You probably got here because you are searching for the best washing machine under 600, but most of you think that all the info that our researchers have been compiling for you is too much. So just go through this short paragraph that lets you know what our option is. By thoroughly investigating owner feedback, overall brand quality and expert review sites we got to the conclusion that the Homeleader W02-014 is the product worth purchasing. It is compact and portable so you can put it anywhere in the house without too much trouble. The unit has a great washing and spinning capacity that will definitely prove satisfying for the whole family. And it bears the advantage of doing both cycles at the same time, saving you a lot of time. If the Homeleader W02-014 isn’t available, you should consider buying the Laundry Alternative Wonderwash, with original features that would be just as useful.



Buying guide


There are a lot of washing machines on the market, and it’s not easy to choose one, even more so when there’s a budget to consider. That’s why we compared the best washing machine under 600 reviews and sketched a simple guide for you.

Drum size

Consider your needs and make an average approximation of the laundry quantity you usually have to clean in one load. Then compare it to the capacity the units on the market have to offer. The standard capacity is somewhere near 11-13 lbs and it can get as big as 17.6 lbs.

It’s good to handle most of the laundry in one load, but there are possible downsides in getting a large capacity washing machine, like using power and water for only half a load. The best washing machine on a budget will have a medium load capacity.


Easy use

Search for the product you can actually use because standing for minutes in front of your washing machine just trying to figure out what all the icons are for and what is the correct order is only going to be fun for the children.

Intelligent, intuitive buttons for ease of use should be on your mind. The complexity of the programs doesn’t have to hinder the simplicity of the controls.


Noise level

Unless you have a spare room for the washing machine, you’d better read the labels that state the number of dB or Hz the motor produces. Usually, the stronger motors, which have more RPM, will make more noise during the spin cycle.

Washing machines with a newer design could save you the trouble because they have good balancing and a solid case that can make them less noisy.


Wash quality

For clean clothes the wash program is really important, so find out whether the ones you know to have the best results are featured by the washing machine you’re about to purchase.

The length of the program and water temperature are relevant, and for the outcome you desire, but you don’t have to rely on warm/hot water cycles only, as some technologies can mimic the same process in cold water cycles.   



For some buyers, the short standard washing cycle is enough, but having more options is really important considering the variety of fabrics and care labels you’ll have to deal with.

Having several wash temperature choices as well as different duration and RPM controls are critical if you don’t want to end up spending more money on clothes then you’re saving on the washing machine.



Having information about RPM, the time that is left for a washing cycle or the water temperature are useful, and the LCD display gives you all that. It’s not an essential feature, though, and the best affordable washer reviews show it’s possible you won’t find any washing machine under 600 with that feature included.


Spin speed

The spin speeds of a washing machine lies between 400 – 1600 revolutions per minute, but  regular washers don’t usually go over 1200 RPM while the  

The speed is important for a proper cleaning and also the extraction of water from the washed clothes. The less moisture they have when the spin cycle is finished, the easier they dry.


Power efficiency

Not all washing machines have the same average power consumption, so check the energy efficiency of your future appliance to save money.



Top Rated Washing Machines under $600 in 2019


After ticking all of the above, see if it fits the budget. To shorten the time you spend searching, the best washing machines under 600 are showcased below.


Our recommendations


Homeleader W02-014


This washing machine is small and compact, so you can buy this for a small apartment, for the dorm, RV or mobile home, as it will be a good match.

The Homeleader W02-014 is a great choice to do light to medium laundry. If you intend to use it for loads like underwears, T-shirts, pants, towels, and others you will be able to easily satisfy the needs of 3 to 6 people.

It has two tubs, one for the wash cycle one for the spin, and since the two cycle can operate at the same time, you’ll be able to do more laundry without waiting. The drain of the two cycles is connected, so when you empty the wash cycle, you’ll also drain the water in the spin.

The washing capacity is 7.93 lbs while the spin can take up to 4.41 lbs. Take care not to overload the spin cycle, as that will put more strain on the motor. The water levels in the washer go from the lowest 4.76 gals to 6.74 gals.

You’ll get used to the controls easily because it has a simple and convenient operation. There are only three knobs: a wash timer, a spin timer, and a wash and drain selector.  

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The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash


This is a product that is meant to satisfy even the lowest budget customers that own the tiniest place. It’s a non-electric hand-cranked unit with a 5 lbs load capability that can clean your clothes in just a few minutes.

It’s a match if you’re single because you can wash about the amount of laundry a person needs and you can place almost anywhere: at your apartment, on your boat, RV, mobile home and even garage and can be moved around easily as it only weighs 5.5 lbs.

The washer is easy to operate since there are no sophisticated technologies and operations that you have to understand. You just assemble it and fill it with water and soap, and the washing cycle lasts as much as you want to crank on it.

Since you are the one who decides the number of revolutions per minute it is great for hand washables and delicates.

Although it doesn’t get you a spin cycle there is the advantage of rinsing the clothes for as much as you please and some customers were actually surprised by the efficiency of their cranking.

It doesn’t need a lot of water for a wash, and there are zero electricity costs.  

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Haier HLP12N


The Haier is just as suited for less than generous spaces as the other two products, so small apartments and mobile homes are its top destinations.

It features a durable stainless steel tub, and washing cycles graded Heavy, Normal, or Quick. To control the level of water, you need in the tub you can choose from Low to Medium or High.

It is easy to put it anywhere in the house because it connects to the standard 120V outlet and has a filling hose and drain hose that you can attach to your sink (sink adapter included) and drain hole.

For better portability the unit is provided with roller casts so you can roll it away and put it to storage anytime, you don’t need it around.

To increase the efficiency of the Haier HLP12N the producer replaced the traditional agitator with a motor that enables a pulsator system. That is effective for the washing cycle because it no longer uses an abrasive action on the clothes and gives the tub more load capacity.

The electronic controls include LED indicator lights that will display the status of the cycle and a pause button. At the end of the cycle, you will receive a signal alert, and the clothes can be removed.

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