If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best washing machine with agitator money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected plenty of information on different products for sale by comparing the best rated ones in expert review sites and what is said about them in actual owner feedbacks. Fortunately, after much product comparison and evaluation, we have found what we believe is the best product on the market, the Speed Queen AWN432S. This awesome machine comes with 17 wash cycles to enable you to select the best setting for every load. This eliminates the stressful guesswork on which setting to use for the type of fabric you are washing. The two speeds simplify wash cycles so you can use the optimal velocity that will wring out more moisture from clothes so drying time is significantly reduced. Choose from 473 and 710 RPM, as driven by the robust ½ horsepower motor that ensures faster washing cycles. If the Speed Queen AWN432S goes out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option, the Speed Queen AWNE82SP.



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Washing machines with agitators are more efficient than front loaders, as they can handle a lot more laundry to wash in one cycle, they do not need special detergent, and they are also cheaper than their counterparts without agitators. Reading top rated washing machine with agitator reviews can help you identify the best models for your needs.

Noise level

It is very important to get one of the less noisy models, if you plan to place your washing machine near the bedroom. Since the agitator can make quite a lot of noise, location is important and you may want to do a bit of planning before going forward with a purchase.


The size of the washing machine

Never neglect the size of the washing machine you intend to buy. While most machines with agitators come in standard sizes, it serves to run some measurements first, to see if the machine is going to fit in the layout you have in mind. When reading the best washing machine with agitator reviews, make sure that you learn more about the product dimensions, so you do not have to change your plans later.



You cannot talk about a good choice in a washing machine, unless you evaluate its efficiency and performance. One aspect to consider is how much laundry the model can hold; another is its efficiency in using less water and energy for the same results. By cutting on drying time, you can save a lot of money on the energy used.



An aspect you should not neglect is features. A superior number of washing cycles give your machine more versatility, making it more convenient for washing different types of clothing. Separate dispersers for detergent, softener and bleach also help a great deal. Find a model with stainless steel interior; these washing machines are the most durable and you will not have to deal with rust that can get on your clothes, when your machine starts acting up. Temperature settings also help when you want to get rid of more stubborn stains.



Top Rated Washing Machines with Agitator in 2019


This buying guide is aimed at helping you find the best washing machine with agitator 2019. We evaluated the most popular models on the market to give you the bigger picture on their capabilities and features. Depending on your budget and preferences, you will easily find a model to your liking.


Our recommendations


Speed Queen AWN432S


After you have seen the best washing machine with agitator 2019, it is time to meet the second best. Although a bit less in terms of performance, if compared to the GE model reviewed above, the Speed Queen top loader is very popular with consumers. In case you like old school looking top loading washing machines, you will find this model to be right up your alley.

This model offers great energy and water saving capabilities. In a world where the energy bill can put a lot of pressure on a family’s monthly budget, this ability is more than welcome. As many consumers point out, the Speed Queen model delivers as promised and does, indeed, save money on your bills.

One major concern with water savers is that they are not great at obtaining good results when washing your laundry. This is not the case with the model reviewed here. As the most appreciated washing machine with agitator reviews point out, the Speed Queen washing machine offers good value for the price, as it cleans your clothes well while saving time, energy and money in the process. With 17 wash cycles and 2 speeds available, it offers plenty of options to wash your clothes thoroughly.


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Speed Queen AWNE82SP


1.Speed Queen AWNE82SP

Delivering long lasting performance thanks to its robust construction, the large capacity 3.3-cubic-foot Speed Queen AWNE82SP delivers superb cleaning results every time. Weighing 196 pounds, this top loading machine comes with 6 preset cycles that allow you to select the perfect setting to clean each load. Delivering 710 revolutions per minute, this is one of the best washing machines with center agitator that delivers 68 strokes a minute to effectively drive dirt away from the fibers of clothes without fraying or damaging.

The Time Remaining Display tells you the precise time left till the laundry is finished, which allows you to do other chores to optimize the time. You can expect optimal water extraction thanks to the 150 G-Force pressure that helps wring water out of clothes for faster drying time. The entire tub fills to an optimal level to ensure maximum cleanliness. The durable stainless steel tub is resistant to chipping and corrosion, so metal zippers, rivets and buttons do not damage the surface. You’ll love the No Lid Lock that allows you to stop the cycle at any time, in case you’ve forgotten to put in one sock or any other additional item. The constantly spinning tub ensures that dirt will not settle on the fibers after the washing cycle stops.


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Kenmore 4.7 cu.ft 


This top load washer is the perfect choice for narrow kitchens or basements so, thanks to its lightweight design and small dimensions will fit even in the tightest places.

