large amounts of detergent whose efficiency is measured in suds, throw in a small pod that actually does the job. It saves money and labor by simply using a combination of detergent, stain remover and brightener so that you can stop using multiple bottles. The pods also carry a wonderful enticing scent that is sure to make you love it. But if the Tide Pods Original Scent HE is not available for purchase momentarily, you could opt for the Tide HE Turbo Clean, that possesses the same features.



Buying guide


As advertising puts tremendous effort and money into over 9000 laundry detergents, we thought maybe you could use a bit of guiding. So we consulted the best washing machine detergent reviews and came up with this short guide that you can use to compose your own who’s who list and decide for yourself.  


There are many types of detergents, but the first preference you’ll have to establish is the one regarding their physical presentation.

Washing powder is the original format of detergents, and the best washer detergent reviews concur in saying its cleaning potential increased since it was first marketed. Most of the powder detergents have a high stain removal power, for both biological and mineral stains.

They also have great coverage and potent scents, and you can buy it in larger amounts. But some do leave white residues on the clothes, especially if you have a generous hand at dosing.

Tablets are just powder detergent that has been compressed. The option is less of a mess but some of the tablets dissolve slower, and that reduces their efficiency. If you use short cycles, you might find out that is a real problem.

Liquids and gel are presently the preferred form of detergent. They don’t clog the detergent drawer and have a good performance, especially on colors, but they may cost more on average. Those that use them at low temperatures should check for mold in the washing machines.

Liquid capsules are relatively new. They have the advantages of liquid detergents, plus they are easy to use as they contain the right amount of detergent that has to be used in a certain quantity of laundry. They are more expensive that regular liquid detergents and there are cases in which the capsules don’t dissolve properly.



Apart from standard detergents, the industry created special products that are branded as suitable for color clothes. Basically, color detergents do not contain bleach, so the quality of the colors and fabric will not be affected.

Also, more and more people are interested in detergents that can be used in cold water, which reduce the energy consumption of the washing machine and surprisingly has a better effect on eliminating the odors.



For enhanced performance washing machine detergents contain enzymes that fasten the cleaning process and the breakdown of difficult stains. There are various enzymes that target different types of stains, protein, starch stains or biological stains like grass and blood.

There is a downside since a lot of people have developed sensitive skin problems, and the residues of enzymes in the clothes are triggering various reactions.

So they introduced enzyme-free, or non-biological detergents. They are suitable for the skin, but the cleaning power is not as strong.

Most brands claim to have reached the secret of eternal youth of your clothes. They add optical brighteners to the formula, that’s why the white becomes brighter and the colors more vivid.

To give you the pleasant sensation of soft clothes, detergents integrate softeners. But they too have a hazard label, since they usually lower flame resistance of the fabric. It is better not to use detergents that include softeners on the night clothes of your children.



Top Rated Washing Machine Detergents in 2019


We hope this guide will give you some insight on the product that suits you and help you chose from the best washing machine detergents that are showcased below.


Our recommendations


Tide Pods Original Scent HE


The cleaning power gathered in the small pods is beyond doubt, successful testing shows. It has several times more power than the standard liquid detergents because, unlike them, it contains 90% cleaning ingredients, without adding water or substances that give it more viscosity. So you’re only paying for the clean.

Tide Pods Original Scent HE is super concentrated liquid in compact pre-measured units, and that makes it convenient saving your time and increasing efficiency. You don’t need to measure and spill, just place the pod in the drum and put the laundry on top.

To make sure the ingredients don’t lose their quality and power, the pods have separate chambers for them, and they will only mix when the washing begins.

The pacs holds the advantages of a 3-in-1 product. It has detergent, stain remover and brightener in one capsule.

If you worry about compatibility with your washing machine, don’t. The pacs are suited for both standard and high-efficiency machines because it prevents over-sudsing while still removing the stains. That also means the extra rinse cycle to get the detergent out of the clothes is unnecessary.

Also, you can wash your clothes at any temperature the labels require. The pods are designed to dissolve even in cold water.

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Tide HE Turbo Clean


Apart from the fact that it is issued by a leading brand that made it as a family tradition, the product has several features that make it ideal for your washing machine.

This formula is better than just Safe for HE compatible detergents because it is designed precisely to match the requirements of your HE washing machine. It has a minimum sudsing effect by using Smart Suds technology without lowering the standards on cleaning.

If you love Tide products because of the great scent, you’ll love this twice as much because it clears the odors and its fresh smell lasts 2x longer even compared with leading baking soda detergents.

Your constant concern with white or color clothes is no longer needed because the formula is equally safe for both types of laundry. You don’t have to buy different bottles and pay attention to pouring the right thing into the drawer; one bottle is enough.

Unlike other detergents, the Tide HE Turbo Clean doesn’t just beat the challenge of cold water; the efficiency is actually increased. You can thank it for that when you see the electricity bill.

The one recommendation you should know of is that you keep the Tide HE Turbo Clean for the HE washing machine only.  

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All Mighty Pacs


For those who have a tough time dealing with detergents that emphasize strong perfumes and softening effects because of their sensitive skin or nasal allergies, there is a simple solution. You can pick this product of a brand that is recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin and proposes a 100% free of dyes and perfumes detergent.

That’s what the All Mighty Pacs is about: it made sure the formula is hypoallergenic, and people with sensitive skin can use it and coupled it with cleaning power for fresh stain-free clothes.

The producer introduced the pre-measured capsules to bring convenience and safety together. As more customers want to switch to an easier way of handling laundry, the pacs were the best way to provide them with the means to save time and avoid inadequate dosage and spills.

Another advantage that the All Mighty Pacs bring is the inclusion of the Oxi ingredient in the detergent’s formula. By doing so, the product became more efficient and increased its cleaning power. That should also save you some money and add convenience to your laundry routines.  

Based on these features, we can’t say the product earns the title of best detergent for washing machine, but it sure makes its way on top of the list.

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