If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best water heaters money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best water heaters on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Reliance 6 6 SOMS is the best model for sale because it comes with side mounted inlets for hot and cold water so installation in cramped spaces is a breeze. The 6 gallon tank is the perfect size for fitting underneath a counter or in a crawl space, and it is still large enough to ensure you have plenty of hot water for your shower. You will also appreciate the 6 year warranty that gives you the assurance you made a smart purchasing decision. If the Reliance 6 6 SOMS is not available you could consider the Ecosmart ECO 27 as it is the second best option.


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Cold showers and high energy bills are never fun, and they won’t be a problem if you have the right water heater. Choosing a water heater can be daunting experience unless you know what you are looking for. In this buying guide you will find the tips and information you need to choose the right one to meet your needs.

1.Reliance 6 6 SOMS (singura varianta)



One of the first aspects to consider is the type of water heater, and each has its own advantages. Electric water heaters are typically priced less expensively and since they don’t need to be ventilated installation costs are usually lower. Since ventilation isn’t required you can also place an electric model in an enclosed space without worrying about safety.

Gas water heaters are often considered the most reliable, and are also more common in homes than other types. These models are typically larger and do require ventilation in order to be compliant with all safety regulations. It should also be noted that installation can be more expensive, especially if you need to have a gas line installed.

There are also propane and hybrid water heaters and while these types are not as common, they do come with a few advantages the others might be missing. Propane models are energy efficient and a less expensive option for families that do not have a natural gas hookup in their home. Hybrid water heaters are priced significantly higher but they are also extremely energy efficient and easy to install.


Tank size

The size of the tank is extremely important, especially if you want the water heater to fit into the allotted space. It will also determine the amount of water it is capable of heating up and storing, which should be factored into your decision. If the water heater is for a bathroom you will probably want to choose one with a smaller tank to ensure that it will fit in the closet, this is also true if it will be installed in a cramped basement or crawl space.

If space isn’t a problem and you have a big family than your best choice will be a water heater with a large tank. Electric and gas water heaters can come with tanks capable of holding up to 98 gallons, which should be enough to ensure everyone in your family can enjoy a relaxing hot shower.

When you are considering tank size it is also important to look at the insulation to make sure it is thick enough to keep the heat in. Most experts recommend choosing a water heater with insulation measuring 1 to 2 inches thick to minimize energy expenses. This is also true for hybrid and smaller propane models.

2.Ecosmart ECO 27


There are several features to consider when you are looking for a water heater that can make the appliance more energy efficient and easier to use. Thermostats that are easy to read allow you to make necessary adjustments to the water temperature without having to guess. Indicator lights, especially on gas models make it easy to tell if there is a problem, especially if the pilot light happens to go out. Automatic shutoff functions can help prevent fires and damage to the unit in the event of a power or gas surge, and this feature is also becoming standard on newer models.

Keeping the water heater clean is time consuming and messy, which is why you might want to consider one that comes with a “self cleaning” function. Not only will this remove the sediment that will build up over time, it can also help prolong the life of the unit. Even though this convenient feature might cause the price of the water heater to increase, many consumers consider it well worth the extra cost.



Top rated water heaters in 2019


A water heater is a necessity unless you enjoy cold showers in the morning and there are several makes and models for you to choose from. While we can’t help you pick the right model for your needs we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best water heaters showcased below.


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Reliance 6 6 SOMS K


This model will prove to be perfect if you are looking for an option that can be installed under the counter. Like many of the products that have been mentioned above, it has a compact size that makes it less demanding in terms of the amount of space that is needed in its installation. More so, as long as you read the comprehensive instructions that are provided by the manufacturer, you will surely not have to sweat in the installation of the unit. There is no more need for you to seek help from a plumber to complete the process of its installation.


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Ecosmart ECO 27


2.Ecosmart ECO 27This tankless water heater from Ecosmart is capable of providing you with a reliable source of water. Since it is tankless it can easily fit in small spaces, even under sinks or in crawl spaces. It is designed to be energy efficient so you can enjoy lower monthly utility bills, and also leave a smaller footprint on the environment. To further help conserve energy and ensure that the water is always at the perfect temperature it comes with digital controls that can be set in 1 degree increments. Compatible with 200 amp electrical panels and affordably priced this tankless water heater might be just what you are looking for.


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Eccotemp EM-4.0 


If you don’t have a large apartment or too much display place but still want to buy a resistant and reliable water heater, the Eccotemp is ready to fulfill your wishes. This product is not only easy to install but also easy and intuitive to handle.

Its compact and lightweight design make the product fit in the narrowest corners. It can help you heat water at temperatures ranging from 50 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your requirements. The water will be heated in only a few minutes.

The product requires a recovery time between 25 and 45 minutes until it can be used again.


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Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG


Best Water Heaters ReviewsThe compact size of this unit is perhaps one of the reasons on why this is a preferred choice among many people. It will not take too much space in your shower area. More so, based on the opinions that have been shared in the best water heaters reviews, this product is also lauded because of its energy efficiency. It has the ability to heat water at a capacity of up to 6.6 gallons per minute. Because of this, you can be assured that the electric consumption will be minimal. Lastly, it is also worth noting that the installation can be accomplished in a snap.


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Ecosmart Eco 11


If you are still looking for the best water heaters in 2019, you should not forget to take this model into consideration. Based on the opinions that have been shared by many of its users, one thing that makes this unit exceptional is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, as long as it is used for residential applications only. This can be seen as part of the commitment of the company in its pursuit towards superior quality. More so, another thing that you might like about this product is its digital temperature control that will allow you to easily set the heat level that is desired.


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Rheem RTE 13


This is another model that never failed to gather positive feedbacks in many of the top rated water heaters reviews that have been published in the past. The compact design of this model is one thing that has captivated the attention of its target market, which is basically because of the fact that it can fit almost anywhere. In addition, it is also worth noting that it has a rugged construction, which is indicative of its long-term functionality. If you are concerned about the installation of the unit, there is no need to be worried as such is one thing that can be accomplished with ease.


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Bosch GL2.5 Ariston


This unit has the ability to storeup to 2.5 gallons of hot water that can be used for single application. The space-saving design of this model is also a popular reason on why it remains one of the top choices in the marketplace. The superior insulation that is provided by the unit is one more ting that deserves to be given emphasis, making it possible to keep the water hot for an extended period. More so, in many reviews about the product, lots of people were also happy with its rugged construction, which is indicative of the ability of the product to be durable.


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Eccotemp L5 – Not Available


1.Eccotemp L5 PortableIf you need a water heater for a tiny house or a remote cabin the Eccotemp L5 might be just what you are looking for. It is designed to be easily portable, weighing only 13 pounds when empty. It is not for radiant heat, but the L5 is battery powered so you can enjoy a hot shower even if you are living off the grid. It is capable of producing a gallon of hot water per minute, and you will love the attached shower nozzle that can even be adjusted. The nozzle also makes this a great choice for the swimming pool since you can rinse off before you enter your clean house.