The product features 4.7 cubic foot capacity that is able to wash up to 22 large towels at once and deliver maximum efficiency and cleanliness. This means that the washer is suitable for houses with multiple members or families with small children that need to wash clothes on a regular basis. The stainless steel tub provides the maximum cleaning performance so that you will benefit from fresh and clean clothes every time.

The SteamTream function can prove extremely useful in getting rid of hard or old stains with the help of steam, just like in professional cleaning centers. Another great feature of this washer is the deep fill option that allow you to choose the level of water used for different washing cycles. This means that you will be able to reduce water waste and even diminish your energy bills at the end of the month.

The washer also comes with a fabric softener dispenser that will provide you fresh, clean, and extremely soft clothes every time you finish washing.


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ARKSEN© Portable Mini 



Perfect for RV, dorm and camping use, the ARKSEN© Portable Mini is a compact portable washer that enables you to do the laundry even in cramped spaces. The machine has an amazingly large 8.8-pound capacity considering its small footprint of just 17 x 25 x 16 inches. Designed to handle light to medium wash loads, the machine lets you select easily from wash and spin dry, and will stop automatically once the load is done. This means you can work on other things while doing the laundry, allowing you to multitask and optimize laundry days. The drainage tube enables you to drain out dirty water so you won’t have to manually remove the water, which can be backbreaking work.

Wash only what is needed in the machine to save on electricity and water. Although the machine features dual function to spin wash and spin dry, the included basket only helps remove excess water and will not dry clothes completely, but there should be adequate water extraction to ensure shorter drying time in the sun. You can see the wash and dry cycles easily thanks to the clear body, which also enables you to monitor the condition of the water so you can promptly replace it when needed. The controls are simple and straightforward for easy operation.


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Best Washing Machine with Agitator ReviewsCreated by a company with a great reputation in making washing machines, the model reviewed here offers all the advantages you want from a machine of this kind. It is a great water and energy saver; the machine shows you exactly how efficient each load is, so you can get an idea how much you are going to save. Its energy saving option uses cold water on certain wash cycles to offer you the possibility to save even more.

With 20 different wash cycles, 5 wash and spin speed combinations and 6 temperature settings, it is no wonder that this model scores so well in the best washing machine with agitator reviews you can read online. The free 10 year warranty on major components makes it even more appealing, and it recommends it as a durable washing machine.

The GE model is a time saver, too. Due to its energy saving option, it also washes your laundry in less time than other washing machines would. The model handles various types of fabrics and stains, and it is ideal for many homes.


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Danby DTT100A1WDB Twin Tub – Not available


2.Twin Tub Washer

If you hate taking a trip to the laundromat or your living space is limited, get the compact and lightweight Danby DTT100A1WDB Twin Tub. The awesome washer is perfectly sized for small living spaces. It offers 9.9-pound tub capacity equipped with an energy-efficient full length agitator that whooshes the clothes around to ensure thorough cleaning. The 1400 RPM spin cycle ensures maximum extraction of moisture so drying time is greatly reduced. The unit comes with quick connect attachment that fits most standard faucets to eliminate the need for direct plumbing. Because it’s a twin tub machine, you can do the washing and drying with less effort and in less time.

The machine provides one wash/rinse option plus one drain option to simplify the washing chore. The rust-resistant galvanized steel cabinet ensures long term durability for years of use. The spinning cycle stops immediately when the safety lid is opened, ensuring operator protection. The machine also has overflow protection that ensures water does not spill and create a huge mess. The unit comes with a water pump and drain hose to ensure out-of-the-box functionality and eliminate the need to make additional purchases. The built-in casters enable hassle-free movement so you can transfer the machine to your preferred location. The cord is 180 cm long for easy reach to an electric socket.



Danby DWM17WDB – Not available


The Danby model reviewed here is the one of the most popular washing machines with agitator 2019 you will find on the market. It excels in how much laundry it can hold for one cycle – 11.02 lb. to be precise – and it does a fine job, the most important reasons why it scores so high in consumers’ preferences.

Another great advantage of the Danby washing machine we are talking about is that it can fit in cramped places with ease. In case you do not have a lot of space at your disposal, you will find this model to be exactly what you are looking for: a sleek, high performence washing machine that saves you time and money.

The amount of features may not be as generous as in the models reviewed above, but it does add value to an already reliable model. 4 water level settings and 8 wash programs allow for various combinations to get the best results. The stainless steel tub ensures no rust will get on your clothes, and you will definitely appreciate the safety lid that stops the spinning when you open it. Since it is quieter than other models, you may prefer this Danby washing machine over any others